Baby scale comparison – the best scales in comparison

Baby scale – it helps prevent worries and makes the development of the offspring visible.

Selection tips and proven models are available here.

incl. 19% VAT.

anti-slip mat, letter holder and normal weighing surface available, removable illuminated display

Precise and versatile scales that can be used for babies, children and in the home. Very good value for money.

What do I need a baby scale for??

Bring a scale to the midwife?

Both Visiting the midwife after childbirth will bring a scale. However, since these only carry out checks in the first time and the appointments with the pediatrician are not too tight, critical changes can go undetected in the meantime. The purchase of a scale for infants is therefore highly recommended.

Why are baby weight controls important??

Especially with breast-feeding a baby scale is essential. Because there is no other way of determining whether sufficient milk ingested becomes. With a high quality baby scale once before and once after breastfeeding weighed and so easily recognized how much was drunk. The development of the weight also provides information about whether the new earthling healthy is or does not gain enough despite sufficient food. Of course, the opposite problem can also occur that the So the child grows too quickly. This in turn brings with it completely new problems that only arise with one corresponding scale and regular checks can be recognized in time. Is the baby sick and verWeight loss, for example due to diarrhea and vomiting, a baby scale helps to identify critical changes at an early stage. This can save you having to go to the doctor or indicate when this should be done immediately. So there are many good reasons why high quality, reliable scales and regular checks are important. This applies particularly to Still children. But also if a disease is already known that requires close monitoring.

Do I have to buy a baby scale??

If you are just starting out with family planning, you should move into one invest good baby scale. In the long term, this is cheaper. Especially if a device with other uses is chosen. For example, a model that is suitable up to school age or can later be used as a household scale. For those who are already equipped in these areas and are planning only one child, there are options to borrow. Appropriate equipment can be rented from the pharmacy, midwives or pediatricians. However, here too Acquisition is usually cheaper in the long term, because the scale is needed for several months or even longer, so nobody has to buy a scale for babies, However, it makes sense and is recommended.

The best baby scales in comparison:

Weighing 0 – 25 kg
accuracy 10 g, 1-2 kg with 2 g division
power supply Power supply included or batteries (not available)
Removable baby cradle?
other properties

blue illuminated display, hold and tare function, additional weighing platform for parcels and letters, send data to PC via USB cable

Hold and tare function, automatic switch-off, easy cleaning, packaging with handle

WLAN and Bluetooth capable, with APP for IPhone and Ipod, high display accuracy, easy to read display

anti-slip mat, letter holder and normal weighing surface available, removable illuminated display

Fixed, tilt-proof weighing pan, easy to care for, tare function, large LCD display

High quality and reliable scales for babies, children, post and household.

Inexpensive baby scale that is particularly compact and has practical functions.

High-quality baby and children’s scales, which allow easy documentation and tracking of development through an app.

Precise and versatile scales that can be used for babies, children and in the home. Very good value for money.

Baby scale with high tipping safety and an easy-to-read display that weighs quickly and precisely, even with struggling babies.

The comparison on this page only reflects our own experience, detailed test reports and the test winners can be found on Stiftung Warentest, Ökotest and Chip online.

What baby scales are there??

Baby scales are not the same as baby scales. So exist Suspended scales, pan scales, folding scales and combined devices. Each type has both Advantages as well as disadvantages, that can make it easier or more difficult to use. Which the appropriate one Type for your own needs depends on the individual circumstances and requirements. It is worth comparing beforehand and preventing later dissatisfaction.

Differences – advantages and disadvantages of the different baby scales

Which brands should I know?

Some manufacturers are asserting themselves in baby scales Quality, precise measurements and numerous other advantages depend on the masses. Such as through longevity, additional functions and very small measuring steps. Such brand models usually do not cost significantly more than others, but should be preferred in the selection and purchase decision. They include: Soehnle, Beurer, MyWeigh, Chicco. Of course, this does not mean that every model from these manufacturers is better than all other models. Generally they have the nose in front and cut in Often compare much better.

Baby scale with medical approval

Source: withings –

Must they Measured values ​​really exact , for example because of an illness or a premature baby, you should choose one Baby scale with medical approval fall. These are not always more expensive than other versions, but have the advantages of one calibration and really offer reliable measured values. Suitable manufacturers are, for example Kern and MyWeigh. For private use, there is of course no need for a baby scale with medical approval for the Be a doctor’s office. Because many versions are designed precisely for this purpose, then they also cost a lot in terms of price.Only a medical license according to 93/42 / EEC should be considered when choosing for your own home.

Baby scale for newborns

Newborns and premature babies should be weighed particularly regularly and closely. Especially if they are being breastfed or have already been born with health problems. Of course, such a scale must weigh very precisely and should also have some security. Devices that measure at very small intervals – i.e. in 2 g or 5 g increments. In addition, a calibrated model should be used if possible. Especially when exact measurements and small differences are important.

