Babbel – cost and application at a glance

How much does Babbel cost??

Languages ​​are becoming increasingly important in our global society. Diverse language skills open up in a wide range of life situations – whether private, in training or professionally – unimagined ways.

Is it now the contact to the new business partner or the world tourthe start-up company Babbel, founded in Berlin in 2007, promises simple, fast and authentic language learning from just 4.95 euros.

Cost factors at Babbel

Babbel’s costs vary with the desired number of languages ​​to learn and the duration of the subscription. But as always: The longer you are willing to pay, the more discount you get on the total price.

One month Babbel with one of 14 selectable languages ​​(including the “typical” foreign languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Italian, Polish and “less popular” foreign languages ​​such as Indonesian, Norwegian or Turkish) costs you 9.95 euros. As the number of months increases, however, the price can be reduced.

So “the bestseller” (according to Babbel), which corresponds to the booking of three months, costs 6.65 euros per month (19.95 euros total); Half a year you get for 5.55 euros a month (33.30 euros total).

It will be even cheaper, if you get an annual subscription, with which you can learn the desired language for 4.95 euros per month, so 59.40 euros a year.

Additional costs for several languages

You want to learn more than just a language with Babbel? That too is of course possible, but the price increases sharply: any additional language added costs you according to the subscription you have chosen another 9.95 € / 6.65 € / 5,55 € / 4,95 €.

It might be worthwhile, however, to simply purchase all languages. Babbel offers a complete package with all available languages ​​- currently 14 in number (German included) – for 8,25 Euro per month.

Hooks on the matter: this package is only available in a 1-year subscription; the total price is therefore 99, – Euro.

Costs for Babbel at a glance (as of April 2018)

Term / package costs per month Cost per year (12 months)
1 month, 1 language 9,95 Euro (every other language: 9,95 Euro) 119.40 euros
3 months, 1 language 6,65 Euro (any further language: 6,65 Euro) 79.80 euros
6 months, 1 language 5,55 Euro (any other language: 5,55 Euro) 66.60 euros
12 months, 1 language 4.95 euros (each additional language: 4,95 Euro) 59.40 euros
12 months, all languages 8,25 Euro 99, – Euro

All prices are approximate values ​​including VAT and may of course vary.

Can you share Babbel accounts??

You want to use Babbel as a couple, with your family or your friends? This is rather difficult. The use of Babbel is intended for one person.

By preparing the courses for lessons and tests, the use of the portal / the app by several users at the same time does not make sense.

How to give Babbel away (as of April 2018)

Babbel also offers the opportunity to give away language packages. Instead of a monthly debit comes here a one-time payment to the course, which is rewarded with a corresponding coupon code.

This code can be used for a language that the recipient can freely choose. The prices are a little higher than if you would regularly subscribe.

running time costs
3 months 20 Euros
6 months 35 euros
12 months 60 euro

All prices are approximate values ​​including VAT and may of course vary.

Settle Babbel for tax purposes

Language courses can be claimed for tax purposes as income-related expenses. This is possible if the course is necessary for professional reasons (eg business meetings with international partners or customers). The tax office may then require proof of the need for language training.

What else Babbel offers

To enable extensive learning everywhere (even offline), exists Babbel not only on the web but also as an app. It can easily be downloaded from Google’s Playstore or Apple’s App Store on tablet, mobile phone and PC – for free, of course. Unfortunately, there is no app for Windows phones.

Are you still not sure if Babbel is anything for you?? Babbel offers the first lesson of each language free of charge – there is no such thing as a classic rehearsal month. A lesson lasts about 10 to 15 minutes; if you want to continue after that, you have to pay.

But do not worry: You have a 20-day money back guarantee. So you can test the program in detail.

Payment and termination at Babbel

Since the registration on Babbel is free, fall Payments only when booking a language pack on. You can pay by credit card, PayPal or direct debit. Also the possibility of the SOFORT transfer is possible for German customers.

If you buy a package through the Babbel app, the purchase runs through the respective App Store. Additional costs do not apply.

The usage contract is extended automatically at Babbel, accordingly, the amounts for the used packages are automatically deducted. However, this automatic contract renewal can be deactivated in the settings.

Even otherwise, canceling a contract is simple: cancellation up to one day before the subscription can be extended by e-mail or via the app / portal internal support.

CAUTION: If the subscription was completed via an App Store, the termination must be made via the Store. For more information, see the Babbel FAQs.

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