Are there people who make something out of selflessness? Where are you, yahoo clever

I am a Christian and believe in the principle of charity. I’ve believed in it all my life. I thought nobody could be so cold-hearted that they let me down. But.

My mother has paranoid schizophrenia (it can be treated well with tablets), she always threatened me with a knife when I got from the school came. At some point she was thrown out of her work (out of cold heartedness)> nobody felt sorry for us. I was shocked. After that she applied for unemployment benefit and nothing was paid to us (Austria not Germany)> i.e. Hungry for 1 month. The people at the employment office, social welfare office didn’t care. Now she is looking for jobs everywhere and nobody wants to take them because she is over 50.

Then we landed on the street> homeless. No acquaintance, nobody wanted to help us.

Now: finally: we have an apartment again. (by accident)

I’ve told this story to a lot of people.

The result was: no pity, no compassion. Zero interest. Even cell phones weren’t picked up.

I once told a few people and they all say I’m blah blah blame myself. Or they didn’t believe me.

How can you have no compassion for people??

Everyone is only out for themselves and does nothing out of compassion or am I wrong?

I used to donate because I felt sorry for the homeless etc.

A taxi driver recently told me that homeless people are to blame for their suffering.

Can you believe that??

I am currently in a crisis: How can I have compassion for people who do not feel compassion for others? How can I love such creatures?

I would love to meet someone who really does something out of selflessness. Out of compassion. But not to act as great heroes with others, but because his heart and soul cries for the poor person.

Where is there such a person??

That’s why I almost never fall in love. How then? In whom, if everyone is so bad :(

Because of my terrible experiences, I have no pity for anyone in this world. Except maybe for a person who was born in Africa with a heart defect, was sold by his parents, had to work as a child soldier, was later forced to marry 10 children and ultimately dies of fatal illness after a long period of misery and famine. Maybe I would have pity for SO. But everything about it, I would say the man was relatively lucky.

Sorry if I write it all and it sounds so cold hearted. But unfortunately that’s the way it is and that’s why I’m no longer myself. I have forgotten the ability to love other people (apart from my family). Can of course also be that I imagine it all (I’m still very young).

Please tell me there are good people somewhere in the world so that I can finally manage my crisis again.

Because my way of thinking at the moment is this: Doctors become doctors to make money and achieve high social status (not to help people).

People donate to make their consciences easier or not to go to hell. (So ​​out of pure self-interest and not to help other people from the bottom of my heart and selflessness).

I think all people just want to make a comfortable life out of themselves and if anything is that they try to take advantage of it. e.g. When I have problems and tell someone, for example, the person listens to me first, but turns away from me shortly afterwards to tell everything. A friend of mine was always nice to me until it later turned out that he did it for self-interest, namely to get to bed with me. Everything is converted so that it results in an advantage for the other. I could go on with this whole list, but I have no strength left. What for life if I don’t give a shit about everyone anyway? And why help others when I know that they would never do it for me anyway?

Well, I’m curious about your reactions, which will probably not be positive. I would love to believe in charity, but how can I do that if I don’t notice it??

Incidentally, I also think that you do not answer any questions here to give others advice, but because you simply have a need to give your opinion, to be more in the sense of being present instead of giving help here.

Am I right or am I right?

@hans: haha, that was the revenge for my post on your question was not?

well: atheists don’t need to write here.

i need someone with a christian worldview.

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I could now list where, when and whom I have unconditionally helped for years to the limit of what is possible, but unfortunately I am an atheist! Have a nice evening.

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I could now tell you about some of the colleagues I met while working for an international humanitarian agency. There were also doctors who lived and worked under simple conditions in the hinterland of sub-Saharan countries (like all of us) for very little money. Of course, I cannot say that I know all of these people’s motives, but they certainly didn’t do it for the measly salary. They definitely wanted to help the people there who are by no means as good as we are here in Central Europe (there are no employment and social services there at all).

But since I’m an atheist and a lot of these colleagues like you beautiful say none "Christian worldview" (although there were also some Christians among them), you don’t want to hear my voice.

Why do you actually think that selfless action is only possible with Christians??

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Yes, there are. Only you hardly notice it or not at all, because you are too busy with yourself.

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"selflessness" is lived and nothing "made from it". The fact that it is extremely rare and always has been sad is a fact. It is also a fact that nobody is entitled to the selflessness of those around them. – On the other hand, your question is on the one hand very general; in the details, however, you go into your own personal situation and complain massively. You are addressing the users here who are not to blame for what happened to you. – How, do you think you could give an answer to that which would be to your satisfaction?

Besides, it is probably not a crime if "all people are out to make a comfortable life. " – And what such an endeavor should have to do with it, the things that you reveal from your private sphere, from third parties "weitererzaehlt" I can’t really understand. You cannot make your environment responsible for everything, you have to take responsibility yourself; So also for what information about you or not comes to the public. – As you can see from your posting, you obviously suffer from a morbid information rage.

