Authors for technical texts from the health range searched

We are looking for independent authors for the independent creation of technical texts, teaching materials and scripts from the preventive health field.

  • sports and health, fitness training, orthopedics
  • nature education, homeopathy
  • sports physiotherapy / sports healer
  • Coaching and management
  • health management / health education
  • wellness consulting
  • NLP / talk therapy
  • cosmetician/ natural cosmetician
  • phytotherapy, bach flower therapy
  • psychology / psychological counseling
  • geomancy / holistic habitat design
  • veterinary practice, veterinary medicine& animal psychology, animal homeopathy
  • meditation, mindfulness training
  • music therapy, art therapy
  • care& holistic geriatrics
  • weight coaching
  • Well-aging consultant
  • yoga teacher training
  • Ayurveda consultation
  • acupuncture
  • aquafitness
  • respiratory therapy

Our goal is a trustful cooperation

  • fair author contract
  • Detailed briefings
  • Payment by pages
  • Immediate payment
  • Personal contact
  • experience in creating teaching materials (not a prerequisite)
  • Relevant experience in the creation of technical texts
  • reliability with attention to detail
  • Good sense of language and written expression
  • safe spelling
  • High demand for quality
  • interest and enthusiasm for new topics

Learn more about us here!

If you fit in with us and are interested in working with us, we look forward to receiving your application with relevant text samples via e-mail to:

Terramedus® academy for health gmbh
area proofreading
e-mail address: [email protected]


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terramedus ®
academy for health gmbh
central administration
kieler street 4
24796 bovenau
phone: 04334 18166-0
fax: 04334 18166-33
E-mail: [email protected]
Academy for health

the innovative concept of the intensive training of the terramedus ® academy for health makes it possible for beginners, newcomers and retrainees to complete a professionally qualified and affordable training in the massage, wellness and health sector.

If the personal prerequisites are given, the training / further education can be financed by governmental cost units such as z.B. education premium / education voucher can be promoted. here you will find extensive information about state funding

find out more about our holistic training and continuing education courses in the areas of massage, relaxation, sports, prevention and holistic therapy overview of courses offered

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