“At best, still a cultural relic”

Gloria von Thurn und Taxis laments a "general fatigue in the transmission of faith" among Christians. In the perception of Catholic aristocrats, religion is "at best a cultural relic". She also commented on Islam.

This is what she told the "Augsburger Allgemeine" newspaper. "My impression is that sex and shopping are wonderful tranquilizing drugs, so that religion simply no longer has any value in the canon of people's needs."

The lack of transmission of the faith was not only noticeable in the church, but in baptized people in general.

"The zeal for faith of Muslims is impressive"

In Islam it is different, she had already observed as a child with admiration, added von Thurn und Taxis. "The zeal of Muslims for the faith is impressive." She herself, the noblewoman added, had "decided early on to fight for faith in God on the side of the good guys".

With regard to the Corona crisis, von Thurn und Taxis explained: "In everything that happens in the world, from the moment you get up to the moment you go to bed, even in your dreams, you can try to recognize the finger of God." The devil is the cause of everything that goes wrong on earth, he said. "The further we move away from God, the broader the power base of evil becomes."

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