Baby sling by lictin – elastic, sturdy and cheap

Lictin sling sling

Lictin elastic baby sling is suitable for newborns, babies and older children. It is practical and versatile. You can carry your child in front of the belly, on the hip or on the back, in different variants. The application is very simple and well suited for those who do not wear it because the fabric is not too stiff. The cloth is nice and long and stable, which gives parents many options.

The features of the Lictin baby sling at a glance:

    Dimensions: 530 x 58 cm Comfortable to wear Long and stable From birth to 16 kg usable Many winding options possible 95% cotton, 5% spandex Very cheap

  • Please note: Our product can be used for baby weighing up to 16 kg
  • A great baby carrier for mother! Not only at home in the household, also for walks and.
  • It ergonomically adapts well: it is lightweight and nestles through the elastic fabric.
  • High quality material & safe: length: 5.3m, width: 0.58m, 95% cotton and 5% spandex.
  • Let the children feel better: the baby sling strengthens the bond between mother and baby.

Versatile and practical

The material of the sling consists of 95% cotton and 5% elastane (in English spandex) and is very well made. The spandex content makes the sling elastic and cuddly. The cotton content makes it robust, very comfortable for the skin and ensures a good wearing climate. The sling can be used in summer. Here, the baby could, however, through the spandex share more likely to sweat, if it tends to, as with a pure cotton cloth. Even in winter you can use the Lictin sling. Here you have to dress your child, of course, according to the weather and if necessary pull a carrying cover or a wearing jacket over it.

video Tutorial

When it comes to tying, usually the middle mark and differently colored cloth ends make it easier to put on. The presented sling by Lictin is monochrome and has no marked center. This could take a bit longer to tie the cloth. Some customers simply put the cloth in half and manually added a marker. The binding is still very easy. With the included instructions, you’ll get the hang of it quickly. If you do not receive the german manual, please ask for it at the customer service. Make sure the cloth people do not cut your baby when you pull it tight. The ends run together at an angle, so that the knot is not too thick and no fabric bead hangs down.

If the sling is worn correctly, your baby should sit in the natural squat-spread posture and the back should be rounded. The feet should definitely hang out. Baby feet cool quickly, so put your child on warm socks or cuffs if necessary. Newborns can not keep their brains independent. Here a cloth web should stabilize the head. For a good grip, tie three cloths around your child. Well-bound, the sling relieves your back and shoulders well.

To carry through life from birth

Thanks to sling you can do incidental tasks and transport your child safely and quickly. At night you do not get long arms anymore because you can tie and carry the baby. Comfortable breastfeeding is also possible with Lictin. The fabric sheets serve as visual protection. For example, if your child grows up, you can use the sling to make longer trips. If your child’s feet get tired, just tie it to your hips and you two are satisfied.

Accessories: sling, cloth bag
and instructions


Lictin baby sling promises longevity, dimensional stability and long-term support. The blended fabric made of cotton and spandex makes it robust and cuddly. With the delivery, you also get a practical bag and a revealing instructions. Due to the length of the cloth many binding variants are possible. From birth you can use the Lictin sling. Up to the age of three or max. 16 kg, this sling will be a faithful companion. And at an unbeatable low price.

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