Baby fever: symptoms and what to do about it

Fever baby: symptoms and what you can do about it

Fever baby: symptoms and what you can do about it

March 9, 2018 – 4:15 p.m.

This helps against fever in the baby

The baby whines, cries – and his forehead is hot. Parents are quickly worried. Does it have a fever? Babies usually get a fever faster than adults. Read here what you can do about your baby’s high temperature.

When does my baby have a fever?

Normally, children’s body temperature is between 36.5 and 37.5 degrees Celsius. If the values ​​rise to 38.5 degrees Celsius, then doctors speak of elevated temperature. The baby only has a fever above 38.5 degrees Celsius.

Baby fever occurs relatively quickly because its natural temperature control is not yet fully developed. The result: you react to many stimuli such as thirst or a warm summer day with an increased body temperature.

Fever in the baby: the symptoms

When fever plagues your baby, there are usually three different phases.

  1. fever rise: Only the forehead and head feel hot, chills run through the small body. Warm your child particularly well during this phase.
  2. fever jam: The cheeks glow and the rest of the body feels warmer than usual. This is where you should start lowering your baby’s fever with simple home remedies (see below).
  3. fever waste: In the last phase of the fever, the elevated temperature gradually subsides. The child sweats a lot and is limp. This phase may take a few days.

How do I measure fever in the baby?

You can measure your baby’s fever in different ways.

Infrared ear thermometer: This device delivers the result in a few seconds and is completely painless. They measure the infrared heat emitted by the eardrum and the surrounding tissue.

Electronic thermometer: Is not really popular with small children, because it is usually used to measure the temperature in the buttocks. But it is actually the most precise measurement method.

To do this, lay your baby on its side and pull it towards you with its stomach facing you. Now take both feet in your hand and bend your baby’s legs slightly. The thermometer must be inserted a good centimeter. To make it easier, you can put a little petroleum jelly on the tip.

Pacifier Thermometer: Sounds practical, but it can’t be that easy. If the child does not cope with the unusual teat, then measuring the fever will not work either. In addition, the pacifier should remain in the mouth for several minutes.

Fever baby: which home remedies help?

If you want to treat your baby’s fever with simple and gentle home remedies, the following can help:

Thin clothes: If you dress your child too warm, the heat cannot escape well from the small body. A light romper and a sheet are better.

Wadenwickel: Does your baby have hot legs in the second phase of fever? Wadenwickel help. To do this, dip cotton towels in lukewarm water, wring them out slightly and wrap them around your baby’s calf. Then wrap a dry cloth and a woolen cloth over it. Let the calf wrap work for about 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat the process when the little one‘s legs become hot again.

When do I have to go to the doctor with my baby??

If your baby has a fever, you should use all the home remedies & Co always go to the pediatrician and have the causes and treatment clarified. This is especially true when the fever rises above 38.5 degrees Celsius. And even if your baby has an elevated temperature for more than 24 hours, that is enough reason to consult a doctor.

What is the three-day fever?

Infants, babies and toddlers between six and 24 months are particularly affected by three-day fever. Here the fever rises very quickly and high – but disappears after about three days. Most of the time, it is only after it is over that the three-day fever has passed – and that is because of the reddish rash on the upper body of the little one.

The comforting thing about three-day fever: once your baby has had three-day fever, it is immune to it for life.

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