Baptisms – the 100 most beautiful sayings for a child’s baptism


There are few unique and drastic events that families celebrate on a large scale. One of them is baptism, which is a very important occasion in life for particularly believers. Children are usually baptized at a very young age and brought closer to the church community. In addition to the parents, many dear relatives and friends, it is above all those godparents, who play a very important role on this day. You are, so to speak, advocates and always want to accompany the baptized person on the way to a believing Christian. On this big day, baptisms are showered with all sorts of gifts and baptism cards and, of course, duly celebrated. Taufsprüche are in particularly high demand today because they can be used to upgrade any card. Beautiful sayings for baptism are also very suitable for dedications, as well as for symbolic gifts that are provided with a suitable saying. It does not matter whether the sayings are more Catholic, Protestant, modern or very child-friendly – if you want to congratulate you on the big day in the life of a baptized child, you should come up with unique and profound lines.

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Pictures with baptismal sayings

Evangelical baptisms

If you have your child baptized Evangelistically, you should think about a suitable Evangelical baptismal saying in advance. This saying about baptism should come from the Bible and go well with the baptized child. Parents are free to choose a beautiful saying for their child, but you will often receive a lot of suggestions and suggestions for meaningful and from the responsible pastor meaningful baptismal evangelical designs, that can be used for cards, intercessions and dedications. Of course, an expressive saying can also be found for the baptized child, which fits the child wonderfully and expresses a lot of joy, solidarity and love. It is particularly important for religious families to use a truly evangelical saying for their baptism. This should serve the child as a kind of life companion and clearly underline the love for God and the Church. It doesn’t matter like this evangelical baptism saying is transmitted to the baptized. Evangelical baptisms can initiate a christening card excellently or skillfully upgrade a symbolic christening gift. In the following we show you how beautiful and expressive baptismal sayings can look evangelical …

We’re coming to church today,
because you will be baptized today.
God will send angels to you,
who will look at you from now on.
They will accompany you in life
through good and bad times.
We wish you all the best for your baptism!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

It’s a very special celebration,
for you, my child, the very best!
You’re receiving God’s blessings today
in all your future ways.
You are good and you are pure,
that’s how your future should be!
Now let God go with you,
and stand by your side in life.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Excited they are now waiting,
Mom, dad and godfather.
Because today’s your baptism
and that pleases everyone.
May it be your far life
always full of sunshine,
paired with a lot of happiness in life
every day, for every piece!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Although you are still very young and small,
you experience a very special and great event in life today.
Your baptism is the beginning of a wonderful future,
with loved ones at your side and with God,
which will accompany you through life from now on.
Our very best congratulations for you!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.
John 8:12

God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of strength, love and prudence.
2 Timothy 1: 7

For the Lord your God is a merciful God; he won’t leave you.
Deuteronomy 4,31

I send an angel to precede you and I drive away all your enemies.
Exodus 33, 2

The Lord is my shepherd, I will not lack anything.
Psalm 23: 1

I lie and sleep with peace; because only you, Lord, help me to live safely.
Psalm 4.9

See, I have commanded you to be confident and unwavering. Don’t be horrified and don’t be shocked; for the Lord your God is with you in everything you will do.
Joshua 1, 9

Rely on the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your mind, but think of him in all your ways, he will guide you properly.
Proverbs 3, 5 and 6

The Lord is faithful; it will strengthen you and protect you from evil.
2. Thessalonians 3.3

Throw all your worries on God; because God cares for you.
1 Peter 5: 7

Let the children come to me and do not forbid them; for such is the kingdom of God.
Luke 18:16

I pray that your love will become richer in knowledge and experience.
Philippians 1.9

Goodness and compassion will follow me all my life and I will always stay in the house of the Lord.
Psalm 23.6

God has commanded his angels to protect you in all your ways, to carry you on your hands.
Psalm 91: 11f.

