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Cellar and Piazza

The “Piazza” is the area in front of the lounge where you can stroll and linger at any time of the day. In a mixture of Tyrolean courtyard and Italian alleys, the Piazza forms a retreat that invites you to relax and enjoy. Whether you have fetched a chilled glass of white wine from the common room around noon or are enjoying the day together in beautiful company, whether you lick an ice cream with the children or enjoy the farm’s own refreshing apple juice with an exciting book while sitting at the table. The Piazza will conquer your heart and create memories!

Of course a real cellar belongs to a farm. No matter if late in the evening or in the afternoon in bad weather: a glass in the cellar always works! At a constant temperature of 19 degrees the farm’s own cellar offers not only the opportunity to “sit zom”, but also a pleasant cool down when it gets too hot outside. The cellar was named after Tschimben Gottlieb “Gottliebkeller”. Gottlieb worked all his life as a farmhand at our grandparents’ farm and thus became part of our family. Rough, jagged hands, a wrinkled face and a slightly bent posture testified to a life full of outdoor work. But inside Gottlieb was a soft guy who loved to laugh and love the company of us children. He was probably the last still living servant in Kaltern, but his generosity and his pleasant nature made him unforgettable for all who knew him.

Opportunity “to sit zom”

common room

The common room has several functions. On the one hand, as the reception desk, it is the hub of all organisational matters. On the other hand, it also offers guests a variety of comfortable services and is therefore freely accessible throughout the day. The lounge also houses the library, a refrigerator, a games corner and the yard sales office. Of course, the common room also has a large table and chairs.

The Hofbibliothek offers a wide variety of books for young and old as well as a number of newspapers and daily newspapers. Guests are welcome to borrow books during their holidays to read in their room, by the pool or anywhere else. The library also contains board games as well as puzzles and card games.

Drinks can be fetched from the fridge at any time, if the fridge of your own apartment is empty. Just add your name and drink to the list if you don’t see any of the landlords in sight.

The play corner is intended for our smallest guests. Lego, dolls, puzzles or cars, on a soft carpet you can be a child and let your imagination run wild.

At the farm sales point, guests have the opportunity to purchase various farm products. Dried fruit, fresh fruit, seasonal fruit and vegetables, juices, or eggs from the farm’s free-range chickens. Depending on the season, you can buy and enjoy homemade products.

Further services at a glance

herb garden

Guests are welcome to sniff the various herbs and use them if necessary. Of course all herbs are labeled. In the library there is also a book about the different herbs and their applications.

farm animals

In the southern area, just behind the playground, is the stable of the animals. So that the animals do not walk to their neighbours or suddenly walk around on the sunbathing lawn, a generous area has been fenced in for them. There the chickens, rabbits and the 2 sheep can walk around and eat grass in peace. Possibly even from the hand of our guests, who can of course pet them on this occasion!


During the construction of the playground, an attempt was made to incorporate all the ideas of the children themselves and, if possible, to implement them. The result is a challenging and varied playground over 2 floors, which can only be found in a few places. The children can romp around here and let their imagination run wild. A trampoline, a ping-pong table and table football round off this great adventure playground and ensure lots of action.

washing facility

Should your favourite piece of clothing or the child’s favourite blanket get really dirty and need some laundry, our guests have their own washing machine at their disposal. Of course, there is also the matching ironing board and iron if the blouse or shirt is a bit wrinkled after washing and should be worn in the evening.


Throughout your entire holiday you will also have your own communal storage room at your disposal, which is lockable. Wheels, suitcases, air mattresses or prams. Here there is storage space.

biker service

In addition to a washing facility for your wheels, you also have your own compressor and numerous tools for repairing and maintaining your wheels.


You like thick juicy steaks or grilled vegetables? With a cool beer and a breathtaking view, you can perfectly sizzle your barbecue food on the wooden grill. Of course this is available to you free of charge.

lake use

You have free access to the lake, the swimming pool and all facilities through our partner company Lido. A children’s pool, a large pool, a huge lawn for sunbathing and a wide wooden walkway with access to the lake and the enormous panorama will impress you and make your heart beat faster.

breakfast basket

Get up, stretch out and step outside the front door to kiss the sun… and your breakfast basket is already there! Filled with our own apple juice and jams, with fresh bread from the baker, with eggs from the chickens and with fresh coffee or tea. So the day can start! Muesli to nibble on, a healthy apple or fresh ham, cheese and bacon round off the breakfast enjoyment. For an extra charge of 15 euros per person, it is our pleasure to spoil you and organise this start to the day for you.

Fruits and berries

Around the farm there are some trees and bushes from which our guests can eat directly. These are specially marked for you and can also be reached from the ground. Otherwise, we are happy to offer you freshly harvested fruit and berries as well as fruit and vegetables depending on the season at our sales counter!

Events at court

To help you better understand the farm, there will be weekly farm tours, where the different vegetation phases of the trees and vines will be explained, as well as the work steps that are currently in progress. Finally, you sit together over a cosy glass and let the evening fade away.

Arrival and departure transport:

Should you decide to arrive or depart by bus or train, we will be happy to pick you up from your arrival point or take you to your departure point.

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