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World Diabetes Day: Diabetes and periodontitis increase

November 14th is World Diabetes Day. The two common diseases diabetes and periodontitis have some similarities: they develop over years of those affected mostly unnoticed. If diabetes and periodontitis come together, the diseases even mutually reinforce each other, which can have fatal consequences. , more

YUZ energy boost to try

YUZ now offers dental practices that want to get an idea of ​​the new trend oral caffeine mouthwash with free sachets of YUZ energy boost toothpaste and mouthwash. , more

Modern universal adhesives for a wide range of indications

Just 2 years ago, more and more 1-bottle dental adhesives came on the market and the competition between different bondings became more complex. These are now being replaced by universal adhesives. The advantages of these will be explained below. , more

Sound technology for gentle tooth cleaning and excellent oral hygiene

A toothbrush head that moves at 31,000 cycles per minute. With the innovative sound technology you can clean more effective and gentler teeth – but how does it work? , more

SpeedCEM® Plus – The self-adhesive luting cement

SpeedCEM Plus offers the optimum combination of performance and ease of use for the ultimate attachment of:. more

50.5 million fillings – 1 drug of choice

According to the statistical yearbook 2018, 50.5 million fillings were supplied in Germany in 2017 (Source: KZBV Yearbook, p. 94). What if, for almost all of these fillings and supplies, it needed only one composite in a single color? , more

Dental stem cells can produce milk-producing cells

Researchers at the University of Zurich show: Stem cells of the teeth can be used to regenerate other tissues – such as Mammary glands – contribute. When tooth-epithelial stem cells of mice are transplanted into the mammary gland tissue, they form milk ducts and even milk-producing cells. This could be used for tissue regeneration in surgically treated breast cancer patients. , more

Champion ceramic implants now also in short and ultrashort

Just a few years ago, the dogma of inserting long implants with the largest possible BIC (Bone Implant Contact) was considered irrefutable. Meanwhile, the realization has prevailed that short and ultra-short implants (6 mm) have significant advantages over long designs – with unchanged stability and retention time. , more

ClearCorrect – the aligner solution for dental corrections

ClearCorrect Aligners are indicated for the treatment of mild to moderate dental malocclusions. Each case planning includes a mobile-optimized 3D simulation that shows the planned outcome and progress at all times and can be shared with the patient. Getting started with practices is easy: no special software is needed. In addition to the conventional impression, a digital impression with all common intraoral scanners is possible. , more

apt composite – a new step towards biocompatibility

Allergies and intolerances have increased significantly in recent years – and the trend continues to rise. Already every 25th patient of a dental practice responds to dental filling materials with side effects such as skin rash, changes in the oral mucosa or even respiratory problems [1]. Methacrylates are considered the substances with high allergic potential. Within this group, TEGDMA and HEMA are among the substances with the most common sensitization and are commonly found in art. more

KaVo Kerr training on 20.11. in Berlin

DH Sylvia Fresmann informs about the processes and procedures of a perfect prophylaxis session and Prof. Dr. Dirk Ziebolz gives an overview of the systematic periodontitis therapy with special consideration and classification of the current guidelines as well as classification of the periodontal diseases.

The hypo-A GmbH invites interested parties to the 20th hoT workshop Dec. 7, 2019 from 9 to 17 o’clock to Lübeck. Well-known speakers inform about the hypoallergenic orthomolecular therapy.

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