If you believe with your heart, you will do justice.
Romans 10.10

Jesus Christ says: I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will not go hungry; and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.
John 6.35

Serve one another, each with the gift that he has received, as the good stewards of the various graces of God.
1 Peter 4:10

The lord bless you and take care of you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift his face over you and give you peace.
Numbers 6: 24-26

Guard me like an eyeball, shield me under the shadow of your wings.
Psalm 17.8

The Lord protect you from all evil, he protect your soul.
Psalm 121, 7

Speak one to the other in truth and judge right, make peace in your gates, God says.
Zechariah 8.16

The Lord is merciful and gracious, patient and of great kindness.
Psalm 103.8

Lives as children of light; the fruit of light is pure goodness and justice and truth.
Ephesians 5: 8b-9

I thank you for being wonderfully made; your works are wonderful; my soul realizes that.
Psalm 139:14

God is love; and whoever stays in love remains in God and God in him.
1 John 4:16b

All your things happen in love.
1 Cor 16:14

Whoever sows in blessing will also reap in blessing.
2 Corinthians 9.6

Baptisms Catholic

In the Catholic Church, it is not absolutely necessary to transmit a baptismal quote from the Bible to the baptized person. The Catholics use very symbolic phrases, which include angels, for example, and want to offer the baptized a kind of life guide. Catholic sayings on baptism are passed on to the child directly during the baptism ceremony, but also used as a dedication on candles or in the Bible. Of course, baptism cards are also a nice gift and a nice reminder of the special day, which is particularly important in the life of believing families.

A catholic baptism should not just be a companion for the baptized child, but rather express the love and solidarity of the author. With baptisms of Catholic nature, you wish the child a carefree and protected life with God at his side and congratulations on the important step into life as a full Christian. Catholic baptisms You will certainly find enough in the Bible, but here too you can get a little inspiration below and find suitable verses for the baptized child. At following you will find the most beautiful baptisms are Catholic – feel free to have a look …

God has imposed himself,
to love all children,
to protect
and to steer on the right path of life.
Today you receive his blessing solemnly
and we are happy to be able to spend this day with you!
Our warmest congratulations on baptism!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Today we will dare,
To carry you to the font.
In a pretty dress, so tiny,
you should be the baptized today.
We say yes and loudly,
because we think it’s wonderful,
to live a long life with God,
to feel his love always.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

God loves all children
and invite you to church today.
Because you will now receive baptism,
to get his blessings today.
Now is for you for all time
God’s love never far,
will accompany you throughout life
through good and bad times.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Today is the day,
You will be classified as Christian.
God holds his arms open
and life takes its course.
We look forward to going with you,
to be by your side today.
We give you for this step
‘A lot of love with!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Baptism is a beautiful celebration,
many guests appear,
want to laugh, sing with you
and bring you a lot of joy.
We wish you the best of luck on earth
and joys now growing!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I want to bless you and you should be a blessing.
Genesis 12.2

The Lord protect you from all evil, he protect your life.
Psalm 121.7

Let the children come to me; don’t stop them! Because the kingdom of heaven belongs to people like them.
Matthew 19:14

Mountains should give way and hills fall; but my grace shall not depart from you, and the covenant of my peace shall not fall, saith the Lord your merciful.
Isaiah 54, 10

I want to cheer you with joy,
because you freed me.
From Psalm 71, 23

Wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be lovely to your soul, prudence will keep you and insight will guard you.
Proverbs 2, 10 and 11

The Lord protect you from all evil, he protect your life.
Psalm 121.7

The Lord is my shepherd, I will lack nothing.
He lets me camp on green meadows and
leads me to the resting place on the water.
From Psalm 23: 1-2

Who can be as small as this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever receives such a child for my sake, I accept.
Matthew 18: 4-5

The Lord is my shepherd, I will lack nothing.
Psalm 23: 1

But now there are faith, hope, love, these three; but love is the greatest among them.
1 Corinthians 13, 13

You make known to me the way to life: before you joy is the fullness and bliss on your right forever.
Psalm 16, 11

And he took the children in his arms; then he put his hands on them and blessed them.
Mark 10.16

Don’t let your heart get confused.
Believe in God and believe in me!
From the Gospel according to John 14, 1

Then when you call, the Lord will answer you, and when you cry out for help, he will say: Here I am.
Isaiah 58.9

Do not be afraid, because I am with you; don’t be afraid because i am your god I help you, yes, I make you strong.
Isaiah 41.10

We know that God leads everything to good for those who love him.
Romans 12.10f

Do not be afraid, because I called you by your name: You are mine.
Isaiah 43, 1

Let us not love with words, but with deeds and truth.
1 John 3:18

See how great the love that Father has given us: we are called children of God and we are.
John 3.1

You show me the path to life.
From Psalm 16:11

Be certain: I am with you every day until the end of the world.
Matthew 28:20

See, I am sending an angel in front of you to protect you on the way and to take you to the place that I have determined.
Exodus 23:20

