Baby hotel in bayern – franken, the resort friedrichshof

Friedrichshof: Babyhotel in Bavaria offers reliable baby care

The first vacation with your baby is always an extraordinary experience. Not only for your little darling, but also for you as a parent. We at Babyhotel Friedrichshof in Bavaria know what is good for new parents and their little darlings. With us you have beautiful, unforgettable experiences with your little darling, but with our babysitting you can enjoy relaxed time alone or with your partner. And that without a guilty conscience, because our staff in the babysitting care lovingly for their little ones.

Our caregivers respond to your baby’s needs individually, play, sing or lull us to sleep. This will make your holiday special for you and your child and still feel as comfortable as at home. We offer families with babies specially furnished rooms and apartments, a wide range of baby equipment, varied and balanced baby food and a free professional baby care (from Monday to Friday from 09: 00-12: 00).

Popular baby hotel in Franconia: relaxed holiday with babysitting

Especially at the beginning, young parents want to spend every free minute with their offspring. So that you can enjoy the time together to the fullest, you should treat yourself to some rest from time to time. The Resort Friedrichshof offers just that to parents. Our babysitting service helps you to avoid having to worry about feeding and diaper changes for a few hours a day and still have the good feeling that your baby is in good hands and that he does not miss out on anything.

Go back to the sauna or out in the nature and enjoy the silence, the fresh air and the sunshine. Or swim a few laps in our swimming pool and then read a relaxed book on your sun lounger. Outside of our babysitting a babysitter can be booked on request for a fee.

Friedrichshof: Hotel with babysitting and Wichtel Club

Our baby care room, called “Imp Club”, is a real paradise for babies. Equipped with high quality baby toys, babies and toddlers from 0-3 years can enjoy themselves here. Whether crawler tunnel, children’s pirate ship, cuddly and adventure blankets, baby slide or wooden musical instruments: there is something for every taste! When the weather is nice, it can also be out with our experienced baby caregivers. The Wichtel Club is fully geared towards our little guests, who are able to explore their environment crawling here daily under supervision and thus come in contact with their peers.

Family-friendly hotel with special family apartments and baby equipment

With us you can be sure that our family apartments and hotel rooms are equipped with all necessary baby utensils. This allows you to travel light, without sacrificing anything. Baby cots, diaper pails and changing tables are standard equipment in our baby cots. Of course, we have other baby accessories in stock, which you can borrow from us for free if necessary. Baby carriages and strollers, but also potties, baby phones or bottle warmers are available for you and your child. Just give us a call shortly before your arrival and we will be happy to tell you which baby equipment is available on site.

Baby-friendly diet for a completely successful baby holiday

A healthy, balanced diet plays an important role in your baby’s development. We at the Kinderhotel Friedrichshof are aware of this and serve only high quality products from Bebevita. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner: there is always a special baby buffet for your little sweetheart.

Baby swimming lessons at the Babyhotel Friedrichshof in Franconia

Most babies love the water. It reminds her of her time in the womb and feels very familiar to her. Due to the buoyancy of the water, they can move very freely, which gives them an incredible fun. If you wish, you can book one of our baby swimming lessons and experience beautiful and unforgettable moments in the water with your child. Believing in various studies, baby swimming not only brings joy, but also strengthens the relationship between baby and parent and also promotes better body coordination and balance. We therefore offer baby and child swimming lessons for different age groups starting from the 3rd month of life.

Relaxed holiday on the Friedrichshof – also for the parents

It has been scientifically proven that the emotional state of the parents is also transmitted to the baby. If the parents feel stressed and tense, even the baby is restless, whines and cries more often. It is therefore all the more important that you as a parent can switch off once. This not only does you, your soul and your spirit well, but also benefits your offspring. If you feel well-balanced and relaxed, your child will feel better as well. We specialize in families with babies and toddlers. In the mornings there is the possibility to take advantage of our babysitting and in the afternoon you can explore with your little darling either the area around Obertrubach or you can try on our area the numerous possibilities of play. Boredom is guaranteed not on. But the recreational aspect is not too short. We at the Babyhotel Friedrichshof in Bavaria ensure that you and your family experience a happy and carefree holiday!

Farm experience on the Friedrichshof: our play barn

Away from the city, in the countryside, our family-friendly hotel awaits you with a cozy farm atmosphere. In addition to the play barn, where you can play around in the middle of real hay and straw, we also have horses and goats on our property. Especially the very little ones are always fascinated by our trusting and lovable goats and horses, who invite you to stroke and cuddle. In addition, rabbits can be visited nearby. By interacting with animals, your little ones playfully learn to deal responsibly with other creatures.

If you want to know more about our baby hotel in idyllic Franconia, have questions about our baby equipment or just want to send us a non-binding offer, we look forward to hearing from you. Simply use our contact form or contact us either by e-mail or by phone! We look forward to welcoming you and your family soon!

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