Automatic feeder for aquarium: all info and advantages at a glance

Automatic feeder for aquarium

You want to go on vacation, or during the week you are traveling on business and are thinking about using a automatic feeder for aquarium to buy?

Then you will find in this article everything you need to know about the practical automatic feeder for the aquarium!

Explanation: what is an automatic feeder?

an automatic feeder automatically takes care of feeding your aquarium inhabitants. Once the automatic feeder has been fed with flake or granulated food, or. Once the food tabs are filled and timed, it will automatically feed your aquarium for several weeks!

Just before you go on vacation, you should check the automatic feeder again:

6 tips for using the feeder

  1. Is the food fine enough?
    Can the food fall through the opening of the feeder without problems? Especially food tablets can sometimes cause blockages here! Solution: sharing the food tabs!
  2. battery of the automatic feeder still sufficiently filled?
    Nothing would be more annoying if the battery fails during the vacation!
  3. Too much food?
    Since it is difficult to react to overfeeding when you are on vacation, it is advisable to feed less food than normal with an automatic feeder.
  4. Does the machine stand up straight?
    If the automatic feeder sits at a slight angle to the aquarium, the food may not fall into the aquarium
  5. Use granulated food
    i personally would use granulated food, as it falls into the aquarium more easily than the very light flake food
  6. Do aquatic plants block the way?
    If you want to use e.g. If you have a water lily in the aquarium that forms floating leaves or floating plants that colonize the surface of the water, the food may just fall on it and the poor, hungry fish will not be able to get to the food!

Why buy an aquarium feeder?

Sooner or later you will surely want to go on a well-deserved vacation with the whole family, or? There it should not fail at the aquarium! In addition to a well adjusted CO2 system for the aquarium plants, the fish stock should also continue to be supplied with food!

With an automatic feeder at the aquarium you need to do not even care about someone, who feeds the fish in the tank! You can relax and enjoy the aquarium left to themselves for 2 – 3 weeks.

And that is already the main advantage of an automatic feeder!

To have to take care of an aquarium as little as possible, that’s the dream of every aquarist! The time you spend on unpleasant tasks like changing the water or feeding the fish quickly adds up. The automatic feeders take this little thing from you also in everyday life!

But you also want to feed yourself from time to time?

The best thing about it is that with some automatic feeder models you can also feed your dear fish at any time by pressing a button.

This way you still have the possibility to watch the fishes while they are feeding. And who does not know it: after a stressful day at work, the aquarium really calms your agitated mind after just a few minutes.

Is an automatic aquarium feeder really necessary??

If you, as I did if you prefer to feed your fish yourself in normal everyday life, then the automatic feeder still has the advantage of reliably supplying your aquarium inhabitants with fish food when you are on vacation!

So to the small question of need for an automatic feeder at least for the vacation, with a clear "yes" for the automatic feeder to answer!

Yes, you need an automatic feeder if you want to not relied on other people want or. No bother other people with it want to feed the beloved fish during the vacation!

At the aquarium automatic feeder JBL autofood you can feed at the touch of a button, without having to adjust everything!

This is what matters if you want to buy an automatic feeder for the aquarium:

In order to help you choose the right feeder for your aquarium, I have created a a few criteria compiled, you should pay attention to when buying an automatic feeder:

  • How often and how long should the aquarium be fed with the automatic feeder??
  • Different feeding cycles/rhythm adjustable?
  • How much food does the container of the automatic feeder hold??
  • Suitable for all types of food (flakes, tabs)?
  • Mildew in the feeder or wet food possible?
  • Does the automatic feeder fit on my aquarium (cover, glass thickness)??
  • Will the automatic feeder remain functional even in the event of a power failure??

The aquarium feeder and how it works

An automatic feeder on the aquarium is not necessarily only something for people who are constantly on vacation. Even busy or forgetful aquarists can rely on the various automatic feeders on the market in their absence!

Depending on the feeder has food for about 30 days in its storage chamber space. Partly only for about 30 feedings!

Correct setting of the aquarium feeder

Simply fill the usual food flakes into the feeder and depending on the model briefly program it! So I imagine the handling of an automatic feeder before. And honestly: it is not much more difficult!

With most aquarium feeders you can set the intervals in detail. Depending on the model, this can be done intuitively or in a more complicated way.

Have you z. B. young fish in the aquarium, you should of course also choose finer food. Also a higher interval should be aimed at here – the automatic feeder feeds your fish automatically more often!

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