Rejoice that your names are written in heaven.
Luke 10, 20

Because he commands his angels to protect you in all your ways.
Psalm 91:11

See: I have drawn you in my hands …
From the book of Isaiah 49, 16

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.
John 8:12

With you is the source of life, and in your light we see the light.
Psalm 36, 10

Modern baptisms

Certainly the whole procedure around baptism has changed in recent decades and nowadays people use fairly modern sayings, prayers and intercession to convey the blessing to the baptized child. There is no need to use a hackneyed and universal Bible verse as a baptismal statement, but rather very modern lines that were written with a lot of pizzazz and charm. Of course, the religious background itself must not be lost sight of, but many families today rely on a combination of traditional and modern. A modern baptismal saying may therefore be composed in a contemporary and cool manner and the baptized child thus strengthened his belief. Whether as a sponsor of the child or as a good friend of the family – modern baptisms enhance a great christening gift wonderfully and make a traditional christening card something very special. It is therefore worthwhile not only to rely on classic phrases, but also to think in terms of religion in a contemporary and modern way. In the following you will find suitable modern baptisms in many different variations – among others Baptism sayings modernly designed as a quote, in the form of smart dedications and much more …

Just see the smile on your face
between all the candlelight.
Your child can’t wait
to see his new godparents.
It is baptized, the joy is great,
we all think it’s really great
and now wish the jubilee
the best of luck for every year ’!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Such a baptism is really exciting
and at the same time incisive event in life.
We wish you for your future
from the heart only the very best,
beautiful goals in mind
and enough time,
to be able to enjoy the beautiful things in life.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Should you ever have doubts
you just have to ask God.
He will accompany you in life,
Always give you an answer.
So never let him rob you,
Your deep belief in God.
Best wishes for your baptism!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

That day when everything is right,
the journey begins.
You will be accepted as a Christian,
just the way you are.
You are still helpless and very small,
but never alone in life.
God will help you and teach you,
Bring you a lot of joy and happiness.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

In a Christian’s CV
baptism comes at a young age.
That’s why we’re going to hurry to you today,
when God will distribute his blessings.
And we celebrate the festival big,
because God doesn’t leave you either.
He will always be with you,
never leaves you alone in life.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Children are a bridge to heaven.
From Persia

You should always listen to your inner being and always obey your heart!
unknown author

Let it guard like your own eyeball.
Let it protect and guard.
Today and forever,
in the vastness of heaven.
unknown author

Your holy baptism is today.
To celebrate you here, everyone.
Enjoy your life with all courage,
because that’s the only way to like it!
unknown author

May storm rise above us and the clouds darken, my love for you will never end.
May mountains collapse and forests shake, nothing makes my love for you shake.
May this be today and forever.
unknown author

I want to say something to my godchild at baptism,
so it doesn’t have to ask later,
want to tell him how much I like it,
but that is not my only contribution.
I also brought him something,
that shows in its true splendor.
unknown author

The first steps in a child’s life determine the path.
If you recognize the journey as the destination, you will feel real happiness!
unknown author

In baptism, God accepts you as his child.
And you can be sure of yourself,
God protects and holds you,
He will not leave you alone.
unknown author

May the sun shine on the child
May there be more laughter than crying in life
may touch hands and wings
may it feel longing and freedom
may it make love bloom
may it remain in suffering full of hope
Write people and earth into your heart
may the child encounter the good
May all love love bless it.
unknown author

God does not demand anything from a person without giving him the strength to do it.
Edith Stein

Beautiful baptisms

Baptism is a really unique and beautiful event in the life of a believing family. The child is carried to the altar at a young age and receives the blessing of God in a unique ceremony and thus becomes part of the Christian community. Of course, you should take this as an opportunity to convey really beautiful and profound wishes. Beautiful baptism slogans appear particularly stylish in a congratulation card, which you give the baptized child with joy on his big day. But also for upgrading great baptism gifts and writing suitable dedications beautiful baptisms wonderfully suited. They should not only congratulate from the heart on the occasion, but also serve as life companions and guidelines for the person to be baptized. Beautiful baptisms underline the importance of the religious festival, because they sum up the essentials in just a few words and are remembered for a long time. Even if the young baptized cannot really understand a beautiful saying, it has all the more meaning and meaning for him at a later age. Baptism gifts and greeting cards for baptism are kept for a very long time and bring joy and enthusiasm even later.

