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Childcare with a childminder or in your own home – choosing the right childcare is a challenge, especially for working parents. Is the child still too small for a kindergarten or do the childcare times in kindergarten and school not out, a childminder or a mini-jobber can help. In our post we explain, like yourself a mini job in childcare differentiates from self-employment as a childminder and what needs to be considered.

Professor Jutta Rump

In our new section "Listened in" you can now find regular radio reports on the subject of mini jobs.

Mastering the challenges in family life and at work: This is often a difficult balancing act for an entire generation, says demography expert Professor Jutta Rump from Ludwigshafen University.

The mini-job center is continually searching across Germany registered mini-jobbers in private households For interviews or TV documentaries! Are you ready to share your experiences with household chores or your motivation for registering with the Minijob headquarters? Work as registered cleaning service or earn as Babysitter, gardener, senior carer or dog sitter add something? Are you interested in being interviewed as a registered minijobber in the household or are you an employer of a minijobber who can be considered? Then contact our editorial office and we will add you to our database free of charge. For a successfully arranged interview, you will receive an expense allowance in the form of a 50 euro Amazon voucher. We look forward to you! Telephone: 030 339 888 240 / email: [email protected]

In the coming months, the mini job center and the household job exchange will be represented at various trade fairs. You can find out exactly where our employees can be found here:

Parents want someone who is flexible, reliable and trustworthy to look after their children. You can hire a childminder to take care of the little ones while the parents are working, or just hourly, e.g. B for the evening hours, hire a babysitter.

Parents often ask themselves whether one can childcare must report to social security. Read more →

Every beginning is difficult – also with childcare. A trusting relationship between parents and babysitter is particularly important from the start. Parents can find trustworthy babysitters in the household job exchange at the Minijob headquarters – and anyone looking for a household job as a babysitter can search the job offers here or place an advertisement themselves.


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