Barbie computer games for children

Playing with Barbie is not limited to Barbie dolls. Today, girls can play computer games with Barbie online, on Macs and PCs, and at home and portable computer gaming consoles. Barbie computer games simulate real life adventures, teach math and writing skills and are sometimes just good, just fun.


In "Barbie’s Gem Splash," Barbie swims the ocean in search of fashion accessories while outswimming sharks, avoiding swirls and gaining printable treasures. This game is suitable for young players since the arrow keys are the only controls. Capture five accessories like crowns and jewels to win. "Barbies garden game" players can combine a magical garden to earn eco points. Three levels – simple, medium, and hard – ensure that players of all ages enjoy this game. Little gardeners dig holes, tilt plants and protect their gardens from a puppy who wants nothing more than to dig and the flowers. Winners are rewarded with a replica of their garden that can be used as a desktop wallpaper. "Barbie’s Word Search" is a virtual word search. Players search for words based on the locations, items, and characters from the movie "Barbie as Princess of the Animal Island". While the game has three levels of play, independent readers must be able to enjoy this word search.

Barbie games for PC and Mac

Younger players enjoy the 05:56 age group, "Kelly Club Pet Parade." The game features Barbie little sister Kelly and her friends who take care of their pets and decorate swimmers for the grand parade. Players can also play in the mini arcade if they do not involve preparations when moving. "Barbie: Secret Agent" soccer player continues a hunt for a mysterious fashion thief. Players go undercover with Barbie looking for clues left in cities around the world. This game is suitable for independent readers with a little patience for more game.

Computer games, teach

Barbies teaches "Check up" Children about correct growth and healthy eating. Players can also use a virtual Shygnomanometer to pump a blood pressure reading. How important healthy teeth are "Sugar bug blast" and "Potty Race" helps aspiring babysitters understand the importance of potty training in a fun way.

Computer games consoles

Barbie offers suites for on-site game consoles like the Wii and PS2 and also for portable game consoles like Nintendo DS and PSP games. Real life simulators, like "Barbie’s Horse Adventures" and "Barbie Fashion Show: an eye for style" let players ride through trails and about Obstacles and then put on a fabulous fashion show. In addition to these games, Barbie creators also have adventure games to go along with like Barbie movies "Barbie and the three Musketeers" and "Barbie and the 12 princesses dance."


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