You complain in advance: "Incidentally, I also think that you do not answer any questions here to give others advice, but because you simply have a need to give your opinion, to be more in the sense of being present instead of giving help here. ", without waiting for a single answer, without considering that nobody can help you HERE, because you need far more support than just one "advice". – Apart from that, hostility, as you show it, is also not a tried and tested means of awakening helpfulness in any person. The opposite is the case!

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You have my sympathy.

Is your mother’s disease inheritable? ?

Then you have more sympathy from me.

Your story above is abstruse.

No little one, I’m an adult. I see no reason to take revenge on a confused child.

This is "Christian" Thinking, not mine.

And I work hourly at the blackboard and in the shelter – but not for "God"-Wage. With us, nobody will follow "religion" asked and "my" Animals there are atheists per se. You need attention, none "God"

I am happy if I can help and a smile or an as "dangerous" classified "fighting dog" who can only be touched by me because he is familiar to me are worth more than money or "gods".

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Nice that you wrote it from your soul.

love thy neighbor as thyself.

Do you love yourself Only then will you be able to do something selfless for others.

And by self-love I don’t mean selfishness, self-centeredness or narcissism, but the feeling of being comfortable with yourself and your existence.

Your text says something else about you, and just as you are with others, so are others with you.

Still there are – people who act selflessly, e.g. pick up something for an elderly person who can hardly bend down, or oh recently in the subway station the middle-aged man who helped another person with 2 crutches in the car.

So do not complain but work on yourself – then it also works with the neighbors.

P.S. : Yes you are right, I am here because it is a deep need for me to present myself here in my oh so infinite wisdom / stupidity and I am so addicted to DH

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No religious affiliation is required to be selfless and to help others without self-interest.

You can find them all over the world.

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Who did you tell your story to? You live in Austria, a Catholic country. Then I’m surprised that you didn’t find anyone among those who wanted to help you and your mother, when they overflow with pure love for your neighbor? So, in my opinion, there can be no shortage of someone with Christian world standing. My question, which of course you don’t need to answer: Why didn’t they help? Perhaps you would be better off with someone who not only closes his hands in prayer, but has them free to help.

Unfortunately, you disagree with your pure, hateful accusation! Everyone will turn away from you because your way is repulsive. And besides, there is something wrong with your story. You are still very young, as you write, but you have helped sooooooooooooo so many in your life. Do you notice something?

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There are some inconsistencies in your posting, which would go beyond the scope of the details. For example, you write that you made a donation, but a few lines later accuse people who donate of relief of conscience.

You believe in Christian charity and deny atheists human, social action! Yes, what did the Church, Caritas, the local pastor / pastor say about your problem? Where were they??

Do you think, for example, that all you hoped for help from were non-believers??

If your whine was true, I would think about it in your place, that Humanity has nothing to do with faith.

You’re just looking for a culprit instead of taking control of your life,

@Alice T: that’s it, and guaranteed not to select what someone believes or doesn’t believe.

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What’s going on in your head I’m not surprised if nobody wants to listen to you. You are worriedly twisted.

Your mother is released and receives no money from the office for a month. This only happens if you are culpably terminated or terminate yourself. This is a lock-up period. Then you ended up on the street; not paying rent for a month? I do not think so! No tenant flies on the street that fast! It must have been something difficult. Certainly not a mother with a child, because because of the child there is enough help from the state. The church will also help in a case in which a mother with a child – un v u r c h u l d e t – has fallen into trouble. Of course if you voluntarily go under the bridge ?! You won’t get any help from the bum. You don’t need to tell them a story, because they don’t care. Those who said: blame yourself! ”Will have seen it the same way. Homeless people are usually not interested in having a permanent residence because they want to have it. Be free! Outlaw! If they wanted, they could have an apartment that is paid for socially. So what are you upset about??

Your so-called crisis could be the beginning of schizophrenia, because the peak of the illness lies between puberty and the 30th year of life. So since your mother has an endogenous psychosis, it wouldn’t be wrong, because the hereditary factor is considerable. It would also fit that you don’t seem to notice if someone lies down from the sky like the boy who wanted to get under your covers. By the way, that’s pretty normal if you’re a pretty girl. It has nothing to do with "exploit". It is simply lived biology and shows that we are even evolutionary "animals" are. If you are not marked by dementia praecox, you have to see it positively when you are wanted, and you can usually do it.

Do people donate only to escape hell? This probably only applies to fundamentalist Catholics, because only they buy themselves freely, as everyone knows. Your silly arguments can really only shake your head. I would also not pick up my phone if I could see your number on the display and knew exactly that for another hour an endless litany of abstruse accusations, unctuous Depri rubbish and worldly disgust is blooming for me.

Nobody can endure you in the long run. You only see bad people around you, everything is *******, all of life, what it still live for when nobody likes you and nobody has pity. Everyone just wants to take advantage of you, everyone coins everything to take advantage of you:

To me, that sounds paranoid. Go to the psychiatrist, because that’s where you are most likely to get the help that makes sense for you.


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