You don’t know what life brings,
we hope you succeed a lot.
God will always stand by you,
go through life with you.
So believe in yourself and show courage,
then everything will be fine in the future!
The very best wishes for baptism!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We went with you today,
to receive the beautiful baptism.
Pray, hope and plead,
that wishes come true,
that you will be happy on earth
and become many of your friends!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Jesus Christ, protect this child
and always give him a tailwind.
Give him your blessing too,
accompany it in all ways.
Always hold his hand too,
give him courage and reason.
We thank you, oh Jesus Christ,
that our child is baptized now!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

From now on you are not alone,
for God’s blessing will be with you.
Brings you light in the dark,
puts a smile on your face,
will guide you on the right path
and give you a lot of courage too.
We wish you all the best today
on your new route of life!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

So that this day will not be forgotten,
we give you a few nice lines
and hope you always enjoy
and look back proudly on this event.
We wish you baptism
from the heart only the very best!
Go through life with open and curious eyes
and don’t let anything get you down!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I wish you,
that you are not just on predetermined,
moving in traces,
but your own direction
search and find.
unknown author

There are two things children should get from their parents:
A halo and wings!
unknown author

Mankind here is your planet, this is your destination small package,
friendly bundle welcome in,
may life here be good to you.
Reinhard Mey

The sky holds its breath for a moment.
A new star is born and that on earth.
unknown author

On today’s baptism day we wish you in life,
let God protect you and put his hands on you.
May your soul be full of wisdom,
return peace to your life.
unknown author

Every child brings the message that God has not yet lost pleasure in people.
Rabindranath Tagore

We wholeheartedly wish God the blessing and a wonderful start to life. Today is a very special day that we want to celebrate.
unknown author

There is no way to peace – peace is the way.
Mahatma Ghandi

I wish you,
that you are not just on predetermined,
moving in traces,
but your own direction
search and find.
unknown author

May the certainty dwell in your heart that a rainbow shines after every storm.
Irish blessing

A saying about baptism without rhyme,
how is that supposed to be a card?
We give everything from the bottom of our hearts,
weave a great bond of love.
unknown author

May God walk before you on the path you have ahead of you. This is my wish for your life journey.
From Ireland

We wish all the best in this world for baptism. Children are a real gift. May you always walk with God on your hand on the sunny side of life.
unknown author

Baptisms for cards

It is a tradition to convey a few loving and above all long-lasting lines to the baptized child on his big day. It is best to do this in christening cards, which are duly presented to the child after the christening ceremony. With baptism sayings for cards you express your heartfelt blessings for baptism, show your sympathy and solidarity. In order not to be just one of many well-wishers, a card should be designed to be particularly memorable and beautiful, so that it is always fun to have later. It is therefore worthwhile, to integrate a unique and expressive saying about baptism into his baptism card – either as an introductory or rounding off element. It does not matter whether it is a very modern saying, it comes from the Bible or it was simply written particularly intimately. It is important that the child is properly celebrated on his big day and shows him in wonderful words how much you are happy about this event. We present to you at the following the most beautiful baptisms for cards for every taste – from religious to secular to modern and thoughtful!

For me, the time has come,
i am ready for life as a christian.
So celebrate this step with me,
come with me to my baptism.
I’m happy to see you today,
if we go to celebrate afterwards!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Time flies, you can’t believe it,
and must not miss baptism!
Today’s a special day
for everyone who likes you.
We want to congratulate from the bottom of our hearts,
celebrate baptism with you.
Because with God on the side now
it will be a good time!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

We congratulate the little baptized child
on his first big and important festival day
and also congratulate the proud parents,
that he has become what he is now!
We are happy about this day
and wish the whole family
only the best for the future!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

In this world, you’ll see,
you can go a lot of ways.
Some don’t really make you happy,
they are bumpy, full of pitfalls.
But you often have to go along there,
to understand some things.
And if God doesn’t leave one,
Even the hardest path is easy!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I cordially invite you today,
to be a guest at my baptism.
I am small, the day is big,
so I’m going to send this card out,
and look forward to seeing you
and go to church with you.
I also present myself in my dress,
so tell me very quickly!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Baptism is a holy festival,
where you get involved with God.
This baptism calls you to him,
always go to him in life.
We wish joy and happiness at baptism,
a life of faith, little by little.
unknown author

