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A hat sleep please

Whether in Baby cot or cot – Wellbeing is the order of the day. In our opinion, the bed – whether baby bed, cot or youth bed – is that most important piece of furniture. Young children in particular spend half of an entire day sleeping, most between 8 and 12 hours. Beds for girls and boys there are many sizes, designs, and colors – and of course we only offer the best quality. There are many beds Part of a furniture series – So you can equip the children’s room appropriately. And very important: makes it comfortable for you, with high quality bed linen, cuddly Crib Sheets, cute stuffed animals and wonderfully patterned mat.

  • 70 x 140 cm

  • 90 x 200 cm

  • 70 x 140 cm

  • 70 x 140 cm

  • 90 x 180 cm

Which bed for which age?

The age of the child plays an important role when buying a bed. Small babies usually initially have a cot or a baby bed with an all-round grille or fall protection. Baby beds can be individually designed with nicely patterned bed cribs, such as those from Nobodinoz or Trixie. By the time they reach primary school age, most parents will buy the child a bed that grows with them or a large one. For baby beds, junior beds and children’s beds with dimensions between 70×140 and 90×200, we have suitable, high-quality bed linen. For example from Snurk, printed with a knight, soccer player or a ballerina. If you like it simpler, choose bed linen from Gray Label, Oyoy or Liewood.

Growing children’s beds and junior beds

Of course, growing beds for children have the advantage that you only need an extension and not have to buy a brand new bed again. But that’s not the only advantage: the step from baby bed to child’s bed is usually larger than you think. Lots children feel downright lost at first – suddenly there is so much space! So it is much more pleasant if the bed gets a little bit bigger piece by piece. The children’s taste also changes: from the bed linen, to pillows, to the cuddly toys. And since there are so many beautiful, cozy accessories for children’s beds, you can create a junior bed from a children’s bed in just a few simple steps.

Cots with fall protection

Especially in the beginning, children fall out of the night new, unfamiliar bed. The baby bed was so nicely fenced. Many children sleep very restlessly and work through the exciting day at night. So that your child is protected and you can sleep peacefully, we have stylish fall protection in our range at littlehipstar. This is simply attached to the bed – and of course you can remove it without leaving any residue.


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