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On July 27 last year, the AWO Lummerland daycare center in Erkrath fell victim to the arson. So far, the ruin reminded of it like a memorial. This will soon be over, because now the excavators have (finally) rolled on. The sight of the sad remains hurt children and parents, neighbors and alumni. We hope that everyone affected can now conclude with this chapter and look forward to something new, more beautiful being created there.

We are happy to present our donation campaign this year. Because your donation makes the difference!

There are many dark days throughout the year for people with mental illnesses. Mental disabilities of children and adults still mean significant impairments in quality of life. The AWO Kreis Mettmann non-profit GmbH helps that people with disabilities can live, love, work and live as independently as they wish and at the same time receive as much support as they need. We ensure regular care. Those affected and their family members also need additional support. Give light on dark days and support people with mental disabilities with your donation. You can find out what your donation can actually do in the information HERE.

Donate to AWO Kreis Mettmann gGmbH
Kreissparkasse Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE42 3015 0200 0002 0353 01

If you would like to support the voluntary local associations and meeting places directly, the respective local associations will be happy to provide you with information on their individual donation accounts. Would you like to donate to the AWO district association? Then we look forward to a donation to the following account:

AWO District Association Mettmann e.V.
Kreissparkasse Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE32 3015 0200 0001 7096 58

Your donation is tax-deductible because the AWO is a non-profit organization that is recognized as a welfare institution. Donations of up to 200 euros can be made with the tax return by printing out the booking confirmation or a copy of the account statement. Of course, we would also be happy to issue you with a donation receipt for these amounts. Of course, you can also donate to a specific project or to certain institutions – your donation will arrive where you want it without deductions!

Do You Have Questions? We would be happy to provide you with information:

Nicola Mertens

Tel: 02104/9707 – 55

The new building on Solinger Strasse in Langenfeld was officially inaugurated on Tuesday, December 4.

On a surface of around 1110 square meters, a house has been built in the center of Langenfeld that focuses on communal and social living. The AWO district association Mettmann has invested around 2.4 million euros in the building. "A building of this size is also not an everyday thing for the AWO district association Mettmann", says the managing director Hildegard Schröder. “When we were planning, we didn’t try to make the greatest possible profit, but stayed true to our social principles. We have created a house in which intergenerational living and living is possible for people of all income groups. This was made possible by the mix of publicly funded and freely financed apartments. ”With this project, the AWO made an important contribution to improving the social infrastructure in the city and providing affordable housing.

This house is very special for the city

Mayor Frank Schneider also pointed this out in his speech. "The AWO is a very important partner for the city," he says. “Because the AWO doesn’t just talk about social housing, it also acts. I think this house is extremely successful. It is something very special for the AWO, but also something very special for the city. ”

Social life and neighborhood work as an impulse for the inner city

"This building should provide social impulses for the city center of Langenfeld," said AWO district chairman Klaus Kaselofsky. The tenants of the house have a room available for common use – for tenants’ gatherings, family celebrations or a joint "crime scene": How in a village square can – and should – that common Life take place here. The adjacent multipurpose room use the Langenfeld AWO local association for its association and neighborhood work, for example for the activities round table or courses on preventive health care such as yoga or Pilates. The room is also available to the local ZWAR group.

So that the house can really be used by everyone, it is barrier-free from the basement to the attic. With this, the AWO wants to guarantee the possibility of participation in the social life in the city also for people with restricted mobility.

The agreed construction period of one year was met. And this despite the fact that the excavation pit was full in June 2018 before the laying of the foundation stone in two devastating storms. After that, there were no major breakdowns during the construction phase.

We would like to thank our supporters:

The German TV Lottery Foundation participated in the construction of the multi-purpose room on the ground floor with a grant of EUR 207,385.

The Welfare Care Foundation NRW has financed the furniture of the multipurpose room.

Jörg Schumacher, Managing Director of kitchen meetings in Langenfeld and Haan, the kitchen donated in the common room.

