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Since 1987 the ASSOCIATION FOR CANCER DISEASES and chronically ill CHILDREN DARMSTADT / Rhein-Main-Neckar e.V. has been doing everything in its power to make life as difficult as possible for the seriously ill children and adolescents with their parents and siblings in this difficult time.

We offer psychosocial and family therapy support and try to relieve the families financially and organizationally.

The association has so far received no state support and is therefore dependent on the willingness to donate from the population.

Impressions, pictures of life in our clubhouse:

This is how it looks in our house and garden. The children find peace and relaxation. Our employees organize beautiful campaigns to distract your children a little from your illness and the difficult times that come with it, to bring them joy.

The Association for Children with Cancer and Chronically Ill Darmstadt / Rhein-Main-Neckar (VKKD) awards silver badges of honor to long-term supporters.

Main sponsor of our association:

Performs regularly Fritz Ehmke with all of his dialect friends.
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Rhein Main Verlag – my south Hesse under the management of Bernd Maas active for the association for children with cancer and chronically ill Darmstadt / Rhein-Main-Neckar e.V. and provides support.
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Udo Wuttke, Dipl.-Designer, owner of "DESIGNWERK27" has been supporting our association for many years by creating all printed matter, flyers, information walls etc. for us free of charge.
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Luigi del Gesso, Luigis Golf Restaurant, Groß-Zimmeren, has sponsored the final dinner several times after golf events in favor of the VKKD on the Groß-Zimmerer golf course.
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Haftpflichtkasse, long-time supporter of our association.
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You want to donate?

Literature, videos and links on the topic:

Here you can see interesting information material!

Here you can find out who supported us with a donation …

special accounts

At the request of parents, we have the for their Collect the child independently, set up special accounts to relieve you of some of the work.

The money donated here will only be used for the child concerned. If you want to donate here, please donate to the respective account with the extra account number.

Sparkasse Darmstadt
IBAN: DE79 5085 0150 0000 7813 20
Intended use Elliot

Further information on the fundraising campaign can be found at:

Please note that donations up to € 200 do not require donation receipts.

It is sufficient to present the account statement to the tax office. "

Dates and events:

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There are no appointments at the moment.

WCG Charity Golf Tour

The WCG Charity Golf Tour culminated on August 10, 2019 at the Gernsheim golf resort. 12,000 euros were collected for our children at the golf games and accompanying events! ”

New release: Benefit dialect CD with accompanying book

orders can now be placed for the newly released Benefit CD with accompanying book "Tross, tross, trill, de Bauer hot e Fill" be included.

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Everyone can be affected!

Too many families in the Darmstadt area hope and fight day and night for the health of their cancer and chronically ill children. For many of these families, the diagnosis came as a surprise or unprepared – illness cannot be planned, everyone can be directly or indirectly affected.

Just put yourself in this position: Your child is diagnosed with having to grow up with cancer or a serious chronic illness in the future.

Everything changes suddenly …

First of all, the diagnosis is an unimaginable shock for every child and their family. Then everyone quickly becomes aware that life, as the family has been used to, will change suddenly. Everything is questioned. Tormenting fears and questions, hope and despair to helplessness often become a permanent psychological burden.

To make matters worse, there are often a variety of organizational problems and an additional financial burden. The supply of the household, the siblings, travel costs, for example. while outpatient therapy etc. The additional financial burdens are often 500 euros per month and are only partially covered by health insurance companies.

The support of the affected families can only be realized through the donations of helpful and committed fellow citizens …
and this is why the association for children with cancer and chronically ill children is so important!

This association provides active and unbureaucratic support to affected families and provides the necessary financial support.

Our help

Financial support

With your donations we can reduce the financial hardship of the families. Financial security is an important contribution to keeping the family structure stable and mobilizing all resources to deal with the disease.

Organizational support

We actively support families in completing the necessary formalities. We provide the platform for the exchange among those affected and promote measures such as tutoring or cures.

Psychosocial care

With targeted support, those affected learn to deal with the disease and thereby promote the healing process. The involvement of siblings also plays an important role.

Competent help

We employ therapists to deal with questions and concerns at an early stage. She is on hand at the advice center and at home with families. Other employees conduct psychotherapeutic conversations with the children, their siblings and also the parents or try to help with play, painting, design and music therapy. Help about psychomotricity also takes up a lot of space.

The focus is on the child

In addition to medical and therapeutic treatment, proximity to parents and siblings, familiarity at home and the psychological strength of all family members are important prerequisites for healing success, especially for seriously ill children. It is therefore important to promote home care through therapeutic advice and active help.


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