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The 10 best cots at a glance.

The exciting day is soon here: You will come home with a tiny new earthly citizen. When you come out of the hospital, you will wish for sure a cozy home where you and your baby will feel comfortable and can recover a bit first.

The right baby bed can be for your little darling in the beginning the ideal nest his. Many baby beds can also later enlarged and used as a cot. So that you don’t have to test a hundred different beds yourself, you should definitely check out the models in our comparison table look at. We wish you sweet dreams!

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Gray, brown, nature

3 times
3 times
3 times
3 times
3 times
3 times
3 times
5 times
3 times

further mattresses selectable

polyester fleece

White |
Beige |
White | elephants
White | owl
Covers: white | asterisk

Violet | Light green | White | Blue | pink
Colorful / Butterflies | Colorful / Forest Animals
White / Bear | Gray / Elephants | White / Forest Animals

Baby bed comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * KOKO cot "JULIA" ComfortBaby "Smart Grow" roba complete bed set Jumbotwins Roba baby bed Adam & owl Pinolino children’s bed "Hanna" BABY VIVO Teddy KOKO children’s items children’s bed Nele Schardt complete bed "Conny" Fillikid cot Vario Lullaby Store baby crib
at Amazon *
44 reviews 37 reviews 76 reviews 657 reviews 50 reviews 62 reviews 19 reviews 79 reviews 70 reviews 86 ratings
Dimensions lying area 120 x 60 cm 135 x 78 cm 70 x 140 cm 120 x 60 cm 140 x 70 cm 140 x 70 cm 120 x 60 cm 140 x 70 cm 90 x 40 cm 120 x 60 cm
(W x D x H)
125 x 65 x 83.5 cm 130 x 78 x 81 cm 152 x 79 x 153 cm 126 x 66 x 157 cm 144 x 75 x 85 cm 144 x 75 x 83 cm 125 x 65 x 84 cm 142 x 80 x 75 cm 94 x 46 x 96 cm 125 x 65 x 84 cm
material jaw beech plywood plywood beech jaw jaw jaw beech plywood
colour White White brown White brown Brown / White White White White White
Other colors available
Oeko-Tex tested textiles that comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 were checked for pollutants.
Height adjustable slatted frame
Convertible to a junior bed The bars are removed and the baby bed converted into a bed for older children.
Convertible to an extra bed The baby bed can be attached to the parents’ bed without gaps. Yes Yes No Yes No No No No Yes No
Mattress included
Nest included as "Crib Sheets" is a textile upholstery that is attached to the bars of the bed and is intended to protect the baby from drafts.
Bedding included
Color | motive
Other colors / motifs available
Heaven including as "sky" are called cloths that are attached over the baby bed.
Hatching rungs are two to three bars next to each other that can be removed so that the child can get out of bed. Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes No No
roll No Yes No Yes No No No No Yes No
  • very stable
  • uncomplicated construction
  • convertible as an extra bed
  • lots of accessories
  • as a round mini-bed, playpen, chair & Can be used on a table
  • uncomplicated assembly and conversion
  • lots of accessories
  • can be converted into a youth bed
  • uncomplicated construction
  • lots of accessories
  • can also be used as an extra bed
  • Slatted frame can be set to many different heights
  • lots of accessories
  • very stable
  • versatile and long-lasting
  • can be converted into a junior bed
  • Lacquered wood with harmless varnish
  • Wood FSC certified
  • convertible to a youth bed
  • very stable and robust
  • uncomplicated construction
  • convertible to a youth bed
  • convertible to a youth bed
  • lots of accessories
  • can also be used as an extra bed
  • pollution-free
  • with toothed rails on the upper edge of the grid to protect the baby’s gums
  • with washable aloe vera mattress visit
  • can be converted into a junior bed
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about KOKO crib "JULIA" Questions and answers about ComfortBaby "Smart grow" Questions and answers about roba complete bed set Jumbotwins Questions and answers about Roba baby bed Adam & owl Questions and answers about Pinolino cot "Hanna" Questions and answers about BABY VIVO Teddy Questions and answers about KOKO children’s items children’s bed Nele Questions and answers about Schardt complete bed "Conny" Questions and answers about Fillikid baby bed Vario Questions and answers about Lullaby Store Baby crib
To offer * To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer "
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  • A good baby bed should be stable and well made. The best material for this is untreated real wood. Colored paints sometimes have the problem that they emit an unpleasant smell even weeks after purchase.
  • It is also important to have a height-adjustable slatted frame that must be adjustable at least 3 times so that the bed grows with the baby.
  • When buying, also pay attention to the correct distance between the bars, this should not be more than 6.5 cm, otherwise your child threatens to reach through and get stuck.

Whether for the children’s room or bedroom, the baby bed is one of the first and most important purchases for parents-to-be and the baby. This not only raises the question of an extra bed, crib or bassinet, but also of material (natural wood such as beech or wood effect), size and accessories. For example, if the baby bed is to grow with the child, the height of the baby bed must be adjustable. Or should it only serve for the short phase of 0-10 months? Should a baby cot and other accessories be included in the delivery, or is it better to buy the accessories separately? And in general: Which brands is this article best from? Kraft furniture, Porta furniture, nostalgia in the children’s room, Pinolino, Schardt, Roba or other manufacturers? Our 2019/2020 baby bed comparison sheds light on this and explains the most important criteria and categories to consider when buying a baby bed. In addition, we present you the best baby bed 2019/2020.

1. What is a baby bed?

Cribs in the test: A good Baby bed should be made of real wood.

