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The oven has been preheated, the kitchen smells of cinnamon and the children are waiting with shining eyes for the oven-fresh cookies she with want to eat their still floury hands with relish. Baking with children is a fine thing that is connected with a lot of fun and verve. You can find out why in the following.

Effects of baking with children

Psychological effect

Baking with children strengthens the parent-child relationship. They pull together because they have a common task to accomplish. They play around together and have fun trying out new things together. Working parents in particular often don’t have time to play with their children. By baking together, they take the time to do something with their children and at the same time create something productive.

learning effects

By baking, the children learn to follow fixed rules precisely in order to achieve a perfect result. This also increases concentration and creativity. Children can let off steam in creative ways and create true works of art thanks to the many possibilities for decorating cakes, cookies and cakes. Baking together also promotes teamwork, as children learn to coordinate with their parents and organize work. The division of labor is the key word.

Baking makes you happy

Baking demonstrably releases happiness hormones. But why is it like that? When baking, you create something completely new and you are proud of your work. After all the effort that you have invested for yourself and especially for others, it makes you happy to share your artwork with others and to eat something delicious together. Children and parents have fun and forget the worries of everyday life.

Here are a few simple and effective recipes for baking:


The rainbow cake is an eye-catcher and a real taste explosion in taste. Children can experiment with bright colors while baking and playfully decorate the cake.

cake pops

The popular cake pops are easy to make and super tasty. Your little ones will love the little dessert in between. Decorating requires sensitivity. So the little ones practice in precision.


What is more fun than cutting out cookies and decorating them as you please? The dough is made very simple so that your children can take the initiative when baking. So the little ones practice taking responsibility early on.


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