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Fashion design

The bachelor’s degree

Fashion is for important part of global culture and economy become. In order to work successfully, aspiring fashion designers must have a variety of skills: in addition to high creativity heard Sensitivity to social, cultural and economic factors on important properties for young designers. The international creative industry demands flexible specialists who not only have specialist know-how, but can also think in an interdisciplinary and holistic manner. The studies Fashion Design (B.A.) at the AMD stands for creative, technical and technical know-how based on scientific-conceptual thinking. The curriculum contains both artistic, practice-oriented and theoretical subjects, which not only impart the specialist knowledge to the budding designers, but also provide methodical approaches. This innovative approach enables students to create collections from a market perspective.

Fashion is constantly reinventing itself. Design has long adopted an international language, is produced, marketed and communicated worldwide. The independent artistic handwriting Fashion designers play an even bigger role when it comes to making statements about new trends and shaping identities. Fashion designers today design together with marketing and communication experts Brand and product worlds. You have to think holistically and bring in your sense of trends and developments. In order to be able to meet these requirements, design and creative construction systems, material innovations and manufacturing, but also visualization, are at the center of the Fashion Design (B.A.) course..

Focus and content

  • production
  • Creative construction systems
  • Fashion- & Design History
  • Visualization, multimedia presentations
  • CAD
  • Trend research
  • design
  • Practical relevance through company cooperation

Job profile and career opportunities

The degree in Fashion Design (B.A.) offers graduates a wide range of career opportunities in the fields Design, styling, visualization and trend research.

  • a designer: The design tasks of the fashion designers can take many different directions. Their requirement profiles are as diverse as companies and labels.
  • In addition to design expertise, fashion designers are also becoming increasingly popular today pronounced organizational and communication skills expected. As a mediator of intercultural communication up to the distinctive figurehead of your own brand, a wide range of tasks and skills are part of the job description.
  • a stylist: Stylists are responsible for the conception and coordination of the equipment for film and photo productions. They create styling in consultation with e.g. Editorial offices or production companies. During the sessions, stylists work closely with model agencies, hair and make-up teams and photographers.

  • Trend Scout / Forecasting: Trends are spreading around the globe at ever increasing speeds. Trend analyzes serve as the basis for success in many work areas. Trend scouts develop inventories and trend analyzes e.g. in the fields of architecture, interior design, film, music, art; they do professional research in the socio-cultural milieus. Fashion trend scouts present their customers with previews of possible future color developments, new materials and lines.
  • Fashion designer / illustrator: Magazines, labels, publishers and agencies need the graphic, graphic and visual implementation of collections to present their collections or trend topics. Fashion draftsmen create the desired drawings of different genres on a manual and the latest multimedia basis.
  • Master’s programs: As a bachelor’s degree, the degree in Fashion Design (B.A.) qualifies for a further master’s degree at universities and colleges in Germany and abroad.

Curriculum and major areas of study

1st semester

  • introduction
  • Form + line I
  • Material + Realization I
  • Design + presentation I

2 semesters

  • Spring Academy
  • Form + line II
  • Material + Realization II
  • Design + presentation II

3rd semester

  • Herbstakademie
  • Concept + design I
  • Material + Realization III
  • Fashion + presentation

4th semester

  • Spring Academy
  • Concept + Design II
  • Material + Realization IV
  • Product + visualization I
  • Concept + staging
  • Product + market

5th semester

    Fashion + >6th semester

  • Spring Academy
  • Fashion + >7th semester
  • application preparation
  • Open workshop concept
  • Open workshop realization
  • Bachelor thesis
  • colloquium
  • Presentation / Documentation

Admission and admission requirements

Our educational programs usually implement that University entrance qualification (Abitur) ahead. The following access requirements must be met:

  • the General university entrance qualification (Abitur) – entitles to study at all universities and in all federal states, or
  • the Subject-related university entrance qualification – entitles you to study in the relevant subject and in the federal states indicated in the certificate, or
  • the Fachhochschulreife – entitles you to study at a university of applied sciences or in a graduated course at a university in the federal states shown in the certificate
  • extraordinary artistic ability
  • the positive result of our selection process.


Group sizes in which you can learn and work successfully, the individual support for each student and an integrated internship are important features of studying at the AMD. Our professors combine the latest research with innovative teaching projects. Many lecturers also work in the private sector. Current knowledge of the respective market flows directly into the seminar content. In addition, the AMD regularly loadsg Experts for lectures and panel discussions and thus offers an industry network for the exchange of experience.

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