Baltic Sea cruises, shore excursions and cruises from sea voyage planning

Baltic Sea cruises, shore excursions and cruises from sea voyage planning

Baltic Sea cruises

Baltic Sea cruises are exciting city breaks. The hotel always goes with, so you have to unpack the bags only once. Almost every morning, you wake up in another harbor. Unless it is sea day. Although the Baltic Sea is small and merely an inland sea, the natural beauties along its banks and the cultural diversity of the riparian states make a Baltic Sea cruise an unforgettable experience. Anyone who has ever come to Stockholm through the archipelago or has experienced the White Nights in St. Petersburg will be in for more. The historical and cultural highlights of Copenhagen, Gdansk and Helsinki are alluring. Lively Middle Ages on cobblestone streets are the historical core of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Magnificent churches and beautiful town houses will bring your past as Hanseatic city back to life.

The arrival

Baltic Sea cruises are also popular because the journey is short. Long air travel omitted. Most cruises begin in the German ports of Kiel, Warnemünde and Hamburg. In addition, Amsterdam and Copenhagen are mentioned. All three German ports are easily accessible by car, train or coach. Appropriate arrival offers can be booked with the shipping companies. Of course, there are also flights.

The travel time for Baltic Sea cruises

The best travel time is of course the summer with the months of June to August. However, the season continues to expand. Today, the first Baltic cruises sometimes start in April. In September and October, the season then slowly comes to an end. In particular, British shipping companies also offer cruises in the run-up to Christmas. It is generally expected that the season will continue to expand in the future. Baltic cruises are basically city breaks with a floating hotel. And cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm or Gdansk are attractive destinations even in the cold season.

The organizers

The European shipping companies set the tone on the market. In particular, the European market leaders Costa Cruises and MSC Cruises as well as the German market leaders AIDA Cruises and TUI Cruises have a large offer. But the American shipping companies are also on the Baltic Sea. This also benefits in particular the cruise port Warnemünde, as from here a shore excursion to Berlin is possible. The American and British shipping companies want to make this possible for their customers. But the American shipping companies have in this country more and more guests. It can be assumed that even more American cruise ships will start from German ports in the future.

The travel duration

The overwhelming majority of all Baltic cruises have a duration of seven to nine nights. Two to four relaxing days at sea are common. Then you have the opportunity to enjoy the on-board life and to process the impressions of the last shore excursion. After all, the modern cruise ships also have a lot to offer. During the other days, the cruise ship runs to another port daily. The main ports are Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga and Gdansk. But of course there is also a large offer of short cruises and also numerous longer cruises with a travel duration of more than ten nights. In the process, destinations such as Klaipeda, Bornholm or Gotland are also called. Sometimes you can combine two shorter voyages to one longer and then make a detour to Norway.

The shore excursions

In addition to the many activities aboard a modern cruise ship, the cruise trips are of course the highlight of Baltic cruises. The shipping companies have put together for each port a large and varied range of organized land excursions. There really is something for everyone. Of course, you can go ashore at any port on your own. The ports are usually conveniently located and close to the city center. With public transport or even on foot you get along well. In addition, in the ports there are many offers of local tour operators for cruise tourists. These can for example be found and booked at Viator * or GetYourGuide *. Detailed information on each port has been compiled in our harbor portraits.

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