We wish you luck and blessings on baptism
on all long journeys.
unknown author

To see a child smile is the greatest! I congratulate you on the baptism of your wonderful child and I wish you that it grows up in love. Stay healthy and enjoy every moment together!
unknown author

You have to bow to God because he is so big, before the child because it is so small!
Peter Rosseger

How to say it,
put into words what is not.
Grasp what you can’t see
Feel what you don’t think?
May God be with you!
unknown author

The sky holds its breath for a moment.
A new star is born and that on earth.
unknown author

With God as your companion
don’t get lost,
because he is the champion
for truth and light!
You should trust him
and his command;
you can build on him
in any need!
Friedrich Morgenroth

Our godchild is baptized today,
that’s why we bought him something nice.
On this special day we want to give him something
and think hard about it.
We will protect it
support in all his projects.
unknown author

We cannot shape children as we like.
But one should love them as God gave them to us.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Sensual and yet well known,
It is called baptism.
The birth of a child on earth,
should be celebrated properly.
I thought to myself what do I want now,
may your child grow and prosper.
unknown author

Baptism saying angel

Angels are very important in the Christian church. They are messengers of God who are always there when people are in need. Guardian angels are often mentioned because they protect the faithful and accompany them through difficult times in life. That’s where it comes from a beautiful saying with angels for baptism particularly well. You want the baptized with one Baptism saying about angels finally not only express his heartfelt congratulations and great joy, but also know that the child is protected by God and his heavenly messengers. On angel award certainly makes a very good figure in a christening card, but profound verses that contain angels are certainly also suitable as a dedication. Angels give strength, hope and love – exactly what you want to give the baptized on the way on his important day. If you would rather give a festive speech on baptism, you are guaranteed not to go wrong with a baptism saying about angels. The profound and quite mysterious lines will go to heart and maybe even move to tears. Here’s our loving and empathetic Baptisms about angels

When you came to the big world
an angel has stood up
and told you: I’ll be careful,
every day and every night.
Today at your Heil’gen Fest
God does not allow himself to be ragged.
He will send you more angels,
who always look down on you.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I’ll give you an angel
on this big day here.
He should always show you the way,
Accompany you on your travels,
should protect and guard you,
cry with you, laugh with you.
He should teach you a lot in life
and bring you good luck.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Don’t do evil in life,
so that the angels stay with you.
Because an angel on the side
a person needs at all times.
So just stay the way you are,
stay and become a good Christian.
Then everyone likes you
and the angels are never far away either!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

From now on, angels should accompany you
through all your lifetimes.
You won’t always see them,
but they will stand next to you,
guard you very quietly
on your whole life journey.
Best wishes for your baptism!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I’m not bringing you the most expensive and greatest gifts today,
but give you for holy baptism
a dear guardian angel,
that is worth more than all the money in the world!
May he always protect you and fill your life with happiness!
All the best for the big festival!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Always when a child sees the light of day,
our Lord sent a piece to himself.
It is said that love has not yet disappeared,
a new angel has found us!
unknown author

I wish you an angel,
who comforted you,
when you are sad.
Who knows about your loneliness,
comes to you and endures.
Who understands you and listens to you.
Who talks to you when it is necessary,
but also at the right moment
can be silent.
Who takes you in his arms,
whose warmth is just good for you.
That gives you certainty,
to be loved.
That makes you feel,
to be surrounded by angel wings
Hope is growing tentatively.
unknown author

An angel protects me,
keeps watch over me.
He is always around me,
at day and night.
I can not see him,
but he listens to me,
He’s watching over me,
whatever i do.
unknown author

God speaks:
I will send an angel to precede you. He should protect you on the way and take you to the place I have determined.
Exodus 23:20

An angel said: I greet you, our Lord is with you, he has chosen you for great things!
Luke 1:28

I sent my guardian angel to you last night, and he came back after five minutes. I asked why? and he said, "An angel doesn’t need a guardian angel!"
unknown author

An angel came flying out of the sky. He said in a high arc: Guard this child in your midst, love and protect it as my only request.
unknown author

The moon in the sky says good night, a star watches over your dreams. Tomorrow the sun will smile at you again and a guardian angel will guard you.
unknown author

May heaven keep you
from dangers, pain and pain.
May always be a little guardian angel
be the guardian of your dear life.
unknown author

So many presents and more presents
You are shown so much love,
So you will be blessed with holy water,
So that you will encounter God’s blessing.
unknown author

He has commanded his angels to protect you in all your ways, to accompany and carry you on your hands and to weigh them safely. To make sure that you don’t hit your feet on a stone on your way.
unknown author

