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Biscuits, gummy bears or ice cream: every child likes to snack. But bought sweets are mostly unhealthy. The solution is baking yourself. Here are 3 recipes for sweets that you can safely give to your children.

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who knows the situation as a parent is not: When asked what the child would like to eat, the answer is: cookies, cakes or gummy bears.

Children love sweets. Well, we adults do, too, but you can still control sugar consumption quite well in the offspring.

But what do you offer your child when the sweet tooth is calling? Purchased sweets contain an incredible amount of sugar and often have other questionable ingredients.

The best thing is to bake something yourself, then you know what’s in it and have something ready right away.

We have 3 recipes that are quick and easy. The best thing about it: They do not use industrial sugar and were baked with wholemeal flour. Healthy and tasty!

Pear spelled sticks without sugar

You can give the spelled sticks with pear to your children without hesitation for in between.

Due to their shape, they fit perfectly in children’s hands and are therefore also suitable for your little ones’ first attempts. Since they contain no industrial sugar, they can be nibbled on with relish.

You are welcome to vary the fruit in the dough. Just take what you have at home right now. Perhaps your child will like a chopped apple or grated carrot in the spelled sticks better? Just try it out.

Don’t let the very sticky dough irritate you when baking. It is best to shape the sticks with wet hands. Hold after baking yourself Spelled sticks in an airtight can for a couple days.

Vegan banana bread without sugar

Are you looking for a sugar-free cake for your child’s birthday? Then we have the right recipe for you here!

Ripe bananas are the ideal sugar substitute and sweeten any pastry. However, this banana bread not only works without sugar, but also without fat. The grated apple makes the bread nice and juicy.

We think that it goes well as a cake, but also goes well with breakfast. Simply toast slices of banana bread and top them as you like.

Date cookies without sugar

Snacking cookies is not only fun for children. From now on it works without a guilty conscience, because these are only sweetened with dates. Children are more than happy to help cut out the cookies, because there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to the shape of the date cookies.

The cookies are kept in an airtight tin for a few days and can therefore be easily taken anywhere. So you are prepared when the sweet tooth of your children calls again – whether at the playground or at the supermarket checkout.

With these three recipes, not only your children can snack and snack unrepentantly, but you too.

The recipes are so simple that your children can easily help with the baking. So the next rainy Sunday afternoon can be saved!

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