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Transportation options for baby and toddler

There are a lot of options for transporting babies and toddlers. Buggy, child seat, sling, stroller, jogger and much more. The purchase presents parents with a great challenge. Announces the birth of a child on many new things must be procured, the baby seat, buggy and stroller are among the most important.

If you go through baby shops you will find a huge selection of different models. Our product comparisons should help.

Product comparisons for strollers, buggies and joggers

The choice of the right buggy or stroller is often very difficult for young parents because there are a variety of models to choose from. For the most part, the child does not really care what kind of buggy it is.

In our product comparisons we compared strollers, buggies and joggers and show our buy recommendation. We also have special baby carriages for twins. In addition, we show for each product whether there is a test of a large consumer magazine.

Twin car test & comparison

When Double Happiness is announced, it’s time to take a look at our twin cars comparison. The baby strollers for twins offer all the comfort you would expect from normal strollers but in this case for two children.

In most twin wagons, or sibling wagons, the children are next to each other, but there are also models in which the children can lie in a line. Read all: twin cars test & comparison

Twin buggy test & comparison

A twin buggy is perfect for toddlers or toddlers who are only 1 year apart.

Twin buggies need to be very sturdy, as two children instead of just one have to be transported safely. In our product comparison, we show what needs to be considered when buying twin buggies. More information: Twin buggy test & comparison

Buggy test & comparison

In our buggy comparison we present the best children’s buggies and show advantages and disadvantages. In addition to normal buggies, there are also sports buggies and joggers that also run fast or at a high speed.

Jogging are still very safe. However, in this product comparison, we focus on normal kids buggies. All information in the buggy test & comparison

Baby carriage test & comparison

Our pram comparison shows the best prams and gives tips on what to pay attention to when buying. In the product comparison for prams, we have processing quality, steering, comfort and the price included in our review.

Baby carriages are available in a wide range of price categories and cheap models do not necessarily have to be worse than expensive cars. Inform now: Stroller test & comparison

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