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A family from Berlin is traveling to Australia for the first time – with 2 children (4 years and 10 months). Find out more about the route and the reasons for this trip here.

Australia with young children – an article by Peggy from Berlin

Overview of all parts of the article

  • Part 1 – travel arrangements (further down on this page)
  • Part 2 – Arrival from Germany to Sydney
  • Part 3 – From Sydney to Booti Booti National Park
  • Part 4 – From Port Macquarie to Byron Bay
  • Part 5 – Byron Bay to Brisbane
  • Part 6 – Brisbane to Moore Park / Rainbow Beach
  • Part 7 – Agnes Water to Airlie Beach
  • Part 8 – Bowen to Cairns (with Atherton Tablelands)
  • Part 9 – Cairns and surroundings (Kuranda, Port Douglas, Cape Tribulation)

Australia with young children: Part 1 – travel arrangements

In May we will go on a little adventure and spend our parental leave together in Australia. We are a family of four from Berlin. My husband is 46 years old, I myself am 39. At the time of travel, our sons are 10 months (Martí) and 4 years (Matteo).

The first trip to Australia with the family

It will be our first trip to Australia, the first to be so big and long as a family – and of course that is only possible because we have parental leave in Germany. What a blessing that you can take them together as a couple. There is even some parental allowance on top. We accept that such a long journey corresponds to a new small car purchase – after all, we wouldn’t see any koalas in it, would we? I agree!

Are we totally crazy? Flying into the country with the most poisonous creepers? With blatant spiders, nasty spiders, poisonous spiders. (it already shakes me when I think of it, I can almost see her walking on the screen) With two young children?

And anyway: The children don’t get anything from it anyway, they just want to be with their parents anyway – no matter where – even in the allotment … Yes, everything is true.

Nevertheless! It is booked. Now there is no going back. 6 (six) weeks! Not in slices – in one piece.

Australia with young children: Sydney – Cairns itinerary

We fly from Hamburg via Dubai to Sydney, also in one piece – because strategies with children usually go wrong and we will be tired anyway – after 22 hours (!) Of flight.

After 3 days in Sydney we drive up the east coast with a living room on wheels. To Cairns. So much for the rough plan – fine tuning will keep me busy for the next 10 weeks.

Oh, and for all doubters and for us – if we still hesitate: the counter-arguments: We won’t be able to take our vacation again for so long, Matteo, our “big one”, will come to school, we want do something that we would otherwise never do or have never done before.

We want to spend time as a family, we want to see great nature & experience, see koalas, kangaroos and hear laughing birds. YES, it’s an (adult) dream trip, only that we are now too have children, AND WHY NOT REALLY?

On April 29 it starts and on 11.6. we are back in Germany.

Traveling with the camper

We want to take it easy. Since it will be our first motorhome holiday (we are basically greenhorns), we have decided on a slightly better equipped KEA model.

Also because we depend on the children to spend time indoors in the evenings, we wanted a little more space than necessary and to make it as comfortable and nice as possible. Traveling in a motorhome alone will be a little adventure for us – first time, first love? We hope. Maybe we are infected by the "this kind of travel" virus.

Left-hand traffic AND steering wheel right? Heaven help! We’ll pack it?

Australia with young children: This is how traveling is fun

We don’t want to drive more than two or a maximum of three hours a day, preferably at noon, when the sun is burning most dangerously and the chance of sleeping children is greatest.

In addition, we still want to have enough "air days" if we like it somewhere so much that we want to hang out for a night. Or two.

We should actually have it by 5.6. make it to Cairns. Whether this plan works?

We will report and are really looking forward to it!

(Photo: Peggy and stroller in front of Harbor Bridge).


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