Autogas filling station


Product overview

  • NEWS
  • LPG tanks
  • – public facilities
  • – in-plant equipment
  • – mobile plants
  • LNG tank systems info
  • 1. Horizontal tank
  • 2. standing tank
  • 3. Underground tank
  • – dry evaporator
  • – hot water evaporator
  • – AZW systems (patented)
  • Bottle filling info
  • Filling and. checkweighers
  • Filling scale mechanical
  • Filling scale pneumatic
  • filling scale compact system
  • Filling scale container system
  • Bottling plants accessories
  • – refrigerant information
  • – refrigerant fittings
  • – refrigerant extraction system

AUTOGAS public filling stations

AUTOGAS filling stations for cars, trucks, buses, boats in compact or split design

Our LPG tankers extend the range of the "normal" ones public filling station for the possibility of selling autogas. With the most diverse designs and equipped with various payment options, displays and operating elements, we offer the right solution for every application and room situation.

autogas filling station

Non-public in-plant liquid gas tank installations

Propellant gas filling stations for in-plant applications in compact or split design

Whether vehicle fleet, forklift truck or other industrial trucks. stay mobile with our tailor-made solutions for efficient liquefied natural gas fleet supply. The systems can be sized to any fleet size and the different operating modes offer solutions for many application scenarios.


liquefied petroleum gas vaporizer / vaporizer equipment

– PA AZW systems>>
patented unit status converter for efficient energy savings in the operation of your liquid gas system – also retrofittable

Fire simulation systems

Realistic fire simulation for the successful training of firefighters and rescue workers

We equip simulation systems for a wide variety of firefighting scenarios with innovative liquid gas technology to ensure smooth training operations.

– fire simulation for land vehicles
– fire simulation for aircraft
– fire simulation for house and hall fires
– u.V.M.

Liquid gas flaring systems

Flare systems for gas and liquid phase

For flaring gas and/or liquid phases, z.B. For the emptying of vehicles, we offer different systems in different dimensions.

– gas phase flares
– gas and liquid phase flaring
– junior flare
– CNG flare
– special flaring systems
– rental flaring systems

flare systems

bottling plants

liquid gas cylinder filling systems

PA-salzgitter manufactures and supplies high-quality, fully automatic "filling and checkweighers" and complete filling systems and accessories, such as.B.

  • Fully automatic filling and checkweighers
  • Individual assemblies
    pressure boosting systems, filling containers, etc.
  • compact plants
  • Complete bottle filling plants
  • In-line filling systems
  • Gas cylinder emptying systems

refrigerant technology

Technical solutions for flammable refrigerants

systems for the use of flammable refrigerants (A2L/A3) in compliance with ex-protection directives.

  • Transfer stations for flammable refrigerants
  • Stationary evacuation and filling system
  • Mobile evacuation and filling system

Mobile evacuation system

Compressor technology

Compressors in various designs for decanting and aspiration

We supply complete systems with statutory safety equipment and piping. Also according to individual customer specifications.

  • Type D91
  • Type 291 / D291
  • Type 491 / D491

Pump technology

PA quality pumps offer the right solution for every LPG application.

  • Suction pumps
  • submersible pumps
  • piston pumps
  • SIHI side channel pumps

PA suction pump PCXA 3102


Benefit from a range of fittings with over 20.000 items

  • Valves
  • Couplings
  • gate valves
  • checkweighers
  • Shut-off valve
  • Ball valves, also with actuator
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