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The 8 best house cradles at a glance.

The safest and most comfortable place to sleep for their Baby is the cradle. In order for your offspring to feel comfortable and to sleep peacefully, you should pay attention to a few quality criteria. Products awarded the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 seal are guaranteed free of pollutants, for example.

Your baby cradle is equipped with wheels, can be easily moved around the room. Make sure that the brakes are locked. So the piece of furniture cannot slip away and your baby is safe at all times. Find the best baby cradle in our test or comparison table.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

Natural, taupe, silver gray
many more colors
Blue streams, pink bear
z. B. anthracite, stars gray
e.g. Heartbreaker, Adam and Owl
e.g. blue

Baby cradle comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Alvi Sina Best for kids cradle KOKO skid cradle KARLA BabyBjörn cradle Harmony cam cullami Roba bed 4 in 1 STODOMED hanging cradle Mcc complete set Moses
at Amazon *
14 reviews 29 reviews 34 reviews 9 reviews 470 reviews 9 reviews 9 reviews
Material cradle solid wood
particularly stable
solid wood
100% polyester
plastic Wood
MDF medium density fibreboard & solid wood
Natural wicker basket
Material rolls plastic no manufacturer information no roles available no roles available plastic plastic no roles
ceiling Mount
no roles available
Lying surface (L x W) 90 x 40 cm no manufacturer information 88 x 55 cm 72 x 36 cm no manufacturer information 80 x 43 cm 76 x 49 cm no manufacturer information
Dimensions (L x W x H) 104 x 53 x 83 cm 87 x 47 x 135 cm 71 x 93 x 70 cm 79 x 58 x 65 cm 105 x 59 x 134 cm 85 x 48 width with runners: 72 cm x 78 cm height with headlining: 146 cm 80 x 54 x 30 cm no manufacturer information
Max. Weight
Birth – about 6 months
15 kg
from birth – about 6 months
9 kg
from birth – about 6 months
15 kg
from birth – about 6 months
8 kg
Birth – about 6 months
9 kg
Birth – infancy
15 kg
Birth – about 6 months
15 kg
from birth – about 6 months
approx. 8 kg
Weighing function can be determined Yes Yes No No Yes No No No
Rollers noticeable no roles no roles no roles no roles
Öko-Tex Standard 100 products that bear the seal have been tested for 100 different pollutants, such as optical brighteners. No No Yes Yes No No No No
further explanation
Furnishing Fleece mattress, sky pole, nest, pillow, blanket, bed linen Mattress, covers, headliners, runners, rolls Cold foam mattress, pillow, blanket, bedding, nest, sky & sky bar mattress Mattress, canopy Fleece mattress, pillow, blanket, bedding, nest, sky & Canopy bar, fabric boxes, runners, castors Foam mattress, pillow, blanket, nest, canopy Mattress, pad, cover, hood, blanket
  • bigger than most baby cradles
  • Mattress with removable cover – washable at 40 ° C
  • other colors available
  • Parquet rolls available separately
  • climate-regulating holes in the base plate
  • 4 settings of the cradle possible
  • washable covers
  • Removing mattress cover- & washable at 40 ° C
  • odorless
  • quick and easy to set up
  • bigger than most baby cradles
  • many different designs available
  • also available without equipment or only with mattress and headliner
  • all designs also available in waxed natural wood tone
  • Fabric of the cradle washable up to 40 ° C and mattress up to 60 ° C
  • Cradle gently rocks through baby’s movements
  • breathable material
  • very stable
  • Textiles washable at 30 ° C
  • many height settings
  • Straps for attachment to the parents’ bed
  • versatile: side bed, bassinet, baby cradle, bench
  • additional storage space under the bed
  • stable
  • available in well-known Roba designs
  • The carrying ropes are adjustable in length
  • Canopy can be pulled along the entire length of the bed
  • high quality workmanship
  • incl. spring for rocking up and down
  • very stable
  • extensive equipment
  • special design
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Alvi Sina Questions and answers about Best for Kids cradle Questions and answers about KOKO skid cradle KARLA Questions and answers about BabyBjörn cradle Harmony Questions and answers about cam Cullami Questions and answers about Roba couch bed 4 in 1 Questions and answers about STODOMED hanging cradles Questions and answers about Mcc Complete Set Moses
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  • approx. 199 € To the offer »
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  • approx. 190 € To the offer »

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  • According to statistics, a baby sleeps in the first three months of life for around 16-18 hours throughout the day (source: statista). So that it lies comfortably and securely, the choice of the sleeping place is very important.
  • In a baby cradle, you can gently rock your baby to sleep and give it a cozy, rocking feeling like in the womb.
  • Baby cradles with rollers are particularly practical – so you can take your baby with you wherever you are.