You are a true angel on earth,
may you be happy with a smile.
I am sure you will be a great person,
cute and cuddly, you already are.
Whatever comes, I’m on your side,
together we never go far.
unknown author

If you are born with wings, you should do everything you can to fly them.
Florence Nightingale

I am sending an angel to precede you.
2 Moses 33: 2

He accompanies you with
heavenly power,
he watches over you
Day and night,
he keeps invisible
your hand,
"Little guardian angel"
he is called.
unknown author

An angel is someone,
that God us into
Sends life,
unexpected and undeserved,
so that he can give us when it is all
is dark,
light a few stars.
unknown author

Yes you have parents,
because you need parents.
Every child of God needs them.
The strength and trust that parents give,
it carries us through a lifetime.
And you too, you have parents!
We would like to thank you for that.
You have to find happiness,
so you also need good friends.
Every child needs friends.
Share with friends every beautiful moment in life, every possessions and every good,
Joy, good moments, but also sad moments! All this will be given to you …
And you get angels for free.
unknown author

God has commanded his angels to protect you in all your ways.
Psalm 91:11

Whoever has an angel as a friend no longer has to fear the whole world.
Martin Luther

Baptism sayings

With baptism, the baptized child is lovingly accepted into the church. In addition to the godparents and parents of the child, many relatives and friends usually take part in the christening ceremony, who then celebrate the important festival together. Of course, the guests do not come without heartfelt gifts and congratulations, which are happily presented to the baptized child or parents. In addition to suitable gifts, such as a Bible or a beautiful piece of jewelry, it is above all kind words that are conveyed to the child for baptism. Baptism cards, for example, are provided with first-class and original sayings that are tailored to the child and are therefore unique. But also for the enhancement of small gifts, such as a christening candle Baptism sayings wonderfully suited. Whether modern baptismal sayings, traditional biblical lines or even funny phrases suitable for the occasion – with baptismal sayings you are always right and create a message that lasts for a long time and is not easily forgotten. Below you will find sayings and beautiful words for cards for Holy Baptism, Dedications, baptism gifts and much more.

You’re getting a lot of applause today
on your day in the church.
All people sincerely wish ’
Have fun and joy today ’.
And I want to tell you too,
I wish you luck every day.
Do you like to grow and prosper,
Enjoy it every day.
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

I sincerely wish you all the best for your baptism today!
You are a small person, but you still become so many great things
experience in your life.
Always keep your good heart and live your life the way it makes you happy!
I love you!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Your baptism is a celebration,
that makes our hearts warm.
That’s why I write as a proud godfather
today like this card.
I love you and wish you
a lot of joy here and now.
Now move into the world with God,
I hope you like it!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Every child was born,
was chosen by God,
now receives long ways
Christian guidance and holy blessing.
That’s why we’re celebrating this party today
and wish you the best in life.
Look ahead and go,
stay healthy and grow up!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Our joy is great,
life starts for you now.
And in all your ways
God’s blessing now accompanies you.
We wish you at all times
always courage, happiness and contentment!
Best wishes for holy baptism!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

An old custom,
a good custom,
baptism is too
a request to the Lord.
We ask for his mercy,
and his love in all situations,
he is kind and shows us the gift,
that’s why we can risk life.
We send greetings to baptism,
enjoy the sacred sweetness of the hour.
unknown author

Today we celebrate a holy festival,
because you have a godchild baptized.
It is celebrated and laughed,
so that it is fun for every guest.
We are very happy, celebrate a lot.
God’s blessing is our goal.
unknown author

Where there are children, there is a golden age.

Lots of little people in lots of little places that take a lot of little steps can change the face of the world.
From Africa

May the road run towards you, may the wind always be on your back. May the sun shine warm on your face and the rain gently fall on your fields.
Irish blessing

Congratulations on baptism, my child.
I quickly rhyme a baptism saying.
But what is the best way to say??
My creativity wants to test me.
But only that is important,
everything else is just a sham.
I am always with you,
if you want come to me.
unknown author

God knows what he’s up to with me. I don’t have to worry about that.
Edith Stein

Listen to God in his commandments so that he will listen to you in your prayers.
John Chrysostom

Never stop believing. Always follow the thought that lives deep in your soul, because this makes you strong.
unknown author

Being with children is balm for the soul.
Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky

