Au pair – child benefit: with this trick you get it!

I receive child benefit as an au pair?

After graduating from high school, the big wide world beckons. Many school leavers therefore take the opportunity and work as an au pair abroad. But: get one Au pair child benefit? Or you can only get this when you stay in Germany?

Who gets child benefit?

In principle, every child in Germany is entitled to child benefit. To be more precise, the child’s parents, because they receive child benefit.

In order to receive child benefit, parents must submit an application to the family benefits office. This is available from the Federal Employment Agency: download here.

Au pair child benefit only in training?

However, if the child is of legal age, the parents are only entitled to child benefit in certain cases. For example, when the child is studying or undergoing vocational training. The training can also take place abroad. However, an au pair stay is equivalent to an education?

How au pairs get child benefit

In order for parents to receive child benefit for the au pair, the stay abroad must count as professional training.

The trick: language lessons

The au pair receives child benefit when they take language classes. In tax talk it says: Au pairs must for child benefit take part in an "ongoing systematic language course".

Don’t forget proof

Proof of foreign language teaching is sufficient. But every clerk ticks differently. Some recognize this as training, others do not. Make sure that they can prove the lessons. So you are on the safe side.

At least ten hours of language classes per week are compulsory

Language classes should take at least ten hours a week to count as training. Before and post-processing time is here Not counted, only the pure lessons. And for the duration of your entire au pair stay. By the way, a certificate from your host parents is unfortunately not enough.

College courses

Language courses at college are also considered training. Since these usually go no longer than three hours a week, you do not receive child benefit.

Traveling abroad as an au pair

After school, many young people want to smell the scent of the big world. And first work as an au pair abroad for six to twelve months. Practical, because this way you can improve your language skills in a playful way on site. In addition, you gain valuable experience abroad before you start to understand the seriousness of the life surrenders.

But the au pairs still have to work a bit: They look after the children of their host family and help in household With. You will receive free accommodation and meals and a small allowance. The au pairs then attend a language course in their spare time to learn the foreign language.


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