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BABY born®: fun for young stylists!

The BABY born® make-up doll for up-and-coming stylists

My daughter has the new makeup head BABY born® Sister Styling tested by Zapf Creation as part of a cooperation. Today I want to tell you here on the blog how she liked this doll. Shortly before: My daughter is already 13, the topic styling but plays just a pretty big role. So it is not uncommon that they work together with girlfriends youtube tutorials looks in which hairstyles Be explained step-by-step. These hairstyles must then of course nachgestylt become! And that’s exactly why she used the new styling head.

The first impression of the styling head Sister Styling Head:

  • The doll looks like a moment classic make-up head, but has striking long hair.
  • The advantage compared to other dolls is that the Hair rcomb well.
  • The set includes a small brush, a small makeup palette and 13 accessories.


Of course, the hair of the hairdressing head can not be compared with real hair and must be combed very carefully. With the enclosed brush, which reminds of my daughter’s “anti-ziep brush”, this works quite well. It works best when the children comb strand by strand and work their way up from below (!).


The hairdressing head can not only be styled, but also make-up. Here was a small criticism: The eyelid is not mobile and so must be improvised when applying the eyeshadow something. In addition, only the makeup that is the Frisierkopf enclosed (other products may cause discoloration). This risk would take my daughter into account! &# 128521;

Make-up removal:

Especially good is the Make-up doll with quite normal Body lotion abschminken. Apply on a soft cloth (or cotton pad) and rub it over the face.

The hairdressing

Regardless of whether plaited:

Dutt or curly waves – the possibilities of the hairdressing head are great:

And if the ideas should go out, give it up youtube great new inspirations (just enter “hairstyles long hair” in the search box).

Wash hair:

The hair can be washed, but there are some things to keep in mind:

  • The water must not be too hot (up to 30 degrees).
  • The styling head must stand upright for washing, as otherwise the teeth on the crown will be detached and the hair will no longer be evenly distributed on the head.
  • The doll should not be blown or touched with a hot curling iron or straightener, as this would damage the nylon hair.
  • In addition, neither mousse nor gel or hair spray should be used.

Our conclusion:

My daughter has that BABY born® Sister Styling Head Although only in use for a few days (a long-term test is still missing), but their first impression is positive! She would recommend this makeup head especially as a Christmas present for smaller girls (and boys who are interested in hairstyles). She especially liked the high quality, long hair. A pity she found only that the doll has relatively few hairs on the back of the head and thus it is not possible, the doll, for example. to make two plaited braids. Because then the “scalp” becomes extremely visible.

If you are curious now: -> Here you can find out about the BABY born® Inform game themes!

* Transparency: This article was created as part of a cooperation, was written by myself and corresponds to my personal opinion.

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