The City Sparkasse Langenfeld, which has ensured funding.

The City administration of Langenfeld and the Mettmann district administration as well as the
AWO district Lower Rhine have and that AWO local club Langenfeld, who helped with the application for funding.

AWOs from all over North Rhine-Westphalia met at the ceremony for the anniversary of the AWO’s 100th anniversary in the citizens’ hall of the state parliament on Wednesday, November 13. A good opportunity to get to know each other, to exchange ideas and to network.

A new chairman was also elected at the AWO district conference. As agreed when she took office, Elisabeth Müller-Witt resigned from her post as district chair after one year. She exchanges the position with her previous deputy Klaus Kaselofsky, whose deputy she is from now on.

At the district conference on November 8, 2019 in Wülfrath, five members of the AWO were honored for their longstanding and special commitment. The medal of honor was awarded …

Lisa Pfeiff, OV Angerland

Lisa Pfeiff has been working for AWO Angerland on a voluntary basis since the 1950s.

Lisa Pfeiff is the oldest active helper at OV Angerland. She has been involved since the late 1950s. Initially in the old Lintorfer Treff am Pothekamp, ​​she has also been active in the Treff on Breitscheider Weg since 1972 and continues to help with everyday and special events. You can rely on their use in the kitchen. She baked countless cakes for parties. In her specialty, the manufacture of the "Frankfurt wreath", Lisa Pfeiff is considered unsurpassed.

Hans Donner, OV Monheim

Hans Donner set up a wood workshop in the OV Monheim.

Hans Donner has been a member of the board of directors of OV Monheim since 1995. In the Louise Schröder House, he built a wood workshop that is still used for the production of carnival medals, wood gifts and in-house repairs. It is the link between the board and the director of the meeting place, sends a birthday card to each of the 450 members of the OV and helps with all opportunities that arise.

Ingeborg Berg, OV Haan

Ingeborg Berg is a critical and creative spirit.

Ingeborg Berg has been on the board of OV Haan since 2003. She is active in many groups (creative, handicraft and cooking group, knowledge and culture, senior holiday), collects money and other donations, organizes birthday parties and appears with her own contributions, poems and stories. Legend already: Your appearance as a "cleaning lady in the state parliament". Ingeborg Berg is a critical mind of the OV, she always questions things and gives important impulses.

Jürgen Kirchner, OV Mettmann

Jürgen Kirchner is a trainer and specialist for photo editing at OV Mettmann.

Jürgen Kirchner is a volunteer trainer for photo editing in the PC Café. Every week he offers at least two appointments, especially for older visitors to the meeting place. He is also active in the self-organized group of trainers. His personal commitment goes far beyond the normal level. For example, Jürgen Kirchner also helps on the Blotschenmarkt and at other events.

Received the medal of merit from the Federal Association of the AWO
Hans-Anton Fliegauf

Hans-Anton Fliegauf (right) received the medal of merit from the Federal Association of the AWO for his commitment. The laudatory speech was given by the district manager of AWO Niederrhein Jürgen Otto (left).

Hans-Anton Fliegauf was district chairman of the AWO from October 2010 to September 2018. This also means that he took on responsibility in a difficult financial situation for the AWO district association Mettmann. Together with the management, the local associations and the workforce, he managed to get the ship back on course. One of his special achievements is to have improved the cooperation between local associations and the district association. For the OVs he was a trustworthy and above all a present contact person. He was also active on the board of his own local association Mettmann and represented the AWO in numerous communal committees.

The two AWO daycare centers for families Frohnstraße and the Kita Kohlenstraße in Velbert each got a new circus wagon. This means that up to 15 additional children can be admitted per day care center. The cars round off the educational concept of the AWO day care centers and alleviate the lack of day care places in the city of Velbert. Until then, a few connections have to be made and the building acceptance has to be passed.

