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If you are looking for a modern baby sling, you can buy the baby sling from Fastique Kids. The sling is suitable for toddlers, as well as for newborns. Due to the soft and elastic material, the shape adapts directly to the baby. Even if you are looking for an ideal gift for childbirth, you are well advised with this product.

Strengthen the mother child bond

Would you have thought that your baby cries up to 43% less when using the baby sling? 3 hours a day enough to soothe your child significantly. Strengthen the bond between you and your baby with this baby wrap, because that’s how your baby feels. The better you can feel and enjoy the warm body. Both the mother and the child are quickly reassured by the close contact and it makes you happy to be traveling with a baby sling. The simple application will also convince you quickly once you have tried it. Bind this baby sling easily within a few seconds. You’ll get routine soon. You do not have to worry, because this baby sling comes with instructions.

The ideal gift

A baby sling is ideal as a gift for a baptism or for birth. You are looking for just such a gift? Then you will certainly make the expectant mom a huge joy. The baby sling by Fastique Kids has a length of 520 cm and a width of 55 cm. Thus, the baby sling is perfect for parents who want to carry their baby with you. Because the quality of the material is very good, it quickly becomes fun. You will immediately notice how durable the material is. Enjoy a very long wearing time in the episode. The baby sling consists of 95% high quality cotton and 5% spandex.

Flexible usage

Have you seen how flexible a baby sling is? Compared to other baby carriers, you as a user enjoy numerous advantages at once. No other baby carrier adapts to the body as well as this sling for small children. You learn to tie in no time, you can count on that. Bind the sling within seconds and carry your baby directly to the body. This variant is also suitable for premature babies.

Freedom in everyday life

Excellent quality

Try it and you will notice that the baby sling fits perfectly with each new baby wrap. The material is soft and gently woven so that the baby is spared and it does not rub anything. Relieve your arms or your back. The best way to prevent back pain is as soon as possible. And be reassured, because the baby sling is completely made without toxins or harmful chemicals. You can carry your child up to a weight of 15 kg. The sling can be cleaned with the washing machine at about 30 °. See for yourself that this baby sling looks like new even after several washes.

Better than a stroller

There’s a reason baby slings are so popular. Choose your favorite model to put the classic stroller aside. The benefits are obvious for you as a mother or father, because in everyday life, everything is much easier with a good baby sling. Pay attention to how many parents are carrying a baby sling. Even 200 years ago it was quite normal to carry the children with the sling and even today more than two-thirds of the world’s population still carry their offspring in a baby sling.

Promote maximum basic trust

Offer variety

The only possible drawback that a sling brings with it may be that the baby does not move enough if it is worn too much. You should pay attention to that. It is therefore recommended that you lay the baby on the back as often as possible. A little baby can not even hold his head, so when tying the baby carrier, make sure that your baby’s head is stabilized. Here, the sling must be tied correctly and possibly the neck additionally be supported (for example, by a cheesecloth that is smashed into the Tuchkannte). Some children fight back against the restriction in a sling and prefer to sleep in the stroller. It depends on the temperament and the preferences of your child.

The advantages outweigh:

    Happy Baby Easy Application Free Shipping Money Back Guarantee Best Quality Back and arms are relieved Versatile use

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