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A smile says more than 1000 words

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If you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your teeth, then you’ve come to the right place.

We are the professionals when it comes to the perfect smile

Dr. med dent. Lothar von Wittken

Your dentist / Munich Pasing

Beautiful teeth and a friendly smile can be helpful and particularly beneficial for you in the following situations:

For the first great love

For romantic moments

For unforgettable vacation photos

For a great wedding photo

For a successful professional career

You can.

Style, make up, dress smartly, put on jewelry, apply perfume, everything is of no use if you don’t have beautiful teeth.

Modern aesthetic dentistry has the right answer for this.
Have confidence and put yourself in the hands of a professional

You may think how is that possible, how do I get
a perfect smile?

With our top 3 treatment options we will create a perfect smile for you:


From 180, – Euro (per jaw)

Veneer treatment

From 400, – Euro (per tooth)

tooth jewelry

From 70, – Euro (per tooth)

With each of these treatments, however, we first need to have the teeth cleaned and professionally cleaned
Subsequent high-gloss polish to remove any deposits and discoloration.

Sometimes a special deep cleaning is necessary for long-term tooth preservation,
We can tell you whether a special deep cleaning is necessary for you
only say after the dental check.

We are happy to advise you with which veneers, we will get the best result from you.

Professional cleaning
and high-gloss polish

From 45, – Euro (per jaw)

Special deep cleaning after
dental check-up

Price on request

How does the treatment work in detail:

In good hands

Only after cleaning the teeth with a subsequent high-gloss polish can we determine your personal tooth color

If you want to perfect your tooth shade even further for the perfect smile, we will whiten your teeth with whitening.


Dental inspection

With initial consultation and corresponding aesthetic analysis (free of charge for health insurance patients)


Teeth cleaning + meeting

Discussion of the individual treatment plan and signing of the cost estimate (possibly carrying out necessary dental pretreatments).



Aesthetic dental treatment to perfect your smile


Your Hollywood smile

Your personal Hollywood smile is ready.

We recommend home bleaching under the guidance of your dentist Dr. Lothar von Wittken. This method is gentler on the teeth and usually completely pain-free, we will be happy to explain to you in practice in a personal conversation with us how exactly this works and what long-term benefits home bleaching has for you

However, bleaching only makes sense if your front teeth are free of fillings and have not already been crowned and you do not want to further optimize and perfect the shape and position of your teeth.

If you are unsatisfied with the shape, color and appearance of your teeth, we recommend veneer treatment. As with artificial fingernails, veneers are glued onto your teeth. Often your teeth do not need to be ground at all or only very slightly for the veneer treatment. Therefore, no anesthetic injection is necessary. So this treatment is usually completely painless.

Our veneer treatment is often possible in just one appointment.

Make a bright smile your personal business card.

With our special veneer technology you can use the small ones
Injustices of nature elegant and almost without side effects
make it disappear.

Our third option: dental jewelry:

Give your teeth a special touch without it costing a lot and the teeth are damaged
Dental jewelry for yourself or as a gift, that little bit extra for your teeth.

Let us advise you

Not being able to smile freely because of unsightly anterior teeth or being ashamed of crooked teeth or even hiding

These times are really over now.

Look forward to one new attitude to life through an attractive appearance
The Smile to go easy to take away
Do not hesitate to make an appointment
We look forward to you
Take the first step, You will be enthusiastic

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