A baby bed is a bedroom furniture for children between 0-2 years. It is characterized by an existing frame or a grid that protects the infants from falling out. The baby bed basically consists of a mattress with adjustable slatted frame and a grid or frame. Since safety and well-being are essential for the child when sleeping, accessories are also mostly used. Heaven and nest for baby cots are very popular, for example. The conventional dimensions for the lying surface are 140 x 70 cm or 120 x 60 cm for the baby bed. In our baby bed comparison, we show you where you can buy a baby bed cheap, as well as which criteria are important when choosing. Of course, the 2019/2020 baby bed comparison winner is particularly recommended, but there are also other good models in our comparison.

Baby beds at the Stiftung Warentest

Stiftung Warentest has unfortunately not yet carried out a baby bed test, which is why we cannot name a baby bed comparison winner from the foundation. Therefore, we advise you to take a look at our cot comparison to get an overview of the most important categories and purchase criteria.

2. What types of cots are there??

There are different types of baby beds, which we would like to briefly introduce to you in a baby bed comparison:

2.1. cradle

In contrast to the baby bed, the side bed has an open side.

A baby cradle (or a bassinet) is usually only 80 x 50 cm in size and therefore only suitable for the first 6 months of the baby. The cradle is therefore a purchase that offers the baby security through its tightness, but is also a very short-lived investment.

2.2. Rollaway

The side bed is a good option for those who particularly like to have their baby close to them in the bedroom. It is a bed with three closed sides and one open side, which can be pushed directly onto the parents’ double bed, so that the double bed and the child’s bed merge.

2.3. Classic baby bed / crib

This is the type of cot we have presented, the structure and function of which is explained above in the cot comparison. What are the decisive advantages and disadvantages for the purchase of classic children’s beds instead of e.g. speak an extra bed?

  • no danger of rolling over the baby or putting a blanket on it
  • the child can leave the bed independently using hatch poles
  • usable for several years
  • no physical contact

3. Purchase criteria for the baby bed: You have to pay attention to this

criteria function
material Usually a good baby bed has solid wood as its material. This is mostly beech or pine. However, a baby bed should have processed wood in the untouched version, since many varnishes can still emit an unpleasant smell weeks after purchase. If the baby bed should still be white or differently colored, pay attention to this smell when buying and ask the manufacturer whether it is an explicitly baby-friendly and saliva-resistant lacquer.
slatted The height of the slatted frame must be adjustable so that the baby bed can grow with your child. There is usually a 3-way adjustment, but more heights are also possible. With a 3-way adjustable slatted frame, the approximate heights are usually 18 cm, 34 cm and 47 cm.
roll Cradles tend to have rollers on their feet. Nevertheless, as can be seen in our cot comparison, there is now and then a baby bed with casters. This is practical to move the cot around in the nursery or bedroom.
equipment For many parents, the canopy belongs to the baby cot just as much as the mobile for baby cot. While the second provides entertainment for the child on sleepless nights, a baby cot with a sky provides security. A baby bed nest for the safety of the little ones is also popular. However, this accessory is only included in the price and delivery for some manufacturers. In the table, we draw your attention to whether this is the case for the products presented in the cot comparison.

4. Care and cleaning tips

Other baby products

The frame of the baby bed can usually be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The cover of the mattress, on the other hand, is washable if the baby experiences a mishap once in his sleep. If you want to buy a used baby bed, you should thoroughly clean it with disinfectant before use.

Just like a children’s sofa, a children’s bed, a changing table, a bassinet, a loft bed, a high chair or an extra bed, you can of course build a baby cradle yourself as a baby bed. Look for yourself:

5. You should pay attention to this when using the cot

As with all baby products, safety is the be-all and end-all. So make sure that there are no sharp corners or edges on the bed. In addition, there must be a distance of at least 30 cm between the mattress and the top edge of the grille so that the baby cannot fall out while sleeping. It is also important that the bars are at the correct distance. This may be a maximum of 6.5 cm. In addition, the bed must not be in close proximity to the heating or under the window.

If you want to buy the baby bed used, it is important to ensure that all parts are still intact and that wood does not splinter anywhere. There should also be enough room for baby cots and bars for head protection.

6. Popular manufacturers

  • Furniture strength
  • Porta furniture
  • Nostalgia in the children’s room
  • pinolino
  • Baby flower
  • Comfort Baby
  • Roba
  • LCP kids
  • Wimex
  • Schardt

7. Questions and answers about baby cots

7.1. Which is better: cradle or baby bed?

A baby bed can be used up to 3 years.

Opinions differ as to whether children can sleep better in a cradle (bassinet) or in a baby bed. Regardless of which cot is better, you should pay particular attention to the material (preferably natural wood such as beech) and the position of the bed in the room. The question of which bed is more suitable is above all a question of investment. While a cradle can only be used for a few months and is therefore short-lived, the cot can be used for several years. So the question is whether one for want to buy several beds in the first years of life or just one. If it is financially possible to buy several beds, there is nothing to be said against a baby cradle as an initial purchase. Brands that produce both products (and others related to living) of high quality are e.g. Porta furniture or nostalgia in the children’s room.

7.2. What belongs in the baby bed?

In addition to the mattress, a baby sleeping bag is essential to cover the baby in the baby bed. Otherwise, children sleep best without a lot of frills like pillows or mobile. It is also often warned that such accessories even increase the risk of sudden child death. This has not been scientifically confirmed, but if you want to be on the safe side, let your child sleep as “sparingly” as possible.

7.3. Which mattress is suitable for the baby bed?

Some baby beds can be converted into junior beds for the youth room.

For a restful sleep, the baby bed mattress should be tested for harmful substances, as well as a conventional mattress for the children’s bed, breathable and not too soft. At best, air channels in the interior of the mattress reduce the possibility of rebreathing and overheating by the child. As the baby gets older, the outer edge of the baby bed mattress should be firm. In addition, a mattress thickness of 10 cm is recommended, as you can find in our cot comparison for most products.


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