Beaches in holland

Beaches in Holland

Just three hours’ drive from Düsseldorf, there are miles of wide sandy beaches and vast dune landscapes. The entire coast of the Netherlands is over 500 kilometers long, of which 353 kilometers lie on the North Sea, the rest on the inlets and on the Wadden Sea. Ideal for a vacation or weekend with children on the beach!

In addition to the beach fun, there are also many child-friendly accommodations, adventure parks and children’s museums on the Dutch North Sea coast, as well as many beach restaurants that are geared towards children. When mom and dad eat, the children can let off steam in the sand or on the trampoline. Here you will surely find your dream beach.

Child-friendly beaches on the Dutch coast


Zeeland is located in the very south-west of the Netherlands on the border with Belgium. It has the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands as well as long and wide sandy beaches. Zeeland consists of several islands and peninsulas. The best-known peninsula is Walcheren with the well-known seaside resorts of Oost and Westkapelle and Domburg, followed by Schouwen-Duiveland with Burgh-Haamstede and Renesse.

South Holland

If you don’t want to do without culture and shopping on vacation, you can spend your beach vacation near a city:

  • Kijkduin and Scheveningen have beautiful beaches and belong to the traditional city of The Hague.
  • The dream for children is Wassenaar (just north of The Hague). There is a vacation here between the beach and the amusement park.
  • The well-known seaside resorts of Katwijk and Noordwijk also belong to South Holland.

North Holland

The coastal towns of Zandvoort and Julianadorp are located in North Holland. Interesting cities are also not far from the coast here: Haarlem, Alkmaar and Amsterdam also belong to North Holland.

The Dutch North Sea Islands

And then there are the Dutch North Sea islands:

The easiest way to get there by ferry is Texel. The boat runs every hour (more often in summer) and is on the island in 20 minutes. The price including car and all passengers is cheap and costs around 40 euros. I wrote my own website and a book about the island of Texel.

Ameland is three quarters of an hour by boat from the mainland. This beautiful island offers endlessly long beaches and dune areas as well as a real island character. Here you are "away from the world" and comes back from vacation completely relaxed. I can proof it!

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