Baby vacuum flask vs

In this test report we compared and evaluated the vacuum flask and warming box from the following three manufacturers:

  • reer stainless steel vacuum flask 500 ml, No. 90500 (test winner)
  • A. Haberkorn baby thermos bottle 350 ml, No. 763968
  • Rotho Babydesign insulated box with fabric cover, No. 300650020

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# preview product rating price
1 reer stainless steel vacuum bottle 500ml – small, handy, ideal for the baby 1,314 reviews 7.95 EUR To offer*
2 Aorin vacuum-insulated drinking bottle made of high quality stainless steel – 24 hours cooling & Keep warm for 12 hours. 1,851 reviews 15.99 EUR To offer*
3 Philips Avent SCF256 / 00 thermo bottle warmer, for on the go, stainless steel / neutral 1,318 reviews 25.99 EUR 19.95 EUR To offer*
4 NUK Active Cup learning bottle for children, leakproof, high quality stainless steel, 215ml, 12+ months. 189 reviews EUR 17.99 EUR 17.69 To offer*
5 KollyKolla Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle, 350ml BPA Free Water Bottle Leakproof. No reviews at the moment 16.99 EUR 15.29 EUR To offer*

Criteria, evaluation & Ranking – This is how we tested the vacuum flask

Below we have explained the four evaluation criteria for our test report. In the baby vacuum flask test, we award between one and five points in each category. The ranking of thermos bottles and the test winners results from the total number of points.

  • poetry: Here we fill the bottles with water and close them tightly. In the shake test, we then determine whether the closure drips or holds tight on the way.
  • capacity: How much liquid can the baby flask hold? We also attach importance to how heavy the bottle becomes when fully filled and whether the baby is adequately cared for during outdoor activities.
  • insulation: The most important point in an insulated bottle. We boil water and fill all three vessels with it. Then we check the insulation on the outside and compare the water temperature after five hours. The insulating bottle is stored in the test at normal room temperature in the kitchen.
  • processing. Here we test how high-quality the individual components, lids and closures are made.

The 3 best baby vacuum bottles and warming boxes in the test

This test report compares the stainless steel vacuum flask with the A. Haberkorn thermos flask and a warming box for baby bottles from Rotho Babydesign. The result is the the following comparison table. Test winner in the baby flask test was the reer stainless steel flask. The detailed test reports can be found below.

1st place: The outdoor test winner reer stainless steel vacuum flask

The reer stainless steel vacuum flask was able to completely convince us in the outdoor test. After five hours, the boiled water was still really hot and had to cool down before drinking. The stainless steel design is simple and elegant at the same time. All edges of the vacuum flask are round so that there is no risk of injury. This high-quality workmanship is also noticeable in the shake test. No splash or drop escapes from the bottle in our test.

The closure is tight and at the same time easy to activate with one-hand operation (see picture). This is useful when the child is on the arm. The lid can also be used as a cup for large children who no longer rely on drinking cups. Depending on the model, reer offers a capacity of 300 ml, 500 ml (0.5 L) or 750 ml. So parents can select and buy the desired size of the baby flask.

Conclusion: All in all, there is nothing to complain about about our test winner from reer, so we give the maximum number of points.

Overall rating: [20/20]

2nd place: A. Haberkorn baby thermos in the test

  • great thermos bottle ideal for the preparation of baby food – inside and outside made of stainless steel – no plastic interior. Stainless steel inside and outside – no plastic interior

The baby thermos by A. Haberkorn achieved second place in the test. There is also this baby article little to complain. The water for preparing the baby food was still hot after five hours. The baby thermos by A. Haberkorn feels heavy and valuable thanks to the stainless steel used. Plastic and stainless steel are child-friendly and have rounded edges.

The shake test of the vacuum flask was successful. The seal encloses 100% of the water in the vessel and only lets it escape at the push of a button. Practical one-hand operation is also possible here. The bottle is offered with a capacity of 350 ml and a volume of 500 ml. We liked the selection and the low price of the test winner a bit better.

Conclusion: You won’t go wrong with this thermos bottle, but you will do many things right.

Overall rating: [19/20]

3rd place: Rotho Babydesign warming box for baby bottles with fabric cover in comparison

  • Handy insulating box for wide-mouth bottles (up to 7.5 cm) and standard bottles, ideal for at home or on the go

The Rotho Babydesign warming box for baby bottles achieved third place in the test and unfortunately could not convince us as much as the competing products. The insulation is made with styrofoam and protects inserted baby bottles. We use a comparison to explain the advantages and disadvantages compared to the vacuum flask.

Advantages and positive properties: The workmanship is very good, the fabric is tearproof and can be easily wiped off with a cloth. Thanks to the thick polystyrene layer, baby bottles made of glass are effectively protected against damage if they fall accidentally. The capacity is up to 500 ml for the transported vessel.

Rotho warming box for baby bottles in the test: The insulated box is practical compared to a thermos when you want to insulate your own baby bottle. Disadvantages are found in the zipper and in the loss of temperature due to the insulation.

Disadvantages and negative test results: The disadvantages of the Rotho Babydesign warming box for baby bottles are the insulation. The styrofoam halves are fixed with a zip and isolate the inside of the container. The temperature loss in the test is significantly greater than in the two baby thermos from reer and A. Haberkorn presented. Another point of criticism: opening the zipper requires two hands. The seal also stands and falls with the transported baby bottles, since the styrofoam is only used for cooling but does not effectively contain any liquid.

Conclusion: Practical insulation box with some weaknesses in the test.

Overall rating: [17/20]

Tip: A comparison of three other recommended insulating bottles

In addition to well-known manufacturers of vacuum flasks for adults, such as Alfi, Gräw, Esbit, Primus, Tatonka or Stanley, the following thermos bottles are also recommended:


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