Aro artländer sleeping bag test: warm down winter sleeping bag test

The most important thing from the Aro Artländer Sleeping bag test at a glance

What I like Which could be better + Down sleeping bag for cold winter nights – somewhat quicky stuff

+ 2-fold growing with a push button system: sleeping bag 60 cm – sleeping bag 70 cm – sleeping bag 80 cm

– In my opinion not suitable for babies under 6 months: neck and arm cut too large

+ growing with 6-20 months

+ side zipper: easy diaper change + free-running zipper can be left open at the bottom (e.g. when a night is not so cold) + good workmanship + Made in Germany + Cover 100% cotton, Filling 90% full Siberian down + certified according to Oeko Tex 100 + machine washable and should be tumble dried: hygienic and suitable for allergy sufferers + available in different sizes and colors

Table of contents down sleeping bag

Aro Artländer has been producing high-quality down products in northwestern Germany since 1919. The natural down comes from subsidiaries in Siberia and Eastern Europe. The Aro Artländer down sleeping bag is a warm one, grows with Sleeping bag and especially suitable for cool room temperatures. Let’s take a closer look at the winter sleeping bag …

1. Package contents and first impression of Aro Artländer sleeping bag

The package contains a down baby sleeping bag with instructions and care instructions. The winter sleeping bag looks beautifully finished and of high quality.

2. My Aro Artländer sleeping bag experiences

Very warm long-term sleeping bag for cool winter nights, which is designed to grow with you.

Down sleeping bag: The Aro sleeping bag is filled with large flaky Siberian country down. The cover is made of tightly woven 100% Maco cotton so that no down can get through. The down sleeping bag has 3 chambers (stitchings) so that the down cannot collect in one place.

Winter sleeping bag down: Since the sleeping bag contains down, it is of course very warm. According to the manufacturer’s website, Aro uses a patented climate chamber technology that is designed to ensure protection against overheating.

My tip: A 3.5 Tog sleeping bag can be used for example below 18 ° C. I would also only use the down children’s sleeping bag when the room temperature is very cool.

Sleeping bag baby growing = 3 to 20 months: The Aro Artländer baby sleeping bag can be adjusted in two ways. The foot section is turned over and fastened with snaps. When the part is turned over, the sleeping bag is of course double thick, which is a bit of a hindrance when turning.

The following sizes can be set:

  • Sleeping bag 60 cm,
  • Sleeping bag 70 cm and
  • Sleeping bag 80 cm.

According to the manufacturer, the winter sleeping bag is suitable for 3 – 20 months. Contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions, the armpit hole cannot be reduced in size. The neckline of the test sleeping bag is approx. 40 cm, which in my opinion is too large for 3-month-old babies (head circumference approx. 38 cm). At the age of 6 months a baby has a head circumference of 42 cm, so that there is no longer any risk of slipping into it.

Update December 2018:

"My darling is now 20 months old and the winter sleeping bag just fits. It’s just December and my little one is sleeping very well in a down sleeping bag. If a night is not that cool in the bedroom, you can leave the zipper on the legs open, so the babies do not get too hot."


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