Baby scales and toddler scales – the ideal combination

Baby scales are practical in themselves, helpful and can save some worries. Or help to identify diseases and problems requiring treatment at an early stage. This makes them indispensable helpers when breastfeeding and childcare. Unfortunately, their deployment time is severely limited. At least if it’s a mere baby scale. Different combined devices that for Converted children’s scale can be. Usually it is sufficient to remove the attachment or to replace it. In addition, such designs should have a high load-bearing capacity. It should be at least 20 kg. Then the model can be used up to school age. And usually as Housekeeping helpers serve. This makes them the ideal combination between a baby scale and a durable household appliance. Nice side effect and advantage: In the vast majority of cases, these devices are not more expensive than scales intended only for infants and thus save a lot in the long term. This one-time investment is worth it in several ways.

incl. 19% VAT.

1 2 3 4 5
model MyWeigh Ultrababy baby scale Beurer baby scale with Janosch motif Withings children’s scale Baby scale digital from MyWeigh Soehnle baby scale
Weighing 27 kg 0 – 20 kg 0 – 25 kg 0 – 25 kg 0 – 20 kg
accuracy 5 g 5 g 10 g 10 g, 1-2 kg with 2 g division 10 g
power supply Mains operation, (power supply included) Battery operation with 2 AA batteries (included) Battery operated with 4 AAA batteries (included) Power supply included or batteries (not available) Battery operation, 4 mignon batteries 1.5 V AA (included)
Removable baby cradle?
other properties

Fixed, tilt-proof weighing pan, easy to care for, tare function, large LCD display

Baby scale with higher Tilt-proof and easy-to-read display that weighs quickly and precisely even with struggling babies.

What should be considered when choosing the special scale?

The baby scale should carefully selected become. Ideally before the birth, if there is still some time and rest for the decision. Because when buying, there are several factors to consider. Like, for example Security and accuracy of the device. But also the possibility of space-saving storage and mobile use. As well as the Comfort, the Load capacity and other sensible or senseless functions. What exactly needs to be considered? There are answers here.

The security of the device

When weighing – with hanging scales as well as models with bowl different risks. This primarily includes the Absturzgefahr. High-quality and safe models stand against this raised rim on the shell to disposal. With weighing scales, every weighing person has to take care of this themselves stable be and one if possible stable connection between bowl attachment and device Offer. A Anti-slip mat or coating are not wrong either. In any case, attention should be paid to a high level of stability and protection against tipping.But be careful: no matter how safe the scales are, the baby must not be placed without supervision.

The comfort

Source: MyWeigh – *

Sharp edges and cold materials, such as metal, are on the scales for babies as well out of place, how Glass, that could splinter. Of course that is a question of safety. However, it also decides on the comfort of weighing and whether the youngest of the family keeps quietly or justifiably defends himself against the cold and uncomfortable posture – but unfortunately this fluctuates the measurement result. How comfort also decides large the weighing pan is and how they shaped has been. If the child is cramped or painfully pressed in the back, the result will of course be restlessness and dissatisfaction. Ideal is a pad with high edges, which is gently curved and offers a flat and sufficiently large lying surface.

The accuracy of the measurement

Should only be one continuous control to make larger developments visible, even a scale that is not too precise or in is sufficient further steps measures. On the other hand, if it is to be very precise, devices with smaller steps are ideal. Measurements that are in 2 g, 5 g or 10 g intervals respectively. This means that even small food intakes can still be tracked easily. However, such an indication alone does not ensure an exact measurement. The scales should already do this calibrated his. If a different model is selected, cradles can check the accuracy themselves. By placing a firm weight, for example a dumbbell or a bag of flour. If there are significant deviations, the balance should be replaced.

Tip: Even exact baby scales will not weigh exactly if they are used incorrectly. The device should therefore stand on a firm and stable surface – ideally on the floor. Carpets, rugs and bumps can falsify the result.

Convertible essays

The infant, the toddler, ingredients for cooking, luggage or mail – combined baby scales make all this possible. Ensure different essays, which can be replaced as needed and at will. If you already have several scales in the household and therefore only want to buy a baby scale, you can of course do without this variety. For all others, however, these are useful accessories that extend the operating time of the device and make the purchase price cheap in the long term.

Useful functions

It is well known that babies like to kick and fidget – even when weighing. However, this can have a negative impact on accuracy and make weighing more difficult. A so-called is suitable for this Hold function, which can ideally be operated manually. If the child is standing still, even if it is only for a few seconds, the weighed weight can be held at the push of a button. This ensures accuracy on the one hand and makes it easier to read the result on the other. A conversion or the simultaneous display of different units, such as kg, lb and oz can be an advantage. However, this can be safely dispensed with in normal household use. It is similar with the Tare function. Various things can be weighed in through these. Like a blanket, for example, which is placed under to increase comfort. Of course, their weight can also be deducted later by a short calculation. The tare function is more practical for this and saves an additional work step. A further makes sense illuminated display or an ad that can be removed for better visibility while reading.

Battery or cable?

>If the baby scale is only on one fixed place stand, is the operation with power plug ideal. No one has to bother with empty batteries and the display does not become weaker and therefore more difficult to read due to a lack of power supply. Batteries, on the other hand, offer more mobility. This is ideal if there is no socket available at the place of weighing or if the scale will often come with you when you travel. One is really practical Connection from both operating modes. So both the possibility to run on mains as well as on battery.

Weighing 0 – 20 kg
accuracy 10 g
power supply Battery operation, 4 mignon batteries 1.5 V AA (included)
Removable baby cradle?
other properties


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