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So you are looking for something to entertain and stimulate your small? Give them baby play blanket! No matter whether you choose an activity play mat or a play mat for babies, an activity in the fitness area for babies, a floor mat or a combination. It all has the same effect – activity for infants are a good way to safely put, that your baby has a lot of fun and learns. You can take a break and do other things along the way.

What is a baby play blanket?

Baby play blankets are basically a padded mat that lies on the floor. The baby has some kind of activity.
There are a large number of variations on these mats – some baby play mats are full of hanging toys, mirrors, and other things. They can touch, swing and examine them. Others also have music and lights.
They range from very simple to quite extravagant and it can be overwhelming. How to find the best play mat for your baby since there are so many options.

Hopefully this guide will help!

Also keep in mind that baby mats have different names – they are often referred to as activity or fitness mats for babies, baby blankets for babies, fitness blankets, etc. The list goes on and on, but these are all essentially the same things and have the same effect.
No matter if you are looking for the best play mat, best activity mat, fitness mat or the best floor mats for babies – the answer is the same and you should find it here!

But wait, you really need a play mat?

There are so many things to buy for a new baby and you may be wondering if you need a play blanket at all.
I would not say they are absolutely necessary – of course you and your baby will survive without one.

However, they are so useful. Babies have to be kept a lot and everything that takes time can no longer be done easily – washing, getting dressed or taking a shower.

A baby play blanket will help so that all of this is easily possible again!

A play mat works best for babies from 3 months to the start of the crawling phase – at this point you can expect them to crawl off the baby floor mat to accomplish other things. A mat for newborns can be useful, but it’s not really necessary until the baby has developed their own hand-eye coordination.

Guide to the best baby play mat 2017

Here is a quick comparison of all the best play mats listed in this guide, so you can quickly compare the different prices and ratings.

Surname image price Buy from Amazon
Mattel K4562 – Fisher-Price Rainforest adventure blanket To Amazon
Mattel Fisher-Price CHP85 Rainforest Friends Play Blanket, 3-in-1 To Amazon
Infantastic baby experience blanket with play sheet and toys, 115 x 115 cm To Amazon
VTech Baby 80-190604 – music play mat To Amazon
Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym play mat To Amazon

Buy Guide: How To Choose The Best Play Blanket For Babies.

Baby play blankets don’t differ that much – what you see is basically what you get. There are a few items to keep in mind when looking at baby activity mats.

Comfort – is the play mat well padded? Soft play mats for babies that will still feel comfortable on hard floors are a good idea.

Not slip-proof – You don’t want the play mat to slide all the way down when your baby is on the move.

Colours – bright, vivid colors can be the best for your baby’s attention.

diversity – A variety of different activities can help develop auditory, visual and tactile senses in babies while they are playing – for example something musical, rattles, vibrating toys, scratchy surfaces, smooth and rough surfaces – variety works best. This will also help keep your baby entertained for longer.

size – Make sure that you have a play mat that is of a suitable size. While an extra large play mat can be tempting for babies, keep in mind that it is often not necessary as they cannot move great anyway.

portability – I recommend a foldable play mat so that it is easy to put it in different areas of your house and out and over if necessary. A travel mat can be a handy item to take in the car when you go away for a few days or go into grandma’s house and this is especially easy with a folding play mat.

material – Which material can be used in baby products can be questionable. Ideally, you should buy a non-toxic play mat for babies. There are also some good organic play mat options.

Due to the huge selection of play blanket the decision is not always easy. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. They can be helpful here Be an Amazon bestseller, which give you a good and comprehensive overview of popular and currently popular play blankets.


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