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A bread that can be in the oven after 5 minutes? You think you can’t? Then I’ll prove the opposite to you here. Everything you need for simple bread is a secret ingredient.

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Yes. I like to bake bread. So I’m pretty much alone in my circle of friends. "That does not taste good. This takes too long. It’s too complicated for me. ”Now I know almost every excuse why someone doesn’t want to bake bread themselves.

I admit it: Before my first attempts, I had exactly the same excuses. But the excuses are now over. Because I will show you how you can prepare a simple bread that tastes good in just five minutes, even without experience. Promised.

The best thing about simple bread is that you only need 5 ingredients and it only takes a few minutes to get into the oven, including the time it takes the dough to rise.

Hard to believe in just an hour you can quickly bake this simple bread yourself. Photo: SevenCooks

Ingredients for the quick and easy bread (12 slices):

  • 500 g of flour, such as wholemeal spelled flour
  • 450 ml of water
  • Yeast (e.g. a packet of dry yeast)
  • 3 tablespoons of vinegar
  • 5 tsp salt

Tip: If you have more or fewer If you want to bake bread, you can automatically adjust the amount of ingredients in the recipe for 1 hour of bread.

Without waiting for quick and easy bread: with yeast and vinegar

When I read about the bread for the first time, I could not imagine that it would even begin to work. Because you usually have to set aside a yeast dough that is used for most breads for an hour to rise before you can process it further.

But I was so curious as to whether the bread would work, too, so I just started working on it and I have to throw my doubts overboard and say: It works, really, without double bottom and tricks.

So, on the timer! Finished! Come on!

  1. At the beginning of the preparation, you dissolve the yeast in lukewarm water. How? Simply add the yeast to the water and whisk lightly with a fork. It doesn’t matter which yeast you use. I use the dry yeast, but only because I always have it in my kitchen cupboard.

Tick, tack, tick, tack

Put the remaining ingredients – flour, vinegar and salt – in the mixing bowl as well. And knead for a minute or two with the mixer with a kneading attachment to create a homogeneous dough that is slightly damp and sticky.

Put everything in a box, place in the cold (!) Oven and bake on top-bottom heat at 200 degrees for one hour.

And the watch says: 3 minutes and 14 seconds.

Since 3-minute-and-14-second bread is so difficult to write, I just round up and say: the simplest bread of the world is in the oven in 5 minutes at most.

Vinegar as a secret ingredient: Vinegar is very important for bread. Because the vinegar acts like a raising agent and ensures that the yeast dough does not rest must and It takes time to work.

Finally, take the (whole grain) bread out of the oven after an hour and let it cool in the tin until it can be easily removed. Cut a slice, smell the delicious bread (I love the smell of freshly baked bread), bite into it and pat yourself on the shoulder.

Fresh bread in a crate in just an hour – probably the fastest and easiest bread in the world. Photo: SevenCooks

Basic knowledge: Everything you need to know about baking bread

I made you curious and now you want to know more about bread? Then take a look at our article – Baking bread yourself: Everything you need to know about bread. There you will find out which types there are, which aids make baking bread easier for you and how you can avoid the most common mistakes in baking bread.

If you don’t just want to read, but also want to be practical, our recipe collection might make you want: bread and rolls for your day.


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