Beatrice Egli: "Greta-Shitstorm" – picture on Instagram outraged some fans, stars

Updated: 15.10.19 22:13

Beatrice Egli posts a great photo of herself on Instagram. And reaps a Shitstorm. Because what can be seen in the background causes excitement.

Athens – Beatrice Egli is currently posting wonderful pictures with sun and sea and her usual radiant laughter. But when she posted a picture of herself online a few days ago, the pop star not only received positive comments. The reason for this was not Beatrice herself, but the background that can be seen on it.

Beatrice Egli gives concerts on the high seas

Currently Beatrice Egli is giving concerts again. So far nothing new. But not on the mainland, but on a ship. And no, it’s not an excursion boat on Lake Geneva, but a cruise ship. “Stars at Sea” is the name of the cruise, in which stars such as Maite Kelly, DJ Ötzi and Thomas Anders will take part alongside Beatrice Egli until 12 October. And normally their fans think it’s great when Beatrice posts great pictures on the road.

Criticism of Beatrice Eglis Cruise

But the fans are not only enthusiastic about the tour on the high seas, as you can read in the comments on Beatrice’s Instagram account. So the singer posted a picture of herself showing her in Greece – in the background you can see the cruise ship.

A post shared by Beatrice Egli (@beatrice_egli_official) on Oct 8, 2019 at 8:19 PDT

Some users don’t like this at all. Shortly after Beatrice has posted, david_ibrakadabra writes: “Well, when will the first climate comments come? He should be right. The criticism doesn’t fail.

Beatrice Egli: Not all enthusiastic about cruise ship concerts

So rogallrobert wonders: “Beatrice what are you supporting? CO2 footprint. “And xtmayrx writes: “Beautiful, but climate catastrophe”. The reactions of the other fans are particularly exciting here. emilius_crux comments: “That’s good! Because with your German there’s still room for improvement. Freedom of expression is not a one-way street and if someone wants to go on a cruise, that’s his business. Freedom! What do you actually want here? This is not a political side but the side of a pop singer. If you don’t like her, just follow her. Out of respect for Beatrice, I won’t go into your cheese any further.”

Beatrice Eglis fans moderate themselves

For example, mi_mi6506 is of the opinion that Beatrice should not be criticized: “The ship sails anyway and it’s better if it doesn’t run completely empty because it always consumes the same amount. Of course it’s not the best way to travel, but you don’t have to pick on it now, you fly and you certainly don’t grumble at your friends when they go on vacation.” But xtmayrx sticks to his opinion: “Oh yes. But no the ship doesn’t go anyway if there are too few bookings the ship goes au net”.

At her concert in Munich Beatrice Egli was played badly. On Instagram she then talks about the shock experience close to tears.

What drives the German youth, what is it afraid of? A large study wanted to find out how the “Generation Greta” ticks – and came to astonishing results.

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There you can see again that mankind is becoming more and more “stupid”. Before Greta no one thought of such nonsense. If someone really wants to do something for the environment, he should protest against the fact that our politicians fly around with their private jets, or that the package deliveries of Amazon and Co. are packed in plastic, as if they were Fabergè eggs. But nobody cares about that. Rather do without airplanes and boat trips, which take place anyway, even if two or three people do not take part because of environmental protection. Have you ever thought about the fish that die because of the cruise ships? Of course not. Everyone is only interested in the climate change for which all the activists do so much. I don’t think any of them are going to give up cars or pasta from Italy. Greta Thunberg also uses a mobile phone, which most likely comes from China. Didn’t she remember that the mobile phone arrives here by plane or ship? Well, how the generation is today. Always take the problem whatever the rest is upset about. Nobody thinks of them on their own. They are all just followers.

Well, the 15 largest ships alone emit more CO² equivalent than all cars combined.

CO² equivalent means here not CO² itself but gases which also cause a greenhouse effect and this is converted into the amount of CO² you would need to achieve the same effect.

The only thing I leave standing is my bike – so that the tires last longer. And next year in April I’m going on a nice cruise. I wasn’t just born to work!

You shouldn’t take these crazy climate hysterics so seriously, that’s ridiculous what’s going on at the moment.

The only thing I leave standing is my bike – so that the tires last longer. And next year in April I’m going on a nice cruise. I wasn’t just born to work!

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