This circus wagon is now on the outside of the Frohnstrasse daycare center.

In this circus wagon, the children of the coal road kindergarten soon romp.

Ten years ago, the AWO district of Mettmann launched the Outpatient Assisted Living project for people with intellectual disabilities. For many participants it was actually a turning point, they often only had the opportunity to live with their own parents for as long as possible and then move to a home – or to be accommodated directly in a home. In Mettmann, Heiligenhaus, Ratingen, Velbert, Wülfrath, Erkrath, Haan, Hilden, Langenfeld and Monheim, a total of 30 people can live a self-determined life.
In addition, five years ago, the AWO launched a residential community for young people with intellectual disabilities in Haan. Here, too, the participants receive support in all matters of daily life, for example dealing with the authorities, visiting a doctor, job, household, shopping, hobbies, etc. "We also give people practical tips so that they can live independently" says team leader Marc Fischer from AWO.

Because the small anniversaries are a reason to celebrate, the party will take place on Friday, September 27, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the office of the AWO Mettmann at Bahnstraße 59 in Mettmann.

By the way: There is still a place in the Haaner flat share for young people with intellectual disabilities. Please send applications to Marc Fischer, team leader Bewo. Mail: [email protected] or by phone at 01520/1 65 91 42.

by Jörg Marquardt

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of worker welfare, the AWO district association Mettmann e.V. invited to a specialist conference on the topic of participation in the Neandertalhalle. Around 100 participants heard specialist and practical lectures from different perspectives of social work, science and volunteering. The guests were greeted by Elisabeth Müller-Witt, CEO of the AWO Kreis Mettmann, Hildegard Schröder, managing director of the AWO Kreis Mettmann gGmbH Mettmann, and by Anne Lütkes, Vice President of the German Children’s Fund and Treasurer Unicef ​​Germany.

Participation is one of the core topics of the AWO in the context of a continuous practice and learning process. The topic has been a concept of daily work since the founding of workers’ welfare 100 years ago. Experts from science and practice looked at questions of implementation, possibilities and limits of participation at the conference.

Prof. Dr. Elina Krause and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Deinet from the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences gave a lecture on “Children’s rights, democracy education and participation”. Hans Duncker, Head of Outpatient Youth Aid at AWO Kreis Mettmann gGmbH emphasized the importance of participation in the context of responsibility and power.

Other speakers at the conference were Ute Preiss, educational consultant at AWO Mettmann, and Klaus Kaselofsky, deputy chairman of the district association of AWO Mettmann. Both reported from their respective specialist areas and perspectives in the work in daycare centers as well as in voluntary work.

In subsequent workshops, the individual lectures were deepened and put into practice. The event was rounded off by the poetry slamer, Ella Anschein, with two very special literary contributions on the subject of participation.

Conference for the AWO’s 100th birthday

“Participation – an important issue. More than a lifetime. "

At the Tuesday 17th September 2019
Neandertalhalle Mettmann
Gottfried-Wetzel-Strasse 7
40822 Mettmann

Start: 9:45 a.m.

Participation is one of the core topics of the AWO. Already when the AWO was founded 100 years ago it was said: "Against alms – for participation". And nothing has changed until today, even if the term participation has been expanded to include many aspects.

The AWO in the district of Mettmann celebrates the 100th anniversary of the welfare association on September 17th with a conference on the subject of participation. Are loaded u. a. Heads of departments and offices of the municipalities, the district and representatives of the charities. The greeting will be Anne Lütkes, member of the German Committee for UNICEF and President of Düsseldorf a. D. and State Minister in Schleswig-Holstein a. D. speak. Of course, the interested public is also cordially invited to attend the event.

Experts from science and practice in the fields of social work, day care centers, youth welfare and volunteering take a critical look at implementation issues, possibilities and limits of participation. After the lectures, the speakers offer the specialist audience the opportunity to participate in in-depth workshops.


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