Before a baby is born, the future parents have to do some errands, thinking about so many things. You are literally flooded with information and do not even know what is really important and necessary. However, one thing is absolutely essential: a place to sleep for your offspring.

There are the various places where you can bed your baby: From the cot to the side bed to the bassinet, the possibilities are almost limitless. Since an infant often sleeps a lot during the day in the first months of life, it makes sense to choose a place that you can always keep an eye on. A cot is the first choice, because it is not only easily adjustable – many models also with practical castors – but also allows the baby to slide gently into sleep thanks to the rocking function.

We help you with our Baby cradle comparison 2019/2020 and the purchase advice below to find your personal baby cradle comparison winner. We don’t just present the different ones to you Cot types but also summarize important ones for you buying criteria together. We also provide you with helpful information on the subject Baby Sleep.

1. What types of baby cradle are there??

2.1. skids weighing

A classic baby cradle made of wood.

A Skid or rocking cradle is the classic baby cradle. The name is self-explanatory: the frame is made to rock over wide, semicircular runners at both ends of the cradle.

Some skid cradles even have rollers underneath the skids, which makes them even more mobile. So you can easily move your rocking cradle to the location of your choice. In order to reactivate the rocking function, the rollers are simply folded up.

Note: The runners are not really "round" at the bottom of the circular arc, which is why the cradle does not seem to rock smoothly. However, this is definitely wanted, because this way the baby cradle automatically brakes when rocking, which serves as a safeguard so that the baby does not slide back and forth in the skid cradle.

2.2. pendulum cradle

A pendulum cradle without equipment.

The The frame of a pendulum cradle always remains fixed stand. The cradle is about one Suspension on both ends emotional. A specialty is that Caps Lock: For this, a bolt is inserted through the frame and lower part of the weighing basket, which makes the cradle immobile. This way you can prevent your little darling from causing the bassinet to commute through its own sleep movements.

Pendulum cradles are all included lockable roles provided – so you can always place your sweetheart near you and watch over his sleep. However, if you want to leave the cradle in one place only You at Simply remove the rollers from most models. In this way you ensure even more stability.

2.3. Hanging cradle

A spring makes the hanging cradle bob up and down.

As with its predecessors, the function of a hanging cradle can also be derived from the name: it usually hangs by means of ceiling fixings on the ceiling, but also other mounting options are not unthinkable – for example under the stairs. Special swing hooks, corresponding dowels and stable pull ropes or solid springs ensure the necessary safety.

The cradle is then moved back and forth on the playground like a swing, or rocked from right to left. The height of the basket can be adjusted individually.

What makes hanging cradles so special is that feathers, which are stretched between the ceiling mounting and cradle suspension. This also allow the weighing basket to be rocked up and down and also provide soothing movements that are reminiscent of the time in the womb.

All advantages and disadvantages of hanging cradles at a glance:

  • Weighing movement possible in different directions
  • Gently rocking up and down thanks to the spring
  • Height individually adjustable
  • sometimes more resilient than cradles
  • sedentary
  • Assembly is sometimes more complex, since it is necessary to attach a ceiling bracket

2. Is a baby cradle really necessary?

A baby cradle can be placed wherever you need it.

A cradle definitely offers several advantages:

it is mobile and can be placed wherever you are,

it soothes the baby through gentle rocking movements,

some models can be converted into an extra bed.

However, with the huge range of baby equipment you always have to keep an eye on what is really important and necessary for yourself. Ask yourself the following questions, To find out whether it is worth buying a baby cradle:

Is my apartment so big that the way to the nursery would be too far to be with my baby quickly?

I have no other options to put my baby apart from the baby bed in the nursery?

Do I really need a weighing function to calm my baby down??

I would also like to use the cradle as a baby bed at night?

A baby sleeps almost everywhere – the main thing is that mom and dad are nearby.

3. Alternatives to the cradle

With the oversupply of baby items, you are probably not at all sure whether it is one cot, on bassinet or a Rollaway or if any of it is necessary at all. In fact, many parents take their child into their own bed with them – the main advantage is that you don’t have to get up each time to breastfeed, feed or calm the baby at night. In contrast to the past, we now know that a family bed poses no risk of sudden child death – however, there are a few rules that should be observed. We offer you some tips for safe baby sleep below.

In the following table we have summarized all the options for bedding your baby:

category description

A baby bed or crib is usually available in two sizes: 70 x 140 cm or 60 x 120 cm. By the adjustable floor your baby is still securely bedded when it becomes more mobile and can sit up or stand alone.

Many baby beds have three removable rungs, which enable the toddler to climb out of bed independently. There are also some cribs convertible to a junior bed and usable for a very long time.


A bassinet is thanks to him roll can be moved to any desired location and enables the baby to always sleep close to the person they are caring for. Most of the bassinets are with theirs wicker basket also a real eye-catcher.

With his smaller lying area of approx. 90 x 40 cm it is not in use as long as the baby bed, but this is also not necessary since babies sleep less and become more mobile with increasing age.


A baby cradle offers similar and even more advantages than a bassinet, thanks to its light weight and / or the assembled roll, it can also be easily moved to another location. A nice addition is that weighing function, with which the baby can be rocked to sleep.

The same small lying area offers the baby even more security, which together with the rocking reminds of the time in the womb.


An extra bed is attached to one side of the parental bed assembled. So the baby is always close to his mom and feels safe and secure. This is also an advantage for the new mom, because it means she doesn’t have to get up at night and lift the baby out of bed to feed or soothe her.

Half-talented do-it-yourselfers build her Baby bed to the side bed around and have the pleasure of a large family bed for even longer.

Baby cot

A baby travel cot can with one Einhängeboden and enables the young parents to bed their little one on two levels, depending on how small or mobile the baby is. So you don’t have to bend all the way down to lift your baby out.

Thanks to his light weight and that partially present at one end of the bed roll, the travel cot can be easily pushed through the whole apartment. It can also be made very small fold up and therefore quickly and easy stow.


The playpen is available in different forms, e.g. square or hexagonal. It often has one larger lying area than other baby dormitories. A big advantage is that height adjustable floor, through which the playpen is still in use when the older baby no longer sleeps as much as at the beginning. The pupil can play undisturbed when the floor is lowered and start trying to pull himself up on the bars.

thanks to the roll a playpen is also mobile so that the child can always be kept in mind.

Baby carrier / sling

A baby carrier or a sling offers you the option of your baby always with you to have and still have the Hands free to have. The baby is soothed by your smell, your heartbeat and your movements and sleeps peacefully while you take care of the household or the like.

For newborn a sling is an advantage because it is easier to adapt to the little worm. With a baby carrier you can too older babies and toddlers can be worn, if desired also on the back. Be sure to pay attention to the correct posture, too Squat-spread position called.


A baby seesaw is small and handy and can easily be carried through the apartment to the desired location. thanks to the harness your baby is always securely strapped and cannot fall out of the seesaw. It is actually not intended for sleeping, but thanks to the adjustable backrest, it can easily be brought into a lying position.

So your baby can take a little nap and does not have to be taken out and put down. For a longer midday nap, you should still put your baby in one of the other sleeping areas to avoid postural errors.

4. Criteria for buying baby cots: you have to pay attention to this

We also compared this baby equipment for you:

In our 2019/2020 baby cradle comparison, we took a close look at many of the cradles and found out what to look for when buying a baby cradle. You are guaranteed to find the best baby cradle for your needs.

4.1. Dimensions

On the one hand, they are Dimensions of the frame, on the other hand the Size of the bed area meant. But this does not apply "the bigger the better", because you want to be able to take the cradle to different rooms and often the space is rather small. Even a smaller lying area is not a disadvantage, on the contrary: small and narrow sleeping places are more comfortable, especially for newborns, because they do not feel lost and reminded of the time in mom’s belly.

4.2. Recommended age

Some manufacturers provide age recommendations for your cradle. Except for the models that can be converted into a bench, these are usually limited to 6 months. However, are more accurate weights, which you can find with individual brands, because every baby develops differently and some children are already too big or too heavy for a cradle at 5 months, while another one easily fits in at 7 months.

4.3. Material and processing

The Harmony baby cradle from BabyBjörn is made of breathable mesh fabric.

Most baby cradles from our 2019/2020 baby cradle comparison are over Wood manufactured. Pay attention to the processing of the wood, because protruding splinters pose a risk of injury.

In addition, the cradle should be absolutely stable – this is extremely important not only for the weighing function, but for general safety.

4.4. Quality of the roles

Unfortunately, almost all of the roles included in the products of our baby cradle comparison are rather inadequate. They are partially out cheap plastic and are difficult to push or roll. In addition, the roles of some models buckled, posing a great danger.

Our tip: Obtain high-quality rolls in the hardware store or online and exchange them for the supplied ones. Pay attention to the appropriate pin diameter. The pin is the part of the roller that is inserted or rotated into the pre-drilled hole. Its diameter should match that of the hole. .

4.5. Furnishing

Roba is a well-known baby outfitter and offers various complete cradle sets.

Many baby cradles are offered as a complete set. This is of course a huge advantage for you, because you can save money and time and get the right equipment included. To a Komplettwiegenset usually include the following:

  • mattress
  • pillow
  • blanket
  • bed linen
  • Crib Sheets
  • sky
  • sky bar

But be careful: Unfortunately, the quality and workmanship of the equipment leaves something to be desired.

Especially that mattresses are often of poor quality and much too thin. Even if babies are still light, a good mattress is very important. Pay attention to the material and air permeability of the mattress so that there is no risk of overheating. In addition, removable and washable mattress covers are a real must so that your baby finds a hygienic sleeping environment.

Some manufacturers, including Roba, offer a 4 in 1 complete set, which can be converted from bassinet to baby cradle, side bed or bench.

4.6. Caps Lock

A nice special feature of some baby cradle models is that Caps Lock. With this you can fix the cradle and ensure that your baby does not make the rocking trolley swing through its sleep movements, or that it does not tip the cradle to the side when your baby turns.

5. Known brands and manufacturers

  • Roba
  • Alvi
  • KOKO
  • Baby Bjorn
  • TecTake
  • Infantastic
  • Christiane Wegner
  • Easy baby

6. Safe baby sleep – you should note that

Follow some rules about safe baby sleep.

When it comes to baby sleep, there are warnings about the Sudden child death. You can reduce the risks considerably with the following tips:

  • Keep the room temperature at 16-18 ° C.
  • Place the cot in the bedroom.
  • Don’t smoke in the bedroom.
  • Do not lie next to the baby under the influence of alcohol or sleeping pills.
  • Avoid cuddly toys or pillows in the cot.
  • Better use a sleeping bag than a duvet.
  • Make sure you have a firm and breathable surface.
  • Provide adequate ventilation in the baby bed.
  • Never put a hat on your baby’s head.
  • Do not lay your baby on your stomach unattended.

7. Questions and answers about baby cradles

7.1. How long can a baby cradle be used??

Many manufacturers recommend using Birth until the 6th month of life. This is a pure benchmark that you can use as a guide. The actual usage time depends on your baby. Perhaps it is too big for the cradle earlier or it can fit in for another 1-2 months. Even if it becomes more mobile and starts to turn on your stomach, the cradle may be too small and low to offer enough space and security.

7.2. Where is the best place to buy a baby cradle?

There are plenty of opportunities to get a baby cradle. Apart from buy Online, where you are sure to find the largest selection, you can place your cradle in Baby superstores or furniture stores such as buying Ikea. Maybe you don’t want a new one, but one used baby cradle buy cheap? Among other things, it is worthwhile to drop by on Ebay.

7.3. How do I build a baby cradle myself??

Do you want to build your own baby cradle for your little darling? Then watch the following video, which shows very nicely what you need and how to proceed:

7.4. Did the Stiftung Warentest carry out a baby cradle test?

Unfortunately, the Stiftung Warentest has not yet published a baby cradle test (or house cradle test or pendulum cradle test).


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