Attractions for children in mallorca – a lot of irresistible fun for children in mallorca, travel to mallorca, travel to mallorca, holiday in mallorca

Attractions for children in mallorca - a lot of irresistible fun for children in mallorca, travel to mallorca, travel to mallorca, holiday in mallorca

Attractions for children in Mallorca – a lot of unwanted >Tags: car, car rental mallorca, draft, family, fikus, can, fun

Attractions for children in Mallorca – A lot of irresistible fun for children in Mallorca

Mallorca surely precedes its reputation. Considered a fabulous, energetic place for long parties with tempting cuisine, fantastic historical attractions, and a friendly and enthusiastic culture, many are unaware that Mallorca is a destination that has something to offer the whole family. In other words, children can have a lot of fun on their vacation.

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While it is usually visited by the ubiquitous crowd of singles who celebrate until sunrise, Mallorca has recently become a place to welcome the whole family. There are a lot of activities, events and attractions that are specially designed for children. What is particularly pleasant about many of these attractions is that they can be found near many hotels in Mallorca.

As all responsible parents will know, fun can be both physical and intellectual. Mallorca offers both. There are an incredible number of museums and galleries where children can learn about the history and culture of this enchanting Spanish island. The Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró should not be missed with children who are interested in art.

The fun doesn’t end here, of course. Children will also be keen to visit the Palma Aquarium, which is known for its hi-tech atmosphere. This unique aquarium is famous for Europe’s deepest water tank, which contains 3.5 million liters of sea water. It is known as the “Big Blue”. You can encounter mantle rays, barracudas, sand tiger sharks and even guitar sharks. The two green gardens with ficus, olive and pomegranate trees are equally impressive. Children will surely enjoy the harbor, where the children’s area offers an area with pirate ship games and pools with starfish, sea cucumbers and sea urchins are naturally stimulating. Another aquarium that is worth a visit is the Porto Cristo aquarium, which also offers a lot of exciting entertainment for children.

Even if the educational part has to be properly explored, there are still lots of fun physical things to do in Mallorca. What needs to be mentioned is the real treasure of the island, the beaches. Loved by both singles and families, young and old, children will surely have the most fun here. Surrounded by golden sand and sky-blue water, children, as all parents will know, feel quite at home. While splashing and building sand castles are fun enough, there is also the opportunity for children to learn various water sports and games under the supervision of an adult.

Mallorca would not be fun if families did not attend street festivals and events such as Santa Margalida, where children play their own unique role. Many of these festivals and events have a unique story to tell, so you can learn how Mallorca worked centuries ago. These festivals, where young and old have fun, offer an insightful educational experience for anyone who wants to learn about culture. It is certainly an entertaining spectacle for both parents and children.

In addition to getting used to the traditions and norms of the island, there is also some good traditional fun that is also available all over the world in Mallorca. Pony rides and even fun in water slides and amusement parks can be found here. It wouldn’t be surprising if an entire day passed while visiting one of these facilities, as fun is the main theme here. So there you have it, another facet of Mallorca that is friendlier and more fun and family-oriented than any other place in the world.

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