Bachelor psychology (

Bachelor psychology (

Bachelor psychology

The Bachelor of Psychology after the Psychotherapist Law Reform

Normal period: 6 semesters
Including the bachelor thesis are total 180 credit points (CP) to acquire.
Enrollment: each in the winter semester
Graduation: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

In the Bachelor’s program in Psychology (B.Sc. Psychology), students at the Berlin Psychological University can expect comprehensive training in all scientific fundamentals of psychology and at the same time an insight into the most important psychological fields of application. The course is accredited and thus qualifies for both a first psychological job as well as for further master’s courses.

The main questions in psychology – the science of human behavior and experience – are:

  • Which laws of behavior and thinking apply to all people in a similar way? Which processes influence us below the threshold of consciousness (General Psychology)?
  • What are the brain physiological and hormonal bases of human behavior (Biological psychology)?
  • How do people differ in their skills, interests, feelings and other psychological characteristics and what are these differences dependent on (personality Psychology)?
  • How can you recognize these psychological characteristics (Psychological diagnostics)?
  • How do skills, feelings, attitudes and motives develop and change in the course of life (developmental Psychology)?
  • How do people communicate with each other, when do they misunderstand each other, how do they handle conflicts, what influence does the social and cultural environment have (Social Psychology and Intercultural Psychology)?
  • And very important: How does psychology actually come to its results? How can you recognize technical errors, misunderstandings and scientific fake news and distinguish them from serious findings (methodology)?

The Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the PHB combines all of these questions in basic, practical and methodological events so that students can tap into the diversity of the subject. Already in the bachelor’s degree, the Berlin Psychological University attaches great importance to practical and application-oriented training.

Students acquire knowledge about mental disorders and their treatment, about the psychology of work motivation and workload, get to know personnel management and conflict management on a psychological basis and deal with family psychology, upbringing and lifelong education.

At the Berlin Psychological University, we do not teach the individual fields of psychological application side by side, but in their interrelations. We follow our basic maxim: Psychological counseling, education and practice must rest on solid scientific foundations. The Bachelor of Psychology lays a solid foundation for this.

A detailed description of the Bachelor Psychology modules can be found under course contents as well as in the module handbook and in the study schedule. If you have any questions, please contact our student advisory service or speak to us personally on one of our information evenings. We look forward to you!

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