Autumn songs: awaken autumn feelings with music

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Autumn songs mostly deal with the harvest, fields, weather and gratitude. In the work with Seniors, you mostly get stuck with the three most famous autumn songs:

  1. The forests are already colorful
  2. We plow and we spread
  3. Span-length Hansel, noodle-thick wench

More ideas for songs related to autumn

Of course there are also other songs for autumn. Some of them are not directly "autumn songs" but can still be integrated into thematic music groups. Others may not be as well known to the elderly, but have nevertheless proven themselves in the work of the elderly through simple music and a beautiful text. Here is our overview:

  1. Break your bread with the hungry. Is a classic hymn. The cantata comes from Johann Sebastian Bach and can be combined well with the topic of harvest through the topic of “bread” and thus also used as an autumn song.
  2. When the bread we share. Is a rather modern hymn from the 80s. Here, too, the applicability as an autumn song results from the topic "bread".
  3. thanks for this good morning. Another rather modern hymn is "Thank you for this good morning". In my experience, it is also very popular with seniors. The harvest in autumn is always connected with Thanksgiving and with it also thanks.
  4. The mill rattles on the rushing stream. Very, very well-known and also wonderfully suited as an autumn song is the song "The mill rattles on the rustling brook". With this song, as in the first two songs, reference can be made to the harvest.
  5. The autumn is here. Is a children’s song by Hans-Reinhard Franzke. You can find the entire text of the song here.
  6. Hey, hook up the car. The song is very popular as a canon and can also be wonderfully accompanied by movements. This autumn song also turns everything the harvest, which in this case must be saved from the rain.
  7. I get a ladder. The song is conceived and originated as a movement song from the Pen by Wolfgang Hering. It’s actually a nursery rhyme. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether it is also suitable for use in their own group.
  8. In my little apple. The melody for "In my little apple" comes from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Magic Flute) and the text is known to many seniors. It is also suitable as an autumn song around the harvest.

More autumn songs?

There are not quite as many classic autumn songs. Nevertheless, we still have many songs that can be used on the topics of autumn and harvest. Do you know any other autumn songs that are suitable for use in the elderly work? Please leave a comment. We would be glad!


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