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Australia Travel Tips

Our second home is Australia

Dream destination Australia! For us Australia was home for 13 years. From Sydney, we have extensively explored the country along the boomerang coast from Melbourne to Cairns. Even trips to the dusty interior were not allowed. Because Australia is more than just big cities and coast.

Whether a road trip from Uluru to Queensland, or a quick weekend trip to the cosmopolitan Melbourne, Australia is a great travel destination with lots of variety and great experiences.

In the following we give you many valuable tips on entry, arrival, dangers, travel times, accommodations, etc.

Discover Australia

Australia is the perfect travel destination, apart from distance and costs. It’s safe, friendly and easy to navigate.

Many sights and attractions are explored under the open sky, with plenty of space for your own exploration and rummaging around. The lodging choices here range from hotels and vacation resorts, especially in the tropical areas of Queensland, to inexpensive holiday parks and campgrounds. As the Australians like to explore the country themselves by car, there are a lot of choices especially from the latter in remote locations.

Although Australia as such has no specially developed kitchen, it nevertheless benefits from its status as an immigration country. Whether a juicy steak or fresh fish, Asian curries or English classics, here everything is available, which gives pleasure to the palate.

The entry to Australia

To enter Australia is a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months. This applies to adults and children. Children’s entries in the parents‘ passport are no longer valid.

Visitors from Germany need a visa to enter Germany. This can be ordered electronically on the official website of the Australian immigration office, with the passport details of all fellow travelers as well as valid e-mail addresses. The visa is usually issued electronically within a few minutes and sent by e-mail. Sometimes travel agencies take on their visa application as a service or for a fee to their customers. The visa is valid for up to 12 months and entitles you to a stay of up to 3 months.

This information can change quickly. Therefore, always check the page of the Foreign Office before departure.

Tips for the flight to Australia

A flight to Australia is of course no picnic because of the distance to Germany. To survive a long-distance flight well, you should plan accordingly. We have put together a few very valuable tips for you from our own experience.

Due to the time lag, there is usually a significant jet lag. How to fight this, we explain here.

An entry card must be completed on the plane. Here you not only declare medicines, weapons and the like, but also have to enter an address in Australia and a contact number for emergencies.

It also asks if you want to bring organic things into the country. This question is for quarantine, and Australia, as an island nation, has extremely strict controls. In general, to declare all food, with the fewest will cause you problems. This is meticulously checked in the airport directly after the baggage collection.

You will not get any problems with packaged food from the supermarket, which does not receive any meat products, cheese, mayonnaise, etc. So for example, sweets, cookies, chewing gum, chocolate, etc. You can not introduce sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, sausages, cheese, nuts, honey, seeds, etc. – so everything that could contain germs and vermin. That would be a danger to agriculture and will be disposed of accordingly at the border.

When in doubt, show the authorities and ask. By concealment, you can not get through the control on entry, because random samples will be taken anyway. Honesty wins and protects you from fines.

Animals and dangers

Australia, of course, is known to be home to a record number of venomous animals on land and in the sea. Not only that: these animals are super-toxic.

However, whether spiders, snakes or jellyfish, accidents with animals happen extremely rarely, mostly because habitats of humans and animals hardly exceed each other in Australia. If you still have doubts, you should read our article on the topic.

Completely different dangers due to the extreme solar radiation, heat and dangerous currents on Australia’s coasts. Here it is important to listen to the advice of the locals and to exercise caution.

The best travel time for Australia

Australia is an attractive destination year-round. You must not forget, however, that there is a winter in Australia, namely, when it is just summer in Germany. Many visitors come to Australia on their big holidays and then startle for the cool temperatures and the cold water in the sea. In the tropical north there is rainy season from November to April. That does not make the visit impossible, but you should always have an umbrella ready.

The main holiday season is the Australian during the big summer holidays from about one week before Christmas to the end of January. In this time you can expect high prices, long queues and expensive hotel rooms, because Australia like to spend their holidays in their own country. By the way, at Christmas and New Year‘s Eve almost all shops and attractions remain, with the exception of maybe the first Christmas day (check websites).

It is a pleasure to visit Australia’s east coast in February-April, as the bathing temperatures are most comfortable and the weather spectacular. And the outback is best explored in winter, because it is less hot and there are fewer annoying bushflies that can take it easy.

Packing list Australia

Depending on the climate, you should stock up on clothing accordingly. As I said before, Australia can be extremely cold, so think carefully about when you want to be somewhere. In June in Sydney it can be like 0 degrees in the morning! Even in the outback, there is a winter, and it can whistle a pretty cold wind around your ears.

If you plan to be out and about a lot, sun protection is essential even in winter. Of course this is especially true for the little ones. Sunscreen – that means sunscreen at least SPF 30, sunhat with wide brim, sunglasses. We advise against tops with spaghetti straps, because the shoulders are particularly prone to sunburn. In tropical areas it is worth taking a mosquito spray. Almost without exception, children wear special protective clothing on the beach that covers most of the body and, depending on their age, a hat. If you do not want to bring along, you will find good offers at Target, Best in summer & Less and Cotton on Kids.

Do not forget your power adapter.

The prices in Australia

Australia is currently an expensive travel destination with high local costs. Whether it’s eating out or getting paid, it’s hard to keep track of spending. Expects entry fees of around $ 100 for a family to the zoo or other attraction. A meal at the restaurant can cost around $ 20 per person, excluding drinks, and there are mostly children’s meals.

Public transport charges around $ 5 per trip, but there are also day passes that allow multiple means of transportation to be used over a period of time. This is definitely recommended if you want to explore the cities of Australia.

Nevertheless, there are also ways to explore Australia for little money. We once put together an article about Sydney.

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