Asia with children – tips and child-friendly travel destinations in asia

Asia with children

Wonderful sandy beaches, delicious food and friendly, helpful locals.

These are just a few of the things you can expect on a vacation in Asia – especially Southeast Asia.

There are experiences for the whole family, regardless of whether you want to focus on cultural experiences, nature or relaxation.

If you’ve been dreaming of traveling with your kids for quite some time, this part of the world is perfect for you.

Read more below and get tips and tricks for vacationing with children in this corner of the world. You’ll also get recommendations on where to go with the kids, as well as seven tips for a fantastic vacation with the kids.

Why travel with children?

A trip with children is simply life-affirming.

When traveling to other countries that are very different from our own country in cultural, historical and botanical terms, you can see everything from a new perspective.

And this is the case for both children and adults.

A travel experience like this offers many opportunities to talk about different cultures. About why we look different and all the other things the kids ask about.

The directness of the children also makes it easy to establish a very unique contact with the locals. It is not so easy to make such contact as an adult.

Although a trip with the kids can be exhausting, it is definitely worth it.

Where? Child-friendly travel destinations in Asia

Many of the Asian countries are ideal for family vacations. Southeast Asia in particular is very child-friendly.

We have selected three Southeast Asian travel destinations that are just perfect and have a lifetime experience for the whole family.

Warm Thailand

Thailand is the ultimate travel destination with children.

The Thai love children. The beaches on the countless islands and along the coast are child-friendly, nature is wonderful, and the children can get to know a completely different, colorful culture. You can e.g. B. get to know the beautiful beaches and beautiful nature in Khao Lak. There you will spend the night directly between the beautiful blue sea and the fertile rainforest Khao Sok.

But Thailand also has unique experiences where you can experience Thai culture up close. You can e.g. B. Visit one of the fantastic Buddhist temples that are so important to Thailand since 95% of the people in Thailand are Buddhists. The monks have a special status and status in Thailand, as you will experience during your trip.

You can also experience the famous Long Neck tribal people with the characteristic brass rings around their necks.

Thailand is a travel destination that makes it easy for families with children. The friendly locals, the delicious food, the beautiful beaches and the simple lifestyle make Thailand the perfect family holiday destination.

Wonderful Bali

A vacation in Bali with your children is a fantastic experience.

The country has a. unique nature, fascinating culture, wonderful experiences on the beach and an interesting animal kingdom for people of all ages. The short distances between the sights are perfect for a family trip.

The locals love children and do everything they can to give you a family vacation that you won’t soon forget.

Ubud and the surrounding area of ​​Ubud are a mecca for handicrafts. Every single village is known for a special material. You will marvel at crafts made of wood, stone and silver.

And if the little ones have always dreamed of seeing dolphins, maybe that is also possible. The dolphin safari in Lovina is a great experience. Take the boat out early in the morning and hopefully watch the playful and cheerful dolphins in the water as the sun rises on the horizon.

Don’t miss the fairytale temples on a trip to Bali. Bali, also called the island of 1000 temples, simply has the most beautiful temples to offer. One of these beautiful temples is Ulun Danu. The temple is surrounded by water and simply breathtaking.

However, some of the most important ingredients of every family trip are beach and water. And in this regard, you have many options in Bali. The island offers a lot of fantastic bathing holiday experiences. Again, this Indonesian island won’t let you down.

Bali offers many experiences for the whole family – let’s go!

Adorable Sri Lanka

A trip to Sri Lanka is perfect with children as the country offers a lot of child-friendly experiences.

There are not only great sights, the distance between them is manageable, which is of course optimal for the little ones.

The locals warmly welcome the whole family, which will surely help make this country a fantastic family holiday destination.

Cultural experiences, a diverse flora and fauna and beaches are just a few of the experiences that await you here.

If the whole family loves beautiful nature and active holidays, this can also be combined. The child-friendly Mini Adams Peak in Ella will make you sweat in the face of beautiful nature. The view from the summit is definitely worth the climb. Reaching the summit is a great sense of achievement for the children.

A trip to Yala National Park, the oldest national park in Sri Lanka, offers even more unique nature and animal experiences. More than 215 species of birds live here. The park is also home to 44 species of mammals, including elephants, crocodiles, monkeys and leopards. There are many ways to experience an incredible number of animals up close.

On the east coast is the city of Passikudah with a perfect beach for children. The water does not become deep for 1 km. The beach is also protected by a reef, which makes it a safe seaside resort for children. While the children play in the wonderful warm water, the adults can treat themselves to a well-deserved break in the shade of the palm trees.

Countless family-friendly experiences await you in Sri Lanka. A fantastic family travel destination with experiences for life is waiting for you.

7 tips for traveling with children

1) A lot of time is important

When traveling with young children, keep in mind that it takes longer to get from A to B. Therefore, leave early, regardless of whether you are on the way to the airport or to a place of interest.

2) Book in advance

When traveling with the family, you cannot be as spontaneous as when traveling as a couple. Therefore, book a package tour that already regulates transportation and excursions. This allows you to concentrate on the most important thing: to experience a fantastic family trip.

3) Take food with you in your pocket

Food is an important part of the holiday. Slightly dissatisfied children often only need a little energy. So take snacks like bananas, nuts and cookies with you in your backpack. Don’t forget the water. Having it on hand when blood sugar drops is worth gold.

4) Take travel games with you

Bringing some travel games or a game console with you is a good idea if the flight is delayed or the travel time gets too boring. The games can mean a well-deserved break for both children and adults. You can also buy a camera for the children so that they can take photos for the photo album themselves.

5) The great become poets

With a trip to the fantastic East you will experience so much new. Buy postcards of the places you visit and have the grown-ups tell you about the experiences on the back. This provides unique descriptions of the experiences you have on your family adventure together.

6) Take medication with you

Unfortunately, sometimes you get sick while traveling. It is therefore advisable to take the most important travel medication with you from home. Medications such as headache tablets as well as medication for diarrhea are important. Disinfectants, bandages and plasters are also important if someone is injured easily.

7) Travel as long as possible

Travel with the kids as long as you can. They grow up so quickly. Traveling with children means lots of experiences and a unique cohesion for the whole family. Traveling with children offers completely different experiences – take the opportunity.

When you travel with children you get so much back, but sometimes it can be exhausting. The most important thing is that you get a family experience for life that you can always remember.

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