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Avengers coloring pages

Avengers coloring pages. Miracle of the Avengers coloring page. There are many high quality coloring pages from Avengers for your children – printable with one click for free. "Avengers" is one of the epic superhero films of all time. It’s about a group of superheroes from the Marvel comics. The original team consists of Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Captain America. You are the number one team on earth. The follow-up film "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is just as fascinating.

Avengers Heroes List

Gamora, the last of the Zen Whoberi breed, was adopted by Thanos and brought up as an assassin. Although her perceptions change, Gamora uses her skills to help those in need by confronting her stepfather.

Iron man
Naughty boy in the band! He always manages to make us laugh with his wise attitude. His real name is Tony Stark. Financing of the team and provider of high-tech products.

The son of Odin, lord of the Asgard gods! His real name is Thor Odinson. He was born in a small cave in Norway around the world. He is the god of thunder and there is a hammer called Mjolnir.

As the son of Odin and Gaea, Thor’s strength, endurance, and resistance to injury are greater than that of the vast majority of the superhuman race. As Lord of the Asgard, Thor owns Odinforce, which enhances all of his abilities and enables him to enter the almost infinite source of cosmic and mystical energies. Maybe a little spoiler, but in the last Avengers film, he said he was 1,000 years old!

Captain America
A proud young man who manages to stay young! Steve Rogers takes on the adventure of a super soldier to become the one-man army of America.

Captain America was born when Steve Rogers, who was physically fragile and unable to become a perfect human form with an experimental serum. He wears a costume with the American flag motif and a shield made of indestructible material, which he throws at his enemies. S.H.I.E.L.D. has a motorcycle and a war chariot made by.

Avengers coloring pages

The rebellious child of the Avengers team! His real name is Robert Bruce Banner. Bruce has a very calm temper, but when he tries to save a teenager’s life, with the explosion of gamma bombs, he turns into a character opposite to his temper. Bruce shouldn’t be under stress

The hulk gets its power from anger, and so its power is infinite. With increasing anger, its strength increases. The hulk bounces as it moves and damages the ground as it runs. It is known to have reached orbit by jumping around the earth. The hulk can clap their hands to create a shock wave. It can lift and throw objects that cannot be removed. The Hulk’s lungs have a special gland that allows them to breathe and move quickly under water. It is resistant to many situations and has super human resistance.

Spider-Man, real name Peter Benjamin Parker, was bitten by a radioactive spider and gained speed and power. Peter, known as Spider-Man, hoped to start a career with his new skills. Spidey later learned that there was great responsibility in great power and promised to use his powers to help people.

Marvel Coloring Pages

Doctor Strange
Dr. Stephen Strange is a successful surgeon with an ego and ambitions as big as his professional skills. In a car accident, his hands are damaged and incurable. So his life gets to the bottom. He hears “Ancient One, iyileşt, who can heal everything, by the way, and goes to the Himalayas to find it. Ancient One considers him a student and the adventure of witchcraft begins. After the death of Ancient One, he became the most powerful wizard in the world and the guardian of the temple.

ant man
Vicious nuclear ant! The birth of the character Ant-Man Henry Pym. When Pym discovered that he could manipulate the subatomic particle group using magnetic fields, he tested his sera on himself and found that he could reach the size of an ant. He found a mix that would allow him to shrink and return to normal size if he wanted to. He also invented a helmet to communicate with ants.

Dr. When Henry Pym leaves Ant Man’s identity, an ex-criminal, Scott Lang, steals the costume to save his daughter and replace him. Over time, Pym’s trust, Scott, takes his place among the heroes.

His real name is Loki Laufeyson. Thor’s brother from Asgard

It has superior physical skills and increased life expectancy for humans. It is superhuman and immune to worldly diseases. He is perhaps Asgard’s most powerful wizard! It has magical abilities such as deformation, astral projection, molecular arrangements, magical energy explosions, illusion casting, escape, telepathy, hypnosis and teleportation.

Free Marvel Coloring Pages

Crazy Titan Thanos! Saturn’s largest satellite, Titan, is the Eternal, born to Mentor and Sui-San. However, it was born with a mutation called “Deviant Syndrome Arasında among the Eternal”. So it carries the Deviant gene. However, it was never excluded and taken over.
Thanos is the most powerful of the Titanic Eternals due to its syndrome and a cosmic threat. The physical durability can be handled with almost any impact. Cosmic radiation, telepathy, has the power to intervene at the atomic level.

One of the founders of the Avengers. It is a robot that Henry Pym created with his own brainwaves. Ultron has sped up the process of negative character development and turned into a villain, since Henry Pym’s ability to process the data is much higher using unbalanced brain waves that will be remembered in the future.


As the last of its kind, Rocket has a passion for large weapons and is an experienced marksman. After being captured by Kree, Rocket meets with Star-Lord and others to found the Guardians of the Galaxy. They travel the galaxy to help those in need. We have to tell you that it is very quick!

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