Audi 80 and 3 children, yahoo answers

So wanted to know if it is possible to accommodate 3 child seats in an audi 80 who has experience with nd can give me tips my 2 children are 5 and 2 and both sit in a concord lift evo pt would be ready to buy new seats

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Yes and ! I ride a bike and have three children, no problem with it.

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theoretically, it is also possible in the emergency seat child seat to fix. the roman peggy e.g. can m. w. can also be fastened with the lap belt. but: i’m not so sure whether you can get the seats on the back seat from the width. in addition, the roman peggy will only work for 4 or 5 years. for older children there are m. w. no seats that can be attached with a lap belt.

how old is the 3rd child? if that is younger it could work for at least a while.

The simplest solution would certainly be, you use the emergency seat and one of the children the passenger seat. there would also be a 3-point belt.

j f: thanks for the names of the other child seats that can still be used with the lap belt and the information that there are no suitable seats for older children. what about the booster seat increases? is it now allowed or not?

there was not even the possibility to apply for exemption from the child seat requirement from the municipality?

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For this reason, I drive a nine-seater.

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With three "right" The width of child seats probably won’t work.

In addition, I do not know a child seat for 5-year-olds that can be used alone with the lap belt – the Audi 80 did not yet have 3 3-point belts in the rear.

Possibility 1a: Put the 5 year old on the middle seat on one Booster seat, it is not as wide as a real child seat. I don’t really recommend that, because of the lack of protection of the lap belt, especially in children.

Option 1b: Put the 5-year-old on a booster seat on one of the side rear seats, then it has at least the 3-point belt. For a 2-year-old you need a seat that can also be attached with the lap belt alone (this is possible with the Römer Lord and the Römer King, for example). It gets very tight anyway, and you only postponed the problem. In two years at the latest, even the smaller child needs the larger seat.

Possibility 2: Place the 3rd child in the child seat on the front passenger seat, and if there is an adult besides you, the child sits in the middle in the back. That gets damn tight with an Audi 80, so it is only suitable for short journeys.

Option 3: If you have to bring 2 adults and 3 children into the car more often, and not just for short journeys, you should definitely think about a larger car.

I have 2 children, ages 2 and 5, and occasionally my grandmother comes along, or neighbors are taken along, or the like. The topic "3 people in the back seat" was the absolute top 1 topic when I last bought a car, and it’s difficult. I personally measured and tested a lot of different cars with this in mind. If you don’t want to buy a minibus or a larger van, there are very few cars in which you can really sit in the back in a sensible group of three – even high-end vehicles often don’t. For example, a Mercedes E-Class is actually too narrow for 3 people, despite the lush exterior dimensions.

We decided on a VW Touran. This is one of the very few cars with maintenance costs that are tolerable for us, which enables long-distance seating on the back seat for 3 people.


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