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Sheldon International is a wholesaler and manufacturer of baby clothes and bed linen in England (UK) since 1980 (before 2009 we also operated under the name Bytex). From our warehouse in Leicester (UK) we supply customers in practically all European countries and beyond..

We sell our extensive range under our own brand names Nursery Time and My Little Chick (baby clothing), Snuggle Baby (baby bedding) and Tiny Baby, Tiny Tots and Tiny Chick (premature baby clothing). All of our items are designed by ourselves and ethically manufactured by our partner companies in Europe and the Far East (we have our own office in China from where we can control the manufacture of the items).

Under our ‘Nursery Time’ brand, we produce a complete collection of baby clothing, including pajamas, bodies, cardigans, socks and stockings, shoes and booties, bibs, as well as fashionable summer and winter sets. ‘My Little Chick’ is a new brand under which we distribute a collection of premium quality baby clothes. We use various materials, such as 100% cotton, cotton / polyester mix and acrylic, in combination with the latest textile processing techniques. All items are manufactured according to strict EU guidelines and are designed by our in-house team in Leicester (UK) according to the latest fashion trends. We produce a new spring / summer and autumn / winter collection every year, adding new designs and colors to our extensive range. Please note that we only sell these items in wholesale quantities (usually in dozen units).

We produce a wide range of baby bedding and other baby items under our ‘Snuggle Baby’ brand. These are available in different sizes, colors and materials and include cotton sheets (for crib, stroller or bed), polyester and cotton blankets (for strollers or bed), hooded towels, wraps, wooden beds and various designs and colors. Under the ‘Snuggle Baby’ brand we have been selling a range of baby toys such as cuddly toys, activity toys, music boxes, grasping toys and comforters for some time. All articles are manufactured according to strict EU guidelines and are made by ours-House-Team in Leicester (UK) designed according to the latest design trends. New items, designs and colors are continuously added to our collection to ensure a wide selection and appeal to consumers. We also sell these items individually in wholesale.

Under our brands ‘Tiny Baby’ and ‘Tiny Tots’ we produce a collection of baby clothing for premature babies (premature babies) in various sizes and colors. This includes pajamas and bodies, cardigans, as well as fashionable spring / summer and autumn / winter sets for premature babies. As for the normal sizes, we also have a separate premium quality brand for premature babies, in this case ‘Tiny Chick’. Special care is invested in our premature baby collection to create beautiful and fashionable products for the smallest babies. Our design team mainly uses 100% cotton materials in either traditional pink / blue or neutral ones Unisex-Colors to produce fashionable and practical baby clothes for premature babies. Please note that we only sell these items in wholesale quantities (usually in dozen units).

So whether you are a retailer, a purchaser of a large retail chain or yourself a wholesaler, you will always find baby clothing, baby bedding and other baby items that will interest you.

Use this website to add items to the shopping cart and send us the order. Payment can be made via PayPal or bank transfer. If you have chosen PayPal payment, you will be redirected to PayPal for payment. With bank transfer we will send you the proforma invoice and our bank details as soon as your order is ready for dispatch. We currently do not accept credit cards.

Please also note that you are in your account Registered must be in order to add items to the shopping cart. If you haven’t set up an account yet, Register yourself please first. This is free of charge and without obligations.


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