We will always carry you in our hands.
Now and every day.
Be consecrated and liberated inside!
unknown author

baptismal verse

In the church, the baptized person is received into the church community by the pastor with beautiful and memorable words. Intercession is held, prayers are said and original christening gifts are given to the child. A unique one baptismal verse upgrades every gift, every christening card and every intercession for the baptized child. It is therefore worthwhile to look at beautiful sayings about baptism before the big ecclesiastical festival and to find the appropriate saying for the child. This can then be used as a dedication, communicated orally or inserted into a stylish christening card. A baptismal slogan should always suit the big event and the recipient itself. Here a funny baptism saying is just as well received as a short, meaningful message or classic lines from the Bible. A baptism saying should not only underline the loving congratulations, but also serve as a kind of guide and always accompany the recipient in life as a believing Christian. A baptism saying is usually kept for a long time and should therefore be designed with much joy and love. Get your very own favorite saying: Here you will find a saying to your baptism according to your taste – from religious to biblical to secular and modern!

Every day, believe me,
gives you a new chance.
So always forget about frustration and worries
and look forward to the new morning.
Because every day is a start
and gives meaning to life.
I wish you many happy days in your future life!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Always remember that in life,
that happiness consists of many little things.
So don’t try to always make everything perfect,
but enjoy many little things,
which together make up the great happiness!
Best wishes for baptism!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

On a delicate thin branch
makes a little bird rest.
And you can hear the bird speaking:
"Dear branch, you can break easily.
Because I’m doing it myself,
always trust in my wings! "
So I tell you, don’t give up,
always believe in you!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

May this day give you Freud,
Always accompany you with beautiful thoughts.
Hope and also confidence
you definitely need it in life.
Go ahead with a good heart,
show love here and then.
Do trust God
and always think positive!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

If you fall, it doesn’t matter, that’s life,
get up and do everything.
Show strength and a lot of courage,
then everything will quickly be fine.
Because God will be your companion,
doesn’t leave you alone in life!
© Mag. Edith Helminger – All rights reserved!

Our wish comes carefully:
Don’t ever be robbed,
what makes life valuable:
To hope! Love! Believe!
unknown author

My child, we wish you in life that you can achieve your greatest goals and dreams with ease. If you only take yourself firmly in front of something, you can do everything! Congratulations on your baptism of mom and dad, may you always be happy.
unknown author

Dear, good godchild, I will accompany you today,
I’m at your side like the other people,
which appeared today,
my dear, good godchild,
they want to attend your baptism,
for you, my child, it should be worth it today.
unknown author

Love alone understands the secret of giving gifts to others and thereby becoming rich yourself.
Clemens of Brentano

Let all things happen with LOVE. Never stop it because we are strong in it.
unknown author

A life begins in God’s Word,
always continue as such.
unknown author

I wish you,
that you go your way happily,
that you have a goal in mind,
that you stay calm in the storms of life,
that your effort is never in vain,
that your talents can develop,
that you have the strength to grow that you need,
that you can deal with defeats,
that you are not alone in hours of despair,
that you discover the meaning of life,
that you are a happy person.
unknown author

God’s smile and deep meaning is hidden in every child.
Roland Leonhardt

We cannot shape children as we like.
But one should love them as God gave them to us.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Video with baptisms

Interesting facts and information about baptism sayings

With baptism, a baptized child is accepted into the Christian community and heartily congratulated by all guests present. In a longer ceremony in which holy water is poured over them, the child receives the encouragement, blessing and protection of God that the deeply religious families have asked for in advance. In addition to profound prayers, sermons, intercessions and blessings from the pastor, the parents and godparents of the baptized child, it is also the warm congratulations of the many guests that make the church festival so unique. In the form of Taufkarten, Dedications and festive speeches loving wishes to the baptized child which are still enjoyed and viewed years later. In addition to the heartfelt congratulations on baptism, it is above all baptismal sayings that are gladly given to the faithful families. Sayings are usually not particularly long, but they are all the more poignant and expressive. With just a few lines, essentials are clearly brought to the point and an extraordinary message is conveyed.

Baptism sayings traditional and modern – This is what baptism sayings can look like …

The baptized are happy to be given baptismal sayings along the way of life, which, for example, are written down in baptism cards for baptismal or baptismal candles can be used. Both classic and traditional baptismal sayings as well as modern and contemporary lines are extremely popular. In the Evangelical Church, modern baptisms that are not from the Bible are not permitted. Parents who have their children baptized Evangelist should inform themselves in advance about beautiful and above all suitable Bible verses and coordinate their lines with the responsible pastor. Congratulations cards for baptism or personal baptism gifts, which the baptized person receives after the church ceremony may of course be equipped with a modern saying.

