Are children allowed to ring the neighbors on sundays? Swiss illustrated

Children can ring the neighbors on Sunday?

You should never allow children to do that! Or?

May my child ring the doorbell on Sunday at the boy next door? No, says family expert Romina Brunner. For various reasons .

Journalist and mother of two children

I live with my three children in a large settlement. There are always children who ring the doorbell and want to play or settle with my children. The teenagers were at the door shortly before 9 p.m. It bothers me. We don’t even have a rest on Sunday. Is it even allowed to ring the bell at the neighbor’s door on Sundays? – Anne

For a long time it was considered a big taboo in our society to ring the neighbors on Sunday. The people rested, the farmers did not work any fields, the women did not wash clothes and did not go shopping. Sunday was closed. The families wore their most beautiful Sunday clothes. And before they ate the roast at lunchtime, they sat down well in the church.

Asks Romina!

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Sunday is no longer sacred

And today? How many families is Sunday still holy? Or is it hypocritical to demand a quiet Sunday in a society where managers work on weekends and employees at least check their emails?

Even the clergy don’t see tradition as closely. "In today’s society we can hardly ask our children to stop ringing and playing at their colleagues’ doors on Sunday," says Leonhard Jost, the pastor from Brütten.

In general, that people enjoy Sunday silence is no longer «en vogue». The trend is in a different direction. "Nowadays we work three months and only take a break shortly before the collapse."

In many families, Sunday has remained a family day

Honestly, it bothers me when our neighboring children ring the doorbell on Sunday. When a father from the neighborhood recently stood on the mat with his three-year-old and wanted to pick up our girl to play with, I was startled. Although I like the family well! But trendy or not: For me, Sunday is family day.

Our doors are always open during the week. But every family is different. And that’s just as well! The same rules do not have to apply in all households. Children can accept this well and quickly remember what applies where.

The values ​​of your own childhood are often formative

In upbringing we are often shaped by values ​​that we were taught in our own childhood. That’s probably why the ringing irritated me so much.

Irritated because my siblings and I used to behave very differently. As children, we also played with our neighboring girls very often. But it would never have occurred to us to ring someone on Sunday or generally after 7 p.m. We never had to discuss that either. It was just like that.

There are enough reasons to keep the Sunday rest

Dear Anne, up to date or not, if the ringing doesn’t suit you, I would clearly communicate that. This is certainly not a problem for your neighboring children.

And with the neighboring parents you can also hope for understanding. Because you are not alone with your opinion, as a lightning survey in my environment shows. To my astonishment, an extremely large number of parents demand a Sunday break, but for different reasons: For some, Sunday is a holy family day, for others, the focus is on the presence of the full-time father. Or you just want to take a pajama day. Many parents are also grateful that “strange” children don’t even bumble through their apartment on Sunday.

However, almost everyone agrees on one thing: Different rules apply outdoors. If children are already playing outside, everyone can of course join in. Also on Sunday.

I think the most important thing is that you stand up for your opinion, even if it doesn’t suit everyone. And the same rules don’t always have to apply to everyone, do they?

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