Australia with children: Tips for a family holiday

Travelling to or through Australia with children should not be a big problem, as on the 5th continent everything is done to meet the needs of families in the best possible way. No matter if infant or teenager, in Down Under you can travel with children just as well as in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. Special facilities (playgrounds, play corners in shopping centres etc.) as well as the family-friendly attitude in the country make the exciting project very pleasant.

General Information

In Australia there are plenty of attractions for children, such as countless beaches, fascinating national parks, exciting zoos and interactive museums. Kangaroos, koalas, dolphins, whales, turtles and many other animals can be seen in the wild and sometimes even get close enough to touch. Many walking trails are suitable for baby carriages and are even designed as a varied circular hiking trail to avoid boredom when walking back. Nearly all the villages in the country have parkareale with meadows, picnic areas, free BBQs and playgrounds. In the larger cities of the warmer regions, colourful water parks have also been set up, which are very popular with children. If you are travelling in Australia with children, you will also receive some welcome discounts here. For tours, accommodation, museums, amusement parks or flights, it is not unusual to enjoy a discount of up to 50% or to get away completely free of charge. Children under the age of 5 are often admitted free of charge and can use public transport free of charge. Breastfeeding and nappy-changing in public are not a problem, even if it is not absolutely necessary, as there are usually enough nappy-changing and nursing rooms in public places.

In Germany, many products, especially drugstore articles, are significantly cheaper than in Australia. It is therefore advisable to get everything you need before you leave in order to save money. Moreover, you can concentrate on the essential things after your arrival and don’t have to search the unknown shops for the goods you are looking for. The supermarkets Woolworths and Coles as well as the discounters Kmart and Target have the largest as also the cheapest offer of things of the everyday need. Another important reference is to the poisonous and dangerous animals of the Red Continent. In any case, you should not go crazy under any circumstances, as there are hardly any incidents. Especially outside the urbanized areas you can meet snakes, spiders, dingos or in the tropical waters unpleasant sea creatures such as jellyfish. Awareness of possible dangers, caution and attention do not, however, make these factors an obstacle to a safe and carefree family holiday.

Accommodation for family holidays

Many accommodations are very family friendly with playgrounds, swimming pools, laundry rooms and other facilities. Especially resorts and campsites are often family-oriented and can provide great employment opportunities. Hotels and motels also provide plenty of variety for young and old. Of course, in good accommodation it should not be an unusual wish to have bathtubs for babies or cots. Exclusively the B&Bs (Bed&Breakfast), which are quite popular on the 5th continent, occasionally draw attention to the fact that they do not allow family holidays.

The right vehicle & tips for long distances

A vehicle is the ideal companion for a family holiday in Australia, as the distances are very long. As far as the choice of vehicle is concerned, the only question that remains is whether you would rather rent a car or a motorhome or campervan. While an ordinary car is a lot cheaper than a motorhome, the rolling house on wheels has some advantages. It offers great flexibility, because you can stay exactly where you like it. In addition, all important things are always with you. A comfortable bed, toys, diapers, changing clothes, food or the beloved teddy bear are also easily accessible on the road! Under certain circumstances you can even save yourself additional accommodation costs or spend the night in the mostly very well-kept, child-friendly and well-equipped caravan parks, which are much cheaper than a hotel.

Tip: When renting a motorhome you should pay attention to the room layout and the seat distribution, as there are often big differences. It is important that the front and rear seats are not too far apart and point in the direction of travel, as otherwise conversations are hardly possible and unwanted nausea can occur.

On the unusually long journeys through the sometimes seemingly endless landscapes, one also has to give a lot of thought to the little ones in order to keep them happy. But with some creativity and the good equipment throughout the country, this is not a big problem. Especially the routes between Cairns and Darwin, to Ayers Rock as well as in the north of Western Australia are quite long and exhausting even for adults. The numerous parks and the more than 150 Big Things (e.g. Larry the Lobster), which are oversized sculptures that were mostly erected at the main streets, provide some variety.

Below you can use our price comparison search to compare the most popular vehicle models and book them at the best prices and top conditions:

Camper & WoMos: Especially popular with young families

Rent a car: Perfect for trips & long distances

compulsory child seat

Australia also has strict regulations for the installation, type and approval of child seats. Only seats tested to the Australian standard and fitted with an AS 1754 sticker are permitted in road traffic. Child seats from abroad are therefore not sufficiently tested and must therefore not be used. Almost all renowned car rental companies offer approved seats for an often quite high surcharge. For this reason, it is undoubtedly worth considering buying a used or new child seat on site. However, if you decide to rent a child seat, it is essential that you state the weight and size of the child when booking so that the right seat is in stock when you arrive. Furthermore, it is recommended to carry out the assembly together with the landlord and to get some tips in this regard.

Since the safety of the child always takes precedence and the penalties for traffic offences are very high, a few things should definitely be taken into account!

  1. Only child seats tested in Australia are recognised.
  2. Under 6 months : child seat with rear view (Reboard System)
  3. 6 months – 4 years : Child seat with view in be >4 – 7 years: Child seat facing forward or booster seat & the offspring may only sit forward if all seats in the rear rows (if any) are already occupied by children under 7 years of age.
  4. Under 4 years : May only sit in the front if the vehicle does not have more than one row of seats.

Exciting undertakings

Below we provide a selection of exciting activities that can give pleasure to young and old alike:

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