In this regard, the Catholics are somewhat more relaxed and it is entirely permitted to transmit a specially written and modern baptismal message in the church. But here, too, the connection to the church and the meaning of the festival should not be lost sight of and suitable sayings for baptism should be selected.

In both cases, it is important that a baptismal phrase fits the person to be baptized and their background. One would like to congratulate him on a really important step in life, to reinforce his faith and to be very lucky for life as a Christian in the community.

The Significance of Baptisms in the Evangelical and Catholic Church

The transmission of a beautiful baptismal message has always been an important part of the church festival. This should not only fit the child, but will also be entered in the certificate of baptism and needed again at upcoming church festivals, such as confirmation / communion or wedding. Therefore one should always choose prayer for baptism carefully and joyfully and maybe even choose with the pastor in charge. On the one hand, one serves Saying about baptism as a kind of companion for life, on the other hand they are often used by friends and relatives loving baptism wishes or congratulations to underline it.

The evangelical church – baptismal evangelical designs

In the past, parents and godparents were not allowed to choose the baptismal slogan for the child themselves, because the pastor read out a slogan that suited him and surprised the parents and guests. Even today it happens that clergymen choose a suitable saying for the baptism and thus warm the hearts of the guests present. But even parents and godparents who are evangelical are now taking the trouble to choose a beautiful baptism saying for the offspring, which they then convey during the church ceremony. In the Evangelical Church, baptismal sayings are read out during the celebration and then either in the birth certificate or ins Family register entered. Baptism sayings must come from the Bible, but parents can still exchange with the pastor in charge beforehand and combine or supplement specially devised verses with a biblical baptismal phrase. Baptisms that are not from the Bible, can of course be integrated into baptism cards, greeting cards for baptism or written as a personal dedication to the baptized child.

The Catholic Church – Catholic baptisms

Of course, baptismal sayings are also welcome in the Catholic Church, because with them the baptized child is given a kind of companion for life. In contrast to the Evangelical Church, a baptismal decision is not required or expected. In addition, it does not have to come from the Bible, but can be selected by the parents and sponsors themselves. During the catholic baptism ceremony are already given to the child by the priest biblical texts transmitted so that further Bible verses in the form of a beautiful baptismal phrase are not necessary. So faithful families often choose quotes, Far Eastern wisdom and fairly modern sayings that they convey to the baptized in style and from the heart. Baptism sayings are also often used for baptism cards, verbal congratulations, dedications and speeches and are, so to speak, the motto of the important big festival.

Deliver baptisms with symbolic character – symbols and their meaning in the context of Holy Baptism

The Christian Church uses a lot of symbols, such as angels or water, which are of great importance, especially in relation to baptism. Many particularly believers therefore try theirs Baptism sayings and congratulations on baptism To write in symbolic language as possible and thus to convey a very appropriate and profound message to the child. But which symbols are suitable for baptism sayings and cut a good figure in cards, dedications and speeches?

Icon angel

Angels have an enormous meaning in the Christian church. They are messengers of God and protective spirits of man. Especially young people who have just been accepted into the ecclesial community want to be protected and blessed by God, which is why the symbol of the angel is often integrated into stylish baptisms. An angel is closest to God and hovers as a kind even in difficult times Guardian Angel about believing Christians. Baptisms about angels are therefore very happy to be integrated into a christening card or as part of christening used as an introductory element.

Water symbol

water is an important symbol and stands for "life" and for entering the Christian community. At his great festival, the baptized person is poured water and symbolically cleaned of sin and guilt. Water and spirit create new life, which goes back to the story of Christ who died and rose again. In baptism cards, greeting cards for baptism, baptism invitations and speeches are Baptisms above water very popular and are transmitted along with warm wishes with a preference for baptism.

Light / candle symbol

The Christening is a popular gift from godparents and relatives of the baptized. It is also said that Jesus is called the light of the world, which is why Baptism candles often at the Easter candle be ignited. So why not write an original baptism saying on a baptism candle and thus promise the baptized the eternal accompaniment by Jesus. Also in Baptism invitations, come to the christening child in a greeting card or a personal dedication Sayings about light and life very well.

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