Atmosphere of openness

After the reproaches of sexual abuse more than 500 former pupils of the Bonn Aloisiuskolleg as well as parents have explained their solidarity with the Jesuit institution. In an open letter published on Thursday, they expressed catchlessness and dismay and advocated the unreserved clarification of all allegations. At the same time, they emphasized that the college had always been characterized by an atmosphere of openness and had guided responsible action.

Furthermore, the signatories emphasize "that during and after their time as students they have experienced neither sexual violence nor abuse at the Aloisius College". Rather, they had experienced "a carefree, formative and motivating school time", for which they are particularly grateful to the Jesuit order and the teachers and educators who work there. Many former students had therefore given their own children into the care of the college. The signatories express regret over the resignation of the rector, Father Theo Schneider. He said his belief in the good and the very personal potential of each person had left a lasting impression on many students. In the abuse scandal at institutions of the Jesuit order Schneider had resigned his office in the interest of a complete clarification. At the beginning of February, allegations by a 62-year-old former student of the Aloisius College had become known, who stated that he had been abused by a priest in the early 1960s. Schneider said that he had not been aware of this case until the time of publication.

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