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Ergobaby Original

A classic among baby carriers

Especially first-time parents are often confused by the effort that the tying of a baby carrier entails. Good thing they can opt for a simple and just as practical baby carrier in such a case. A classic among these baby carriers is the Ergobaby Original.

Practical click-fasteners make it easy to put on, while the ergonomic design allows for a healthy fit for the child. With all this, comfort is paramount for both parents and baby, which is why the Ergobaby baby carrier is equipped with numerous practical additional details.

The most important facts about the Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier:

    Can be used from 5.5 kg to 20 kg Uncomplicated application through click-fasteners Ergonomic seat by squat-spreading posture Hip, abdomen and back carrier Including compartment for pacifiers, small change and co. Washable in the washing machine

  • Ergonomic Baby Carrier Original – Support the natural squat-spreading posture thanks to the.
  • Baby carrying system with 3 carrying positions: abdominal, hip and back carry. From baby to.
  • NEW – Maximum comfort thanks to hip belt with lumbar support (adjustable from 66 cm to 140 cm).
  • Classic gray baby carrier bag made of 100% cotton, timeless and suitable for men and women.
  • Excellent from the "Action healthy back" as healthy for baby and wearer. from.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Ergobaby Original baby carrier

The Ergobaby baby carrier is especially characterized by the fact that it is easy and independent to create. The simple locking mechanisms allow an uncomplicated donning, which succeeds in case of doubt even if only one parent is traveling with the baby. In addition, the baby carrier has an ergonomic design that is tailored to the needs of both child and parent. The wide straps offer a high level of comfort. In addition, the stretcher is washable in the washing machine, which greatly facilitates the cleaning in everyday life.

As a disadvantage, it is often perceived that the baby carrier from Ergobaby is only available with a special use from birth. Otherwise, it can only be used from a child weight of 5.5 kilograms, which is especially critical for parents of small children. In addition, breastfeeding in this baby carrier is often only possible if the proportions of mother and child fit accordingly. Women with a large bust often find breastfeeding in the Ergobaby stretcher uncomfortable or unpractical.

    Simple and easy to create Indiv > Ergonomic fit High comfort Machine washable
    Breastfeeding partly only cumbersome possible Only with extra employment usable from birth

With the Ergobaby Original Carrying safely and comfortably on the way

The original baby carrier by Ergobaby is the perfect alternative to the sling, which must be laboriously tied. Thanks to adjustable straps, which have click fasteners made of sturdy plastic, the stretcher can be easily and quickly put on.

This is the adult also independently possible, so even trips for shopping or walks are easily feasible. For this, only the hip belt needs to be folded, then a shoulder strap is pulled over. Now you can put the baby in the baby carrier, pull up the second shoulder strap and close the click fastener between the shoulder blades.

The special feature of the Ergobaby baby carrier is the soft, soft carrying bag. This allows even larger children a deep seat, so that the important squat-spreading attitude is possible. This posture avoids testicular torsions and hip dysplasia.

In addition, the model of Ergobaby has a flexible headrest, which can be adjusted by means of buttons and loops individually to the size of the child. This headrest also includes a practical sunscreen that is equipped with a UV filter. The sun protection factor of 50+ allows carefree excursions even in bright sunshine.

Ergobaby makes it easy to carry small and big kids

With a dead weight of 660 grams, it is a fairly light carrying system. Various adjustable straps with click fasteners make it easy to customize the baby carrier to suit the adult‘s personal proportions. The advantage of this baby carrier is that the straps can be adjusted so easily that both parents can easily exchange the stretcher with each other. Made of 100 percent cotton, the stretcher is very comfortable on bare skin and can therefore be used well in summer as well.

Newborn use for the Ergobaby Original

Special comfort is promised by the hip belt and the wide shoulder straps. The waist belt is padded 6 millimeters thick and thus distributes the weight of the infant or toddler very evenly. The lumbar support mat ensures a comfortable fit. In addition, reinforced seams ensure a long service life and high safety, even when used extensively.

In addition, the Ergobaby Baby Carrier comes with some additional features: A large compartment on the back of the carrycot makes it possible to store pacifiers or money within easy reach, without the need for an additional bag. In addition, the carrying aid can be washed at 30 degrees Celsius in the washing machine and comes with a simple user manual.

Parents love the Ergobaby baby carrier

The Ergobaby baby carrier is particularly appreciated by parents, because it can be used in a variety of ways, it is easy to put on and also extremely comfortable. With the baby carrier by Ergobaby, the baby can be worn both in front of the abdomen and on the back and on the hip.

Depending on what should be done, the baby can be put in the right position. It enjoys protection and retreats in front of the abdomen and can easily fall asleep. On the back or the hip, your offspring can discover the world and you have your hands free at the same time. Even breastfeeding is theoretically possible in the Ergobaby baby carrier, but the physical proportions of mother and child have a decisive influence on comfort.

Otherwise, the Ergobaby baby carrier is worth a recommendation in terms of comfort. The wide shoulder straps and the well-padded hip belt distribute the weight of the child pleasantly evenly. Even on longer trips wearing is such a pleasant and easy way to transport.

The straps do not interfere and do not cock unpleasantly. The carrier by Ergobaby is usable for adults of all proportions. The hip belt covers a circumference of 65 centimeters to 115 centimeters. In addition, a hip belt extension can be purchased, this makes the baby carrier even up to a hip circumference of 135 centimeters usable. Many parents consider the baby carrier to be practical because it can easily be worn alone, making it a useful helper in everyday life.

With Ergobaby the perfect baby carrier for big kids

The baby carrier by Ergobaby is the practical alternative to the traditional baby carrier. Especially parents of larger babies and children appreciate the carrying aid, which is designed to weigh up to 20 kilograms. With simple click fasteners, the stretcher is quickly put on and the ergonomic fit guarantees high comfort for parents and children.

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