Baby shampoo test – comparison – all info, 2019

Baby shampoo test, comparison & all information 2019

Do you want a detailed Baby shampoo test The big consumer magazines are a good place to go. To make your search easier, we researched and visited the websites of four major consumer magazines. We also have one ourselves Comparison for baby shampoo made.

The best baby shampoo is gentle on the skin and contains no allergens or pollutants

About the meaning of baby shampoo is good to argue. In the first few months, it is sufficient to clean the offspring with warm water and a washcloth in the baby bath. The more active your child becomes, the more dirt it literally attracts. It gets a lot in the hair and some baby shampoo can help.

But you should not buy any shampoo and you should not use it on your child. We show you what existing test reports say and give some recommendations on the right baby shampoos.

Baby Shampoo Test: The test winner of recent years

consumer magazine There is a baby shampoo test? Test from the year:
Stiftung Warentest Yes, so far a baby shampoo test is available. link 2003
eco test There is more than just a baby shampoo test. Look here and here. 2016 & 2015
ETM test magazine No, no baby shampoo test has been released yet. link 2016 Yes, we were able to find a baby shampoo test on the website. link 2004 Yes, there is a baby shampoo test. link 2016

In the table you can see if there is one Baby shampoo test from large consumer magazines out there. In our search for reviews, we searched the websites of the publishers. To the test results & To see test winners, please visit the website. For legal reasons, we can not publish this here.

As you can see, we also point out in the table if we have not found a detailed baby shampoo test.

We have not only found a baby shampoo test in consumer magazines, but several

What must be considered in a baby shampoo test?

Your baby’s sensitive scalp needs a close look. Why a baby shampoo test can only be made by a competent person. Finally, the collected facts must be compared with the price per 100 ml. No one can expect that he will achieve top results in all areas with just a few cents. But the devil is in the details and the prices vary roughly between 40 cents and 2.50 euros per 100 ml.

First, it’s about the hair washing itself. A good baby shampoo spreads easily and washes out with little water. There should be no residue. Especially behind the ears like leftovers of shampoo hang.

In the second aspect, one is dedicated to the “non-watery eyes”. A very popular promise. As soon as the eyes start to burn, the fun of the child is over. As mild as a product may be, this can not always be prevented. Also because every baby reacts differently.

Third, the ingredients of baby shampoo should be analyzed. Coloring and preservatives are deleted. They as well as perfumes and other additives irritate the skin and eyes. In bad cases, they even trigger allergic reactions.

After the baby shampoo was used, you change to dry your hair and blow dry. Comb and brush should glide smoothly through the hair. This can help certain ingredients that have previously smoothed the hair structure. “Without Ziepen” can be read on almost all products, but what does it look like in reality?

After washing and blow drying is completed, you should examine the baby’s scalp. Does it react with redness or shingles the next day? What can be said about the hair condition, after the baby shampoo was used several times. Maybe it has attacked the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose?

What does the baby shampoo test from Stiftung Warentest say??

This baby shampoo test has already set some dust. Is he already a good 15 years old? However, it provides the essential criteria that should be considered in such an investigation.

The editors report on the applicability, the quality of the ingredients, whether pollutants are included and whether the children‘s eyes really do not tear. Almost everywhere is also advertised with “no Ziepen”, but this was almost always the case here in practice.

Stiftung Warentest has tested eight different shampoos especially for babies. A product from Lidl scored best. The grades were awarded from 1.9 to 2.7.

The Baby Shampoo Test by Stiftung Warentest is unfortunately out of date

What are the results of the Baby Shampoo Test by Ökotest?

At Ökotest we read two current baby shampoo tests. In one, 25 shampoos, soaps and bath products had to hold their own. The other one was specifically about 8 baby and children’s shampoos.

Ökotest points out that it is sufficient to clean babies with warm water and a washcloth. If you want to use a shampoo and / or shower bath after all, you should take a closer look. Whereby the manufacturers seem to use as far as possible only gentle ingredients.

In the Baby Shampoo Test Ökotest examined brands like Bübchen, DM, Dr. med. Hobein from the pharmacy, Penaten, Logona, Weleda and more. The complete test results can be purchased for € 1.50.

The on Baby and Kindershampoos specialized test report gives the all-clear. Of the eight products tested, almost all received a “very good”. Whereby Ökotest only used products that were “clinically tested”, “proven in clinics” or provided with similar inscriptions.

Ökotest is considered one of the most prestigious test organizations

What have the magazines consumer and Ktipp tested? & found?

An own baby shampoo test of “consumer” does not exist. lists many important aspects and also refers to different brands. The actual test took place at Stiftung Warentest. So that consumer organization whose results we have already explained in detail in the text.

On January 17, 2016, published a review of baby shampoos. A total of 14 products tested the consumer website. The test criteria included the presence of pollutants such as formaldehyde and allergenic fragrances. 13 of the 14 baby shampoos tested achieved a “good” to “very good“. The complete review is only available to subscribers or against payment.

Baby Shampoo Test winner: Which products were very good?

It is interesting how different the results of the various institutions are. Here you have to take into account the respective age of the test and its extent. Despite many possibilities, can also Ökotest & Co does not test all products available on the market at the same time. After what we have read, the following brands and their products are recommended:

  • Bübchen
  • Penaten
  • Weleda
  • Potter Babycare
  • Logona
  • Jean & Len

In some cases, however, the private labels of Lidl and DM also performed well or very well. To round off the overall impression, we recommend that you read the test reports yourself, which we linked at the beginning. Search for each product to see their reviews on Amazon & Co to see. In this way you will find the best baby shampoo for your offspring.

Baby shampoo comparison: The best list with Penaten, Bübchen & more

We come to ours now Baby shampoo comparison which we have created based on publicly available product information and existing customer reviews. The products were not tested by us in practice. Decisive for our baby shampoo comparison were the criteria which you see directly to the right of the product image and customer reviews.

After reviewing consumer portal reviews, we made a small selection. Our search was aimed at finding the best baby shampoos available. Important for us were seals, test judgments and existing studies on the product. Because statements such as “extra mild” are not enough. Cleaning products for babies are considered a sensitive issue because the wrong ingredients can cause allergic reactions.

As already mentioned, your offspring does not need a shampoo in the first months of life. Why we have the information from the manufacturer for age recommendation in the overview.

Finally, you will also find a quantity to compare the prices of different products. Note: The price differences are very dramatic here. But in the end, you have to look at how concentrated the product really is. Expensive baby shampoos can usually be used much longer!

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