Autism and asperger’s syndrome: autism treatment in the josefinum

Autistic children are a big challenge for parents and those around them. Young people with autism spectrum disorder (ASS) have a special perception; they develop special interests and unusual skills. Strange behavior and unpredictable reactions often make relationships with other people difficult.

In the Josefinum, with locations in Augsburg, Kempten (Allgäu) and Nördlingen, we treat young people with autistic disorders (such as Asperger’s syndrome) and various developmental problems – from infancy to the age of 21. We also involve families intensively. The aim of autism treatment is to integrate the young patients as best as possible into their social environment (family, kindergarten, school, work, leisure).

Autism treatment in the Josefinum: shared commitment for young patients

In our clinic for autism and developmental disorders Numerous specialists (doctors, psychologists, special and social educators, psychotherapists, speech and music therapists) are committed to the young patients. We also work closely with kindergartens, homes, schools and the Mobile Special Needs Education Autism (MSD-A) – as well as with the autism competence centers in Bavaria and national institutions.

Our care is mainly outpatient, but we also look after day-patient and in-patient patients.

Reliable diagnostics – the first step in suspected autism

We use comprehensive diagnostics to take the right measures for autistic children. It includes language and development diagnostics as well as medical, developmental neurological and psychological examinations.

We also provide in-depth advice on all medical, therapeutic and social law issues and support in the mediation of facilities and therapies. If necessary, we lead (partially) inpatient autism treatment in child and adolescent psychiatry and –psychotherapy at the Josefinum in Augsburg, Kempten (Allgäu) and Nördlingen.

Our therapeutic concept for autism and Asperger syndrome

Our autism treatment at the Josefinum always focuses on the personality of the young patient and his individual situation. We involve the immediate environment (kindergartens, schools, caregivers) in order to optimally integrate the therapy content into everyday patient life.

Our special clinic offers individual and group therapies. For autistic Children and adolescents for example, there are individual forms of psychiatric treatment or groups in which social and communication skills are trained. We offer parents individual advice so that they can learn more about their child’s special perceptions and learn to deal with them.

As an academic teaching hospital, we participate in (inter) national studies. As part of the so-called A-FFIP study, our young patients have access to a